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Rex Sikes


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Learn To Do This Now To Heal Help And Receive More!

“What does it mean to give? Can one go beyond the conventional definition and begin to experience true compassion? What are the rewards in going this extra mile? To receive one must be a good receiver and a good giver. Giving opens the doorway to receive.

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I also include a link to an article I hope you enjoy. Pope Francis on giving. I think he made some excellent points and am providing the link so you can read it too.

Click Here To Read Article On Giving

Giving can be an unconditional act which seems to be the biblical injunction, or it can be a qualified act expecting some form of reciprocation. True compassion, true giving, means you give without qualifications. There are no strings attached.

Don’t worry about how the recipient utilizes your gift. Give and connect with the people you give to.  Treat people as people. Don’t just pass by the people you might give to on the street,  My belief is this form of giving is similar to the biblical form of forgiveness.

Forgive to forgive. Your forgiveness releases you. It has nothing to do with the object of your forgiveness. Let it go and go beyond petty grudges and ‘I’ll forgive but will never forget’ thinking. Give.  Forgive. Love. Help heal freely without qualifications. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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Delight in all things!

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Video: WOW What If You Did This?


I will be adding a new set of features to my blog that I think you will really like. In my quest to continue to add greater and greater value I want to be able to introduce you to some important concepts and people. I’ll still share and write blogs from time to time as I have.

I’ll incorporate more tips, advice, suggestions from others too. I’ll review the best books, videos, mp3s, products and programs, that I have either used or know the authors of.  I’ll include links to articles and resources that are free or for purchase. The best of both!

I want to share the very best of what absolutely works with you so you can include these in your home study and personal transformation.  I haven’t fully decided how or when this will all unfold but I hope you are as excited by this as I am.

This way you will continue to receive the highest value and finest transformational goodies available. Some things I share you may already be familiar with or have utilized, some you may not have heard of. My plan is to unfold this in coming days, weeks and months.

Anything I recommend or anything I provide a link to will be something I am personally familiar with! No BS, just the best!

For now I’d like to kick it all this off with a brief video.  I think you’ll love the principles behind what happens in it. It’s called ‘The Death Crawl’ from the movie ‘Facing Giants’. If you ever doubt yourself watch this video. It’s only a few minutes. Watch it now!

Click This Link To Watch Video Right Now:

Wow, isn’t that awesome? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section.

Continue to fill your day with gratitude. Live to the fullest. Celebrate everything! Rex Sikes

Stay fabulous!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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Stop Sniveling And Play To Win!

Horizons fly-by-phil-koch

“Sometimes you just have to play to win. That is it! Many brought up today are taught it is important that all are winners. There should always be a win-win outcome. You win they win all is good. Sometimes, though you have to just play so YOU win. Get it?

I’m not suggesting to be ruthless and crush people. Crush the game instead. Crush it! Win it! Do it! Do it for yourself and others! Win it! Go for it! Make it happen.  Have some guts, some balls! Develop whatever takes to win the prize. Don’t stop. Keep at it.

Sometimes it takes strong, intense, passionate desire. It takes back bone and will power and the fortitude to keep going in spite of incredible odds. Quitting must not be an option. Winning must be the only outcome. Sometimes, it requires we force ourselves.

The Price You Pay To Win Is Nothing Once You Have Made It

It is okay that others share the victory. Win-win is good too. I think it is desirable in probably most all situations involving other people. Share the wealth, the victory there is plenty to go around. The universe is abundant. Unless, you don’t believe it is. Then…

Then you have other issues to resolve as well. While you can get rich being stingy and an SOB it isn’t usually worth it for self, family or others. A healthy positive attitude, going the extra mile, treating others well and living an abundant life, with all, is preferable.

It is desirable and just works much better. So transform yourself into someone wonderful, if you don’t think, feel and act it already. AND play too win too. Have fun. If you ever played a board game, or any game  and didn’t care, or let others win, that isn’t much fun.

Winning Isn’t Everything – But Wanting To Is – Play To Win

You have to be in the game, totally. Enjoy the game. It is YOUR game! Play it to win. Play it to get the prize BUT play it and enjoy it. Make each moment worth it! Have fun, delight, and live it. Consider life a game to be enjoyed instead of a burden. Then it can be enjoyed.

