You Never Succeed By Repeating Your Failures: Change This Today!

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“You want things to be different. You want it to get better.  How do you make the changes? What do you first do?  How do you change habits? How do you gain control over your thoughts? You do it through awareness. Awareness is the first step of the process.

First, you must become aware of the old conditioning, the old negativity, and recognize while you are in the midst of it. If you don’t know when you are engaged in an old, less than glorious, or destructive pattern, you won’t be able to alter it.

Eventually, you will notice when it engages earlier. You will become more aware as it initiates so you can take control and shift it over to the new positive thinking. As you do this you free yourself from the old conditioning and replace it with the new habits you desire.

Your Life Won’t Change Unless You Change What You Do Daily

Awareness. It works like this. If you want to end anger, fear or negative self talk, anything, you change how you respond to it after you notice it. Most people do what they don’t want to and when they realize it feel bad, criticize themselves and feel worse. They shame.

Sadly, that doesn’t work to change it. What you do instead is, after the fact, you celebrate that you noticed you did the old behavior. You pat yourself on the back. You embrace yourself for becoming aware. You stop criticizing the old behavior and appreciate the awareness.

Your changes won’t happen overnight but through time. You didn’t become the age you are overnight. It took time. This won’t take as long but it is a process. Each time, every tim, you notice the  less than glorious thinking or behaviors note it on paper. Keep track.

Awareness Is The First Step To Change – Apply What You Learn

Soon you will notice it while it is going on. You will notice it earlier and earlier. When you accept it and appreciate yourself you train yourself to notice what you want to notice. You are not conflicted, nor divided. You do not perpetuate the old as you had been.

This is the first part of the process. You become aware and you notate each time it occurs. You actually stop and put down a hashmark or some notation that works for you. It requires that you discipline yourself to do this. If you want it enough, you’ll do it.

A powerful way to change your thinking from less than glorious to more glorious is to keep a diary. Keep a diary of every negative thought you think. Whenever you complain or blame jot it down. Whenever you make an excuse jot it down. Keep track!

The Secret Of Success Is In Your Daily Routine And Habits

Keep an on going track of all the negative or less than glorious thoughts you think. Every time you blame god, the universe, the weather, the government, traffic, your boss, spouse, kids, neighbors, dog or alarm clock stop and notate that you are thinking negative.

Stop, then switch it to a positive thought. Change it. Stop complaining. Start accepting responsibility for your life whether directly responsible or not. Assume ALL responsibility. If you want to change your life you have to change what you think and do.

For example, you discover yourself thinking, or saying out loud to yourself or others, ‘it is hard to make money in this economy’, or ‘I’m late because there was too much traffic on the road this morning’, or ‘you can’t be happy all the time’. Any less than glorious statement.

Stop Expecting Things And Others To Change – You Go First

Stop, note it and think or say, ‘it isn’t the economy that determines my wealth it is me. I create the exact amount of money I want.’ or something positive to that effect. ‘I was late because I didn’t get on the road early enough. I was late because I was late.’ Accept it.

You can affirm, ‘I will start earlier’, or ‘I can learn to be on time’, or ‘I accept responsibility for being on time’, or ‘I am always on time’, or ‘if it is to be it is up to me’. What it is that you desire to be is how you phrase your positive declaration. Affirm what you want.

“I can be happy because I choose to be happy. Happiness is a choice’. Switch the old thought out for something positive and more productive. Accept responsibility for everything. When you accept 100% responsibility for EVERYTHING that happens, things change.

Change Brings Opportunity – Opportunity Brings Change

All negative thoughts, excuses, complaints and blames are negative declarations. They are negative affirmations. They keep you stuck in old chronic thinking. All worry is negative planning for the future. Stop! Become aware and change your thinking. Take charge.

When you do you learn a great and powerful lesson to apply everywhere. You learn that if you created your present, less than desirable circumstances, you can uncreate them. You can’t do that if you keep living as a victim of circumstances.

You need to live as a victor. You need to dictate the circumstances and not be governed by them. Champions don’t blame others or the world. They know if they are going to prevail and remain a champion it is completely up to them. Their mindset is a winning mindset.

Awareness Allows You To Get Outside Your Mind And Observe It

You need to manage and control your thoughts and not be run  by old chronic negative conditioning. It is time you put yourself in the driver’s seat of your mind and your life. You can create something new and better. It begins with awareness.

It begins noticing how often you give away your power. You do it each time you make an excuse, ‘the traffic was heavy’, ‘the dog ate my homework’ You usurp your own power and authority by complaining and blaming. Claim it back. Notice when you do it.

Notice how often you do it. Keep track in your diary. Doing this will draw you attention to it. As you notice and catch yourself again and again, AND then shift the negative thought, or talk, to a positive statement, you will slip up less and less. You will transform!

We Do Not See Things As They Are – We See Things As We Are

Fewer and fewer times will you blame and excuse. More and more often you will catch it and shift it to the positive and productive. You will continue to notice sooner and sooner. You keep shifting your attention to the positive until you build a positive new success habit.

Once it is a habit it will work reliably and automatically. You will find yourself thinking more powerfully positive as a result. All of your life can change as you change your thinking. Just as a ripple moves outward and grows bigger and affects more so do your thoughts.

Change your thoughts and your feelings change. With new thought and feeling your actions become positively inspired. As you continue to act more positively you develop new success habits which in turn can lead to new, positive results. Your life improves. Get it?

Being Aware Isn’t The Absence Of Mistakes But Correcting Them

The more you do it the easier it is to do and the better results you get. It begins by developing your awareness of the old triggers and gently, lovingly, replacing them. Accept, allow, adapt and adopt a new way of being.  You appreciate, notate, and shift to the positive.

Awareness grows the more it is exercised. You abilities do so, too. Keep at it. Commit to the process and you will begin to see improvement. Many people give up before they succeed. Stop, be different. Don’t be one of the crowd. Learn to be a victor instead.

Become a champion! It isn’t always easy but it isn’t as hard as people ‘think’ it will be. It is simple to make changes. You plant seeds, nurture them and they grow. One day you reap the benefits. Be glad. Be eager, be excited. Practice gratitude along the way. Appreciate and celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

The time is now. Enjoy it!

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