Stop Sniveling And Play To Win!

Horizons fly-by-phil-koch

“Sometimes you just have to play to win. That is it! Many brought up today are taught it is important that all are winners. There should always be a win-win outcome. You win they win all is good. Sometimes, though you have to just play so YOU win. Get it?

I’m not suggesting to be ruthless and crush people. Crush the game instead. Crush it! Win it! Do it! Do it for yourself and others! Win it! Go for it! Make it happen.  Have some guts, some balls! Develop whatever takes to win the prize. Don’t stop. Keep at it.

Sometimes it takes strong, intense, passionate desire. It takes back bone and will power and the fortitude to keep going in spite of incredible odds. Quitting must not be an option. Winning must be the only outcome. Sometimes, it requires we force ourselves.

The Price You Pay To Win Is Nothing Once You Have Made It

It is okay that others share the victory. Win-win is good too. I think it is desirable in probably most all situations involving other people. Share the wealth, the victory there is plenty to go around. The universe is abundant. Unless, you don’t believe it is. Then…

Then you have other issues to resolve as well. While you can get rich being stingy and an SOB it isn’t usually worth it for self, family or others. A healthy positive attitude, going the extra mile, treating others well and living an abundant life, with all, is preferable.

It is desirable and just works much better. So transform yourself into someone wonderful, if you don’t think, feel and act it already. AND play too win too. Have fun. If you ever played a board game, or any game  and didn’t care, or let others win, that isn’t much fun.

Winning Isn’t Everything – But Wanting To Is – Play To Win

You have to be in the game, totally. Enjoy the game. It is YOUR game! Play it to win. Play it to get the prize BUT play it and enjoy it. Make each moment worth it! Have fun, delight, and live it. Consider life a game to be enjoyed instead of a burden. Then it can be enjoyed.

Your attitude determines everything! Those who have suffered great loss of freedom, use of body, family, friends, finances and more that have triumphed in their spirit and life will tell you how you go through the tough times IS everything. You need your head on right!

Develop a winning attitude! Develop a winning outlook. Develop a winning, please personality and smile. Develop the ability to focus intently. Develop being unstoppable. Develop being friendly, kind, compassionate and giving. Develop being a great receiver!

Doubt Kills More Dreams Than Failure Ever Will – Play To Win

Develop the ability to appreciate everything and learn from everything. Develop deep gratitude and joyful enthusiasm. If you do these things, your life will become so incredible it will surprise and delight you. Then it will become the new normal. You will live it.

You will live it each day. Develop the awareness to change. Develop the ability to be open. Develop the ability to listen and respond. Develop the ability to develop! Transform. Delight, play to win, help others win, too. AND develop the ability to celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

How  can you share your delight today with family and friends?

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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