Your attitude determines everything! Those who have suffered great loss of freedom, use of body, family, friends, finances and more that have triumphed in their spirit and life will tell you how you go through the tough times IS everything. You need your head on right!

Develop a winning attitude! Develop a winning outlook. Develop a winning, please personality and smile. Develop the ability to focus intently. Develop being unstoppable. Develop being friendly, kind, compassionate and giving. Develop being a great receiver!

Doubt Kills More Dreams Than Failure Ever Will – Play To Win

Develop the ability to appreciate everything and learn from everything. Develop deep gratitude and joyful enthusiasm. If you do these things, your life will become so incredible it will surprise and delight you. Then it will become the new normal. You will live it.

You will live it each day. Develop the awareness to change. Develop the ability to be open. Develop the ability to listen and respond. Develop the ability to develop! Transform. Delight, play to win, help others win, too. AND develop the ability to celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

How  can you share your delight today with family and friends?

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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It’s Best To Stop Fighting And Surrender To Success

horizons southbound-phil-koch

“Is success a struggle? Do you work hard but feel like you are spinning your wheels? Napoleon Hill wrote ‘Think And Grow Rich’ because he discovered modeling and studying 520 of the world’s wealthiest successful people that it was 99% mental and 1% effort.

With the correct mindset action becomes inspired. With the right attitude and beliefs supporting you, you are able to more effectively plan and work your plan, smartly. Work becomes pleasure. You don’t feel like you are working. You love what you do. Still, you work at it!

He pointed out that first you must know your purpose clearly. It should become a passionate burning desire, and you must absolutely believe you can and will make it happen with certainty. Then you must never give up. Learn from obstacles and persist by will power.

Will Power Is A Muscle – The More You Use It The Stronger It Gets

I want to shift our focus today to will power. There are many things Hill added into the mix that are important. Will power is one many people miss today, or so it seems. I also want to provide you with a way of doing things that helps move your forward with your goals.

When I use the term will power I mean that by an act of will you continue on toward your goal or ultimate purpose. It is you doing it from inner strength and fortitude. When I say control your thoughts and persist through will power I mean keep at it. As I think Hill did.

When negative thoughts arise you can acknowledge the thought, even thank it.  Appreciation goes a long way. Then shift your attention to the opposite, the positive thought, think on what you want instead. Re-focus you attention of what you want to include.

Stop Saying I Wish And I Want And I Hope – Start Saying I Will

Drop what you want to exclude. Don’t fight the negative thoughts. Accept, thank and let go. What you resist persists. Don’t wage battle, instead re-direct your attention. Energy flows where your attention goes. Yes, you may have to re-direct any number of times at first.

Eventually, you train you brain, your subconscious, how to work the way you want it to. It is a conditioning process. It is a training process. Be dedicated. Be committed. Be rigorous. Be persistent. BUT you don’t have to fight yourself. It is better if you don’t.

Be gentle. Be accepting. Be forgiving. Be in favor of you. Be encouraging. Be kind. Be friendly. Pat yourself on the back for whatever you do. Even when you don’t do it as you want. You did it however you did it at the time. There is no blame in that. Accept it.

What You Focus On Expands – You Get What You Focus On

Frustration, anger, blame and self-loathing don’t get you where you want to be faster. In fact those tend to prevent you from changing swiftly and easily. So use will power to carry you through and to stick with it but don’t be hard on yourself. Be committed and gentle.

Strength can be many things besides force. Let go. Learn flexibility. Bend don’t break. Shift your attention away from negative thinking toward positive thinking by focusing on what you want, what you like, what you enjoy, what you are grateful for. Place attention there.

Withdraw your attention from what you don’t like, what feels bad, what you don’t want, what is upsetting, what you want to eliminate or exclude and turn it toward what feels better. Place it on what feels the best. The goal: feel as best you can for as much of your time.

When You Stop Struggling – You Float 

If you have to do it 10 times or 100 times a day so what? In the process you are moving from the less than glorious to the glorious. You are shifting your awareness, your attention, your focus, you energy, your vibrations to something positive and good feelings.

