Personal Change And Social Change: Can We Have Both Pt1

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“How do we attract what we want? How do we create it? What can we and must we do to make ourselves, our situations and perhaps, the world much better?  What is it we want? Is there a way to improve not only ourselves but the world? I believe there is.

It begins with a dream. It begins with a purpose. It begins with a vision for a better day. It begins with hope and a positive aim to attract and create. It begins with the hope and the faith that we can be different and enjoy what we desire. It begins with optimism.

That is not to say a problem or difficulties are not the trigger. They may very well be and most often are. We want to rid ourselves, escape and get away from something, and move toward a new way of being. What that something is can be many different things.

Secret To Change – Not Fighting The Old But Building The New

We may want to move from illness to health; from loneliness to companionship; from discord to order; from poverty to riches; from war to peace. I believe the world is an incredible, beautiful, wonderful, abundant place, mostly all good, but there are times.

I believe we can find blessings in all of our strife, in all our problems. We can learn, develop and grow from them. Problems can be the catalyst for great positive change. From chaos stars our born. If you believe one version we are all here due to an explosion. Chaos.

Problems and pain have a purpose. Our neurology signals us when inflamed or injured so we can tend to the issue and not continue to aggravate it. Our emotions signal us when our thinking is out of alignment so we can get back on track and feel better.

Your Life Gets Better By Changing It Not By Chance

It seems when things get tough and disorganized that we are getting signals that we are not operating well and need to make some changes. I tend to believe our society, the world, events and circumstances, for the most part, are a signal too.

What to do? Can we change circumstances? I think we can? We can improve our health, our relationships, our finances, and more. We may not have ultimate control, we may not control the weather, but perhaps we do affect or influence it.

Perhaps, we shouldn’t think in terms of control but of influence. We can control what we can and are better served to let go of what we can’t control. Let’s give up control and think how we positively influence results instead. Be a positive influence to your own self.

The World Is Changed By Your Example Not Your Opinion

We’ll discuss how we do this in the next post. Meanwhile, focus on what you want, and what you already have. Focus on who you already are as well as who you want to become. Find reasons to appreciate right now and delight in yourself and circumstances.

Be grateful for everything small and large. Search deep to discover more things to appreciate and enjoy. Fill your mind, your emotions, your behavior, your being with delighting in what is because when you do you are attracting and creating more of the same.

Enjoy yourself. Understand that there is a way from here to where you want to be. Take one step at a time and enjoy each step along the way. This is how we create more of what we want. We delight and more delight is possible so celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Spread the good feelings around today!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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  1. Hi Rex, I start the day by reading what you lost for the day with a cup of coffee. However lately I have been the message later in the morning is it possible continue to get it darker as I was in the past?. Thank you. Have a great day. AB

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    1. Thanks, yes at times it will be later than other times. It depends on how busy I am and how much of the am hours there are left for me to complete the post. Thanks so much.Glad you begin your day with it. All the best and thanks for sharing.


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