Personal Change And Social Change: Can We Have Both? Pt3

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“How do we change ourselves? How do we change the world around us? What are we to do to make a real difference for ourselves and others? This world seems to be in turmoil, perhaps you are too? What can be done?  Become more aware. That is the first step.

Continued From: Personal Change And Social Change: Can We Have Both? PT2

Notice when your thinking holds you back. Pay attention when you think and feel less than glorious about anything. Learn to control your own thought process and aim it positively towards positive change. Become a beacon of light to yourself and others. Transform!

Worrying Does Not Empty Tomorrow Of Its Troubles …

When you feel less than glorious it is an indication, an alert signal, to pay attention to what is going on inside you. Many simply feel bad and then think worse thoughts. These moments are an OPPORTUNITY to change your thoughts not succumb to them.

Throughout this blog I have devoted much discussion to how to do this. Thought leaders new and old have too. Study and apply these principles and practices to take control of your own thinking. Change your thinking and you change your life. Begin now.

If you haven’t already. The key to change is to start changing and not to wait. Don’t try to figure it out in advance. That only delays it. Begin to take positive steps in the direction you want to go. Then keep moving forward bit by bit. This is important to understand.

… Worrying  Empties Today Of Its Strength – End Worry

You  go as far as you can see and when you get there you will see farther. Edison didn’t know how to make a lightbulb until after he succeeded. Until then he tried many different things. He learned from each and kept going because he knew his purpose.

Edison wanted to light the planet with electric light. The Wright Brothers wanted to fly. Ford wanted to make autos affordable. Martin Luther King and Gandhi wanted to unite people. Purpose drives the show. Be clear on the purpose! Believe you can succeed.

Then do whatever you have to positively to make it happen. Never give up. You may fail many times. Difficulty abounds. But keep heading in the direction that you want. Gandhi managed to do it and captured the imagination of two hundred million people.

Change You May Lose Something Good But Gain Something Better

We can do it. We may be out monied, out powered, out everything but if we want it enough we will find a way. Small groups have made an incredible difference. There is an awesome power of one AND an even more awesome power of the many all of one mind.

The experts of the day always say things can’t be done. ‘If man were meant to fly god would have provided wings!’ The public didn’t see any need for electric light when they had oil lamps nor did they want electric horses when they had real live ones.

After succeeding in their endeavors these innovators had to market their ideas to others. The world wasn’t waiting and inviting these changes. They had to be convinced it was a good idea and that they would benefit. Resistance, inertia, always needs to be overcome.

Change – Will It Be Easy – Nope – Worth It – Absolutely – Change

Gandhi united the people’s minds for the cause. It can be done. It can be done with positive thought, positive feelings, energy and positive behavior. We can make profound personal changes and profound world changes when we are convinced we can. Faith! Have faith!

We must believe we can. We must be driven to one day embrace the changes we now want. If we don’t believe it is possible we will never attempt it. If we don’t do anything we won’t influence the results. We will endure whatever results there are. Change is in our hands!

If you want to change the world it begins at home. It begins with you. Then your family, friends, neighborhood, community and more. It starts in one small place, as a ripple does, and radiates outward. YOU can positively influence yourself and your life. Yes, you and I can!

To Light A Million Candles From Just One Yours Must Be Lit First

We all can. We need to come together to do it. We need to create a massive mastermind whose purpose is harmony, love, peace,  and positivity. If that seems daunting we need to change our attitude about it. We attract everything we think and feel.

If we fear, doubt, hate and are negative we get more of the same. To live a different reality we must conceive it, have a vision, and a purpose. We must believe we can and act in accord with our higher positive principles and then we can achieve it. We CAN do it!

It is up to each of us. We need to unite within ourselves and align ourselves congruently to attract and create our dreams. We need to do the same as people. The chaos experienced in the world may be a signal to each of us about what we can do. It can be and is a blessing.

If You Can’t Change It Then Change The Way You Think About It 

As more people wake up a new dawn is possible. It may not happen overnight because evolution takes time. Hopefully, we evolve ourselves into a more loving, peaceful, accepting people and enjoy this amazing world in ways that surpass our present imagination.

How do we change? How do we change the world. Each of use transforms ourself to live the life we can. We transform ourselves to become a powerful force for positive change. We determine to clean up our own act and let our light shine for others to see.

We stop yelling and fighting and trying to convert people to our way of thinking and being. Instead we live wonderfully, peacefully, lovingly and positively and live as an example. We invite but don’t force. We respond and don’t react or attack.

Use Your Smile To Change The World – Everyday An Opportunity

We get busy living the good life and have fun. We stay focused on what is good and what is important. We don’t waste time in frivolous, less than glorious arguments and distractions. We aim our powerful resources like a laser beam toward positive outcomes.

How do we do this? Dream big. Delight in all. Use everything as a learning opportunity. Learn from it. Open up. Accept, allow and receive. Become generous givers and excellent receivers. Follow the golden rule and go the extra mile in helping benefit others.

Consider everything a blessing and opportunity to grow from. Obstacles and challenges are also causes for celebration. The rose plant comes with thorns. Understand the way of the universe. All IS divine.  Be grateful always and celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Make this day marvelous for yourself and others.

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