You are training yourself to pay attention and enjoy good thoughts and feelings. Eventually, this will become your default setting. You’ll wire in new neural pathways. The negative processes will re-write into positive ones. You’ll develop new success habits of thought.

From a mindset that is predominantly positive you can then accomplish your purpose. Your mindset and attitude, your thoughts and feelings, your beliefs support you. Your act because it feels right. Your actions become inspired and enjoyable instead of dreaded.

Focus: Start Being Positive About What Is Right

Because your thoughts, feelings and actions align you develop positive habits and begin getting more positive results. You have moved from the less than glorious results into new and glorious ones. You trained yourself into having patterns that support you.

So be gentle. Don’t fight it. Go with the flow. When the water is raging go with the flow. People drown more quickly fighting the current. It exhausts them. Going with the current. You can seek to swim toward shore eventually. Keep going in the right direction.

Get it. Let the current carry you too. Use the momentum you create to keep moving forward easily. Stop resisting, keep persisting. All the while enjoy. Delight, be grateful. Discover what you can presently appreciate. Fill yourself with gratitude and celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Delight yourself and others today.

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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Adopt The Mindset of Muhammad Ali And Win – After All He Did!

muhammad ali

“Thanks for your concerns. Many have asked how I am doing since I got run down by a car. I am doing fine. I am healing and looking at the bright side. I am fortunate and blessed to only be injured, though that makes it sound worse than it was. Yes, I was struck down.

Yes, I’m good. I was hit from behind. The speed was not great. I was knocked down and my foot got pinned between the car and the road causing some tendon and ligament issues. My knees got scrapped up. The driver backed up and sped off. I am forgiving the person.

Life goes on.  Focus on what’s good. I really appreciate everyone’s concerns. Thanks for the emails, texts and comments expressing your concerns and well wishes! I appreciate reading and hearing them all. Thank you, and thank you!

Attitude Is Everything

Sadly, another great passed from us. Muhammad Ali. I grew up to his escapades, his name change, his protests, his career, his talent, his life, his illness and now his death, as many of us have. What a remarkable person this was. I will end this post with a few quotes.

Read these – repeat these – remember these – keep them alive within you. The words he spoke and the champion he became exemplified what thought leaders have been imploring us to do for centuries. Have purpose, faith, believe in oneself, use your will and keep going!

Attitude – The Little Thing That Makes A Big Difference

‘I am the greatest. I said that before I even knew I was.’

‘I never thought of the possibility of failing, only of the fame and glory I was going to get when I won. I could see it. I could almost feel it. When I proclaimed that I was the greatest of all time, I believed in myself, and I still do.’

‘I hated every minute of training, but I said, ‘Don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.’

‘To be a great champion you must believe you are the best. If you are not, pretend you are.’

Champions aren’t made in the gyms. Champions are made from something they have deep inside them, a desire, a dream, a vision. They have to have the skill and the will. But the will must be stronger than the skill.’

‘It’s the repetition of affirmations that leads to belief. And once that belief becomes a deep conviction things begin to happen.

‘He who is not courageous in life to take risks will accomplish nothing in life.’

‘It isn’t the mountains ahead to climb that wear you out. It is the pebble in your shoe.’

‘It is the lack of faith, people afraid of meeting challenges. I believe in myself.

‘Impossible is just a big word thrown around by small men who find it easier to live in the world they’ve been given than to explore the power they have to change it. Impossible is not a fact. It’s an opinion. Impossible is not a declaration. It’s a dare. Impossible is potential. Impossible is temporary. Impossible is nothing.’

‘The service you do for others is the rent you pay for your rent here on earth.’

Your Attitude Determines Your Altitude

I hope you have enjoyed these. He has many. These are a few of may favorite. He showed us one can make it AND one can go the extra mile. One can be dedicated and compassionate. One can help others too. Take these words to heart. Live, love, laugh, celebrate everything!’ Rex Sikes

Live with a smile.

