The Second Powerful Way Of Seeing You Must Utilize And Why

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Have you worked with the first way to visualize? I hope so. Get good with it, if you aren’t already. Practice, become deliberate with your imagination. Remember what you can conceive and believe you can achieve. Correct repetition, for long enough, builds skill.

Here is the second important way to visualize. These methods are not in order of importance. We do both of them naturally. When you are able to do these purposefully is when you increase your abilities to perform powerfully and productively. You develop great skill.

You can change how you think and live and what you get in life! Playing with these components strengthens your ability to deliberately use your mind in beneficial and creative ways. The more you do it the more you can do, more easily. You ability grows.

The Subconscious Only Says Yes – Make Sure It Is What You Want

The other way to imagine is to see what you see as you look through your own eyes. If you walked along a beach you wouldn’t see yourself you’d see your surroundings. You might see your hands and body some, but not your face unless you looked in a mirror.

Seeing through your own eyes allows you to feel what you would feel right NOW in that present moment. You may feel things even stronger this way because you are imaging what you see, hear and feel in your body not watching it. The feelings are immediate, now!

Either way you can have powerful feelings. When you look though your own eyes you feel it as if it is happening and how it feels. When you watch yourself on a movie screen it may feel more inspiring and motivating. Do both. Be inspired and feel what it feels like to BE it!

Energy Flows Where Your Attention Goes – Focus Focus Focus

Both of these are great ways to visualize. For example, you want to buy a new house. See the house and imagine yourself in it. See yourself with family and friends. Notice everything about the house in detail. Decor, where things are. Be thorough.

Fantastic. Watch yourself enjoy dinner, party, sleep, whatever you do in the house. Be as detailed and specific as possible and enjoy the good feelings you have as you imagine this. Savor the feelings. Feelings are most important. They send this message to your brain.

Keep the feelings. Amp the feelings. If you feel inspired, motivated, happy, proud, powerful, this is good. You use the mental movie to create the feelings. Your brain gets the feelings and goes ‘Oh, Okay I get it!’ This is an extremely important concept to keep in mind.

Believe In Yourself And Your Ability To Create and Make It Happen

The other way to imagine it is to walk from room to room and see and feel what that is like from your point of  view. Look through your eyes as you did in the beach example. See the people as you would in everyday life. See their faces, hear their voices, feel their touches.

Imagine these people congratulating you on your new purchase. Feel them pat you on the back, shake your hand and hug you. Hear their voices and what they say. FEEL how good it feels to have this home and their congratulations. You did it! You got what you wanted!

Imagine waking up in bed in the new home, eating your meals. Imagine relaxing in the comfort of your home. Enjoy walking the grounds. Park your car in the driveway or garage. Live the experience of being in your new home from your point of view.

To Live In A New Reality You Must First Conceive Of That Reality

Obviously, you don’t just magically make a new house appear. There is a process of acquiring it. The first step is to know what you want and why. This give you the ooomph for all the rest. You make it extremely desirable. Your obsession. What you must have.

You imagine yourself having it. Living it. Being it! This informs your brain. Your brain works on it. You begin to get ideas, intuitions and insights. This is what it means to begin to take inspired action. You must follow through in everyday life. Your brain works for you.

Imagine scouting the house, taking the tour, buying the house, closing on the house, celebrating, moving in, celebrating some more, feeling wonderful, living in the house. Be detailed. Make it vivid. Make it real. Create the process for yourself.

Imagination Is More Important Than Knowledge

Visualize both ways. Affirm it. Declare it with emotion and enthusiasm. Believe it and expect it. Conceive it and believe it! Enjoy creating your future. Feel grateful for what you have! Delight and be thankful! Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Live fully this day!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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