Personal Change And Social Change: Can We Have Both? PT2

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“If we want to make a real difference and improve our lives, and the world around us there are positive steps each of us can and must take. We must keep moving forward toward the goals and dreams we set for ourselves. We must set our intentions and keep them.

Continued from Personal Change And Social Change: Can We Have Both Pt1

How do we do this?  We need to identify the problem as best we can. We may not know all the ramifications and elements but we do what we are able. Once you identify it, once you know it, then turn your focus and attention on clarifying what you want. This is important.

We must shift our attention AWAY from what we don’t want because what we focus on we get more of. We attract and create whatever we most pay attention to. Energy flows where attention goes. Withdraw the problem energy and put it into the solutions.

If You Can’t Change The Direction Of The Wind Adjust Your Sails

Utilize what you don’t want to inform you specifically as to what you do want and then endeavor to create what you want. Keep in mind we don’t get what we need we get what we are. If we focus on what we need we will stay in need. We must become what we want, first!

If you want love be loving. If you want wealth feel wealthy. If you want a companion be a good one first. Act as if what you want you already have and already are it. Think the thoughts and feel the feelings and behave as if you are already that which you seek.

You become what you think about most often. If you want to improve the world become part of the solution. Stop shouting about the problems and focus on the solutions. Become peace if you want to end wars. Become tolerant if you want to end intolerance.

A Positive Attitude Changes Everything

You can’t be intolerant of those who are intolerant and expect it to change. Fighting fire with fire and an eye for an eye won’t move you forward positively. Our wars have never actually resolved much, and whatever may have been the benefit came at terrible cost.

We have to stop fighting and start uniting. We need to stop being divided and become harmonious. We need to stop hating and start accepting and loving. We have to be it first to enjoy it sometime in the future. Each of these begins inside each of us.

We can’t expect others to go first we must go first. We must become aware and evolve ourselves and hold ourselves to higher standards. Name calling and acts of violence don’t bring us together, whether it is in your family or between political parties or between countries.

Change Brings Opportunity

We don’t have to know how we’ll solve it we only have to move in the direction of what we want. Clarity will come from your forward movement. If you wait you are reactive. Proactivity is the answer. Each of us who wants a better life and world must begin to change.

We will explore more in part 3. The bottom line is now is the time to begin. Wherever you are NOW is the time. If you want change do not put it off. Begin this instant. Decide who you will be and what kind of life you will lead. In an instant everything can transform.

That is the power of a strong decision. Take charge. Take the initiative and determine to make your life what you want it to be. Begin to think and feel and act as if. Enjoy everything. Delight in everything.

Your Life Is The Result Of The Choices You Make

Decide to be that one person who will help make the world a better place for everyone in it. Be grateful, be loving, be compassionate, be kind. Go the extra mile for others. Practice the golden rule. Put out positive energy and thoughts and good will.

We can change the world bit by bit. We begin by making the area around us a beautiful garden. Weed, nurture and care. Create the kind of haven, garden spot you want to live within. Help make it wonderful. Others can join in too. Celebrate  everything!” Rex Sikes

How might you delightfully surprise yourself today?

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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