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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How To Use Your Mind And A Pen To Get What You Want

horizons summer-storms-phil-koch

We’ve discussed how many people don’t like their circumstances. They want things different yet they keep getting the same results. If you want your life to change you must change things in your life. You can’t keep doing the same things and expect your life to be different.

Review:  To change. First, you must be clear about what you want. One way to do this is to get absolutely clear about what they don’t want. THEN, and this is critical, once you know what you do not want you must  turn your back on it. Drop it, let it go.

Then put all your focus, your attention, your energy on what you absolutely know you do want. Use what you don’t want to clarify what you do want. For example, you don’t want the freeway to be backed up, you want your ride to be sooth and easy and quick.

Elaborate And Describe The Good You Want In Vivid Detail 

You don’t like bad service in restaurant you prefer good food served polite and friendly. When things arise that you do not want, that you do not like, stop, and decide what it is you would rather have. Focus on what you prefer and that you do want and like.  Maintain that!

Focus on what you do want. Get it? Get clear about what you do not want and then focus on what you do want exclusively. This requires you choose. You make a choice, a decision on what to focus. When you make the decision your life begins to transform.

Your life begins changing for the better because you stop telling and re-living the story of what you don’t want. Once you free yourself of the old, broken, undesirable way you are free to live it the way you want to. To make the new life a reality you must attend to it.

Every Day May Not Be A Good Day But There Is Good In Every Day

You must maintain the new story. This must become predominant. Tell the story of the reality you want to live. Not only tell it, be it. In your mind, act as if it is all already yours. You already are the person you want to be. Pretend the future reality IS ALREADY your reality.

Feel and do what you want to be feeling and doing. Imagine you already have those things you want to have. You brain, your subconscious will help you get whatever you imagine. If you think, ‘I want this in the future’, it will always remain off in the future.

You must think, ‘I have this right now’. This is what you presently live and enjoy. It is all right now. It is your present reality. Use present tense words to describe it. Feel it as if are it right now. You are living it. The feelings of having it right now ARE what make this work!

See – Feel – Speak – Write It:  1st Action Steps To Make It Reality

Feel it and believe it. The more you feel it is your current reality the more you will believe it. You nurture your feelings and your belief about it. You make it as real as possible. Enjoy it. This is your inner transformational work. This is how you get the mindset right.

You don’t have to tell others about the brand new car parked in your driveway, but you imagine it. Stop talking about your clunker car, the one you hate, and find the present good. Discover all there is to be grateful for. Don’t dwell on the problems dwell on the good things.

Express the good. Talk only about the good. Don’t whine or complain. Tell a different story about how reliable and wonderful your car is. While you do this imagine driving the new car now. Live that reality inside. That is the story you need to focus on.

See It Hear It Feel It Taste It Smell It – Act As If You Have It Already

Live the conclusion.  What thoughts would you think if you got what you wanted? How would you feel? What would you be doing? How would you look, walk, stand and sit after you got your goal? What would your voice sound like? Who might you be with?

Make your visualization vivid. You want to feel it. Live it. Enjoy it, as if you have it right now. Act as if. Keep a journal and fill it up. Write down how it feels to presently enjoy… (the new car). Describe everything you can. Have fun journaling. Write a bit each day.

Write how it feels to drive it. Describe it. How does it sound. How much you love to hear the engine. The comfort of the seats and the feel of the ride. How it feels to see it parked in your driveway. The places you love to go. The comments people make.

Write Down Your Goals And Your Reasons For Obtaining Them

What it was like to drive it off the lot. Stick with writing and telling the new story you want. Re-live each day, your future in advance. One day when you will have what you want you will think, feel and behave in certain ways. Do that now. Write about it.

Make that future real to you in your imagination. When you imagine. Writing it down helps you make those images. Actually, write it with a pen and paper, don’t type it. You can also make a vision board. Put pictures of what you want on a piece of car board. Or on your mirror.

Keep the idea, fresh, fun and alive in your mind. Whether you do this a lot or once or twice a day is up to you. The point is to get the feelings of the changes you want to bring about. Think it and feel it first, believe it and you can have it. Okay? Celebrate everything! Rex Sikes

Do something nice for yourself today!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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Why And What To Do When The Poo Hits The Propeller!


“Okay, you saw The Secret, you practice the Law Of Attraction, you maintained a positive attitude and things got worse. WTF? Why on earth should things turn sour. ‘It’s not fair’, you might exclaim.

Yes, you may be doing many things right. You have tried different practices. You have maintained them for awhile. Perhaps, as you would say, ‘I’ve tried everything but nothing works!’

Let’s pretend there is a god or a source or an intelligence that governs the universe and its laws. Imagine this infinite source of wisdom and benevolence.

Hardship Prepares Ordinary People For An Extraordinary Destiny

Imagine this source is actually you but you have, long ago, forgotten this about yourself. You pretend, in so many ways, to be limited and have issues. Just pretend again for a moment and accept the premise as possible. It is a hypothetical exercise. Try it on.

You have all this incredible power and wisdom to tap into but you don’t and you haven’t. Instead you bought into everything that was told to you, modeled for you while growing up and older.

Instead of living from your source of power you live from limitation and lack. Not completely, sometimes things are great, sometimes not. Things are the way they are. You like and you don’t at times.

Hardship  Comes From The Outside Failure Only From The Inside

You want more. You decide you will practice positive thinking and related disciplines. You begin and you expect the best. Lo and behold the fan gets covered with crap and you thought you’d be free of it.

This is the experience of many people. Why? Because they think if they just think right everything will magically change and they won’t actually have to do anything at all. They hope, wish, and pray.

That inner you, that wiser infinite source, knows you could be handed everything on a platter or you could evolve and learn and make things happen by getting back in touch with what makes you powerful.

God Gives His Toughest Battles To His Strongest Soldiers

In order for you to tap into your higher self you need to be challenged so you will seek yourself. Otherwise, you won’t. Most people don’t pray unless times get bad and then they become the consummate beggar.

Pleading that things change miraculously for them. Hoping, wishing, doubting, but pleading, ‘paleaseeeeee! I promise I will be good.’ They put their faith and requests outside of themselves.

They miss totally the possibility to change. They think it is from outside! Somehow, things will come to them if they think right or do right. That is why most people miss the boat on the LOA.

The Biggest Obstacles In Life Are The Barriers Our Mind Creates

People want to be spared the hardship. They want to avoid trials and tribulations. They want the cozy, cushy, lush, lavish good life dropped in their lap.

If you want to get to the top of Everest you gotta do the climbing.  If you want to possibly win the race you have to at least be dedicated to finishing. That is the law. Mindset and action. Keep going and never give up. See it through to the end.

You get challenged because you are bigger than you think you are. Your limited mind isn’t aware of it so you need to become convinced. You need to be tested by fire and made aware of what you are capable of. You need to learn who you are. So things turn crappy.

Obstacles Are Those Frightful Things You See…

This is precisely when you must apply, you must persist, you must maintain your course and positive attitude. Yet, this is the same exact time many throw in the towel and complain that nothing they tried works. Nothing you try will work.  It is you that works or doesn’t.

When you expect the LOA attraction or someone or something else to come to your aid and miraculously save you or solve your problems you are missing  YOU. You are putting your faith in magic instead of your infinite talents and wisdom and abilities.

You are the creator and you create these tests so you could find yourself again. It is the quest. The journey. The challenges, the stakes that are there for you to prove yourself. To find yourself.

… When You Take Your Eyes Off Your Goal

It is all about you. Struggles come. Learn from them. Rise above them. Accept the challenge. Learn to laugh in the face of difficulty. You are either bigger than the problems or they are bigger than you. Which it is determines how you live and what you get or don’t get.

The opportunity is for you to come into your own incredible power. To find yourself. Many will quit and claim the LOA doesn’t work. Too bad for them. Too bad for you if you do that. If you can’t find and remember your inner greatness then you miss out.

You find it from challenge not from cozy, comfort where everything comes to you from the outside. Can you create that? Sure, but not without learning how to navigate all the woes first. You move through the negative to the positive because that IS how it works.

When You Face Your Struggles You Overcome Them

You become a champion by contest. You win by playing and finishing the game well. If you wimp out you are finished. If you see it through to the end you can win the prize.

Life is whatever it is. Easy, hard. Accept it. Get over it. And Get on with it. We’ll look into this more in coming posts. Meanwhile, understand,  shit happens for you to rise above it. For you to learn there isn’t anything you can’t handle or you can’t do if you put your mind to it.

We Grow When We Face Challenges Not When It Is Easy

Some people want to claim the goods without the effort. The effort is your evidence. When you successfully navigate the toughest times you discover what you are made of and what you can do. Otherwise it is only theory. You are the proof.

Without the tough times you have no evidence. Once you do you can be confident you can handle anything. You know your power. You are secure in your abilities. You realize you are a powerful, positive creator and attractor. There is no doubt. You have come home to yourself and who you are.

This is what so many people, perhaps most people, don’t understand about pursuing your goals and making your dreams come true. Whenever troubled learn to smile and to laugh. Let nothing stop you.  Develop the attitude that you can handle anything that comes your way and you will. Appreciate it all and celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Have a great day!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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Why You Must To Keep A Success Journal

horizons an-old-song-phil-koch

“Do you want to be more successful? There are many ways to succeed. There are the BIG, grandiose successes, the ‘top of the world’ ones. Then there are all the rest. All the way down to the barely noticeable ones. Success comes in all sizes and flavors.

There are even ones you don ‘t count.

Why don’t you count them? Because you take them for granted. They are too small. You consider them insignificant. They don’t make it onto your radar but they are there. You should count them. Awareness is the first major step in changing.

To Succeed You Must First Believe You Can

I’ve encouraged people to keep a gratitude journal for decades. Others have encouraged us to count our blessings since ancient times. Why? Recording what we are grateful for helps us to become aware of all the good things in our life.

We can change our thoughts and our feelings as we become aware of the countless things we take for granted daily we could appreciate. When we fill our mind and heart with appreciation we transform. Celebrate and delight in all and you will feel great!

The same is true of our successes. Want to be more successful? Start acknowledging how successful you already are in so many ways. What is a success? Frankly, it is anything you consider as one. ‘I got up at 6am’ for one person that might be a small success.

You Create Your Own Opportunities

For another person, a huge one! ‘I made pancakes’. ‘I took a bath’. It doesn’t matter how large or small, the only thing that matters is that you are in control of doing it. It relates to you and not other people. You could say, ‘I worked well with others at the office today’.

‘I got along with Susan.’ The point is, in order for it to occur it doesn’t rely on others it relies on you. Understand? If not ask, I’ll clarify in comments. Notice these, no matter how small. In fact, look for all the tiny ways you succeed daily that you never considered.

Not only have you never considered, you have not named them as successes, acknowledged them, given them the recognition deserved or validated yourself for doing them. Become aware of all the ways you succeed and appreciate yourself for these.

Decide Commit Succeed

Write them down. List them. No less than 5 per day. More is fine. More is desirable. I recommend people start a daily gratitude journal listing 25 things. Some people recommend fewer, some may recommend more. The point is to draw your attention to these areas.

If you are already doing a gratitude journal EXCELLENT! That is a success right there. If not, you can begin one now, too. THEN, that would be a success. Since you are doing the gratitude journal, take a moment or two more and list your successes.

You can use the same journal or have two separate ones. Some people really respond better if they personalize their journal and make it really special. Others just use a legal pad. I think having something nice adds value to the process and it is up to you.

Some People Only Dream Of Success

If you want to further the exercise: Write down your daily successes.Write what you did and how it feels. Enjoy validating and feeling positive and congratulating yourself. Enjoy celebrating and appreciating these. Always room for  more gratitude!

Note if you did something you didn’t want to do, but you did it anyway. Write out what you learned in ‘doing anyway’. Congratulate yourself on all the little things and the big things. Remember, everything counts. Keep it simple for yourself. So you do it daily!

You did the laundry; you made you bed; you made breakfast; you had some fruit instead of cereal; you got to work on time; you walked to work; you exercised; you sent a thank you note; you made cookies for kids; you mowed the lawn; you fed the cat; anything!

Others Wake Up And Achieve Success

Of course, they can be larger. Just don’t miss all the grains of sand looking for the boulders. Everyday, write in your journal. Feeling grateful and feeling successful are a sure way to bring about more of the same. Remember, you become what you think about! Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

If today isn’t your day, then whose day is it?

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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Be A Deliberate Creator And Get What You Want From Your Career And Life!

horizons crossing-the-divide-phil-koch

“Why should you clarify your goals? Is it helpful to define your purpose? Is writing these down important? What does knowing what you want, specifically, do for you? What good does writing it down do? Is it important to plan? I get asked these questions a lot through the years.

Knowing what you specifically want enables you to make a detailed, precise mental image of what you are going for. It isn’t vague. It is specific. You fill it with detail. For example, if you wanted a new car, it is best to specify the exact make and model of the car.

How many doors, the color inside and out, the roof, the glass, the type of wheels and hubs. Every element of the car. Heated seats? If you are a car fan then your probably know all the specifics. That is great because you can see it more clearly.

Imagine driving in it. See your hands on the wheel, feel your grip  on the wheel. Feel the comfort of the seats. Notice the power and the drive. Imagine it fully. The more you are able to do that the more  you are on your way to getting it. Remember, you make it happen!

What You See And Say And Feel Is What You Get

Know exactly what you want. Know when you want it. How will you get it? You may not know this yet, but think about it. Dream about it. Come up with a plan. As you fantasize about getting the car of your dreams you mind will deliver to you a plan in whole or in part.

Listen, watch for it. Pay attention to your ideas and hunches. Keep notebook handy. What will you do in exchange for getting the car? How will you earn the money? Plan to get it and then you work the plan. Write it down. It helps your visualizations.

The more specific you are the more you activate those areas in your brain. Set a deadline when you want to have it. Between now and the deadline imagine what it is like to already own the car. See yourself driving it. Feel yourself driving it. Park it see yourself get out and into it.

Feel It Fully – Appreciate and Be Thankful

It is yours. How good does it feel? Feel it fully. What things do you say to yourself about your car? Did you name it? All the little things make a big difference. The more detail you imagine the more real it is to you. The more real it is in your mind the quicker you can make it happen.

Obsess about it! Enjoy it! Celebrate it. Be thankful for the car right now, that someday you will have. Celebrate and appreciate having it before you actually do in the outer world. Gratitude is so important. Feeling thankful for what you want, sends that message to the subconscious that this is important to me. You are feeling it!

Define your life purpose. Establish goals and benchmarks along the way. Have your long term important chief purpose and set goals you pick up along the way. 3 month goals, 6 month, 1 year, 3, 5 10 year goals. Whatever best works for you. Set daily and weekly goals. It work wonders. Get into the habit of thinking with intention.

Decide, ‘I will get these things done today.  I’ll finish these by the end of the week.’ Then work them off your list. Build good habits. Develop personal credibility with yourself. Never break a promise you make to anyone, especially your vows to you. Once you decide on what you intend to do follow through on it.

Always Do What You Say You Will – Follow Through

Hill stated in ‘A Year Of Growing Rich’, ‘The person who acts with purpose and a plan attracts opportunities. How can life give you anything if you don’t know what you want yourself?

How can others help you to succeed if you haven’t decided how to get there yourself? Only with definiteness of purpose will you be able to overcome the defeats and adversities that will stand in your way.’

Clarify what you want specifically. Write it down. Review it multiple times a day. Feel enthused, feel great feelings, as you review to provide your subconscious a clear example of what to marshall your resources around. If you can conceive it and believe it you can achieve it.

Make a practice of setting goals and getting them. You can start small if you wish then work your way up to medium and large.  Be specific and allow for something better. It is always wise to think, ‘This is what I want OR something better.’ Never demand how you make it happen.

Allow For Creativity And Spontaneity

Build you success history of accomplishment to look back on! Keep your word so that you are credible to yourself and others. Always follow through and make things happen. Be a CAN DO, intentional creator. Create what you want or something better.  Remember it is always up to you and no one else. YOU CAN be, do and have anything you desire. Why not dream big! Go for the gusto! ” Rex Sikes

Have a happy today!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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