You’ll Be Much Better Off Doing This Daily

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“If you want enduring success and happiness there are some simple things you must do. Failure to do them, most probably means, you won’t get what you want. However, IF you do them, your outlook for happiness and success becomes very great, It is simple and easy.

Today, set your mind on getting your goals. Become determined. Develop your power of concentration and focus. Control your thoughts and your mind. Make the decision that you will do it no matter what. Become steel-willed and live your purpose!

If you find that difficult, or if you find it difficult to believe you are the kind of person who can, realize you are only thinking from old, prior, conditioned  thought habits. Some people call it ‘stinkin thinkin’. Old conditioning is conflicting with the new thoughts.

If Your Habits Don’t Serve You – It Is Time To Change Your Habits

Your brain is attempting to preserve the old way. It is trying to help you continue to be the same. It is attempting to keep doing what you already know. However, if you always do what you always did you will always get what you always got. You will stay limited.

If you want to BE different, now, if you want to change your life, then you must change some of the things you are thinking and doing on a daily basis. You must learn and engage in new habits of success. You must decide to be different and then practice the new way.

Practice it each day, throughout the day, until you master it. Begin with your thoughts since those come before anything else. Think the best thoughts you can each moment. Believe in yourself! Some people will tell you ‘positive thinking’ isn’t important.

Have The Courage To Dream Big And The Will To See It Through

They say ‘just do it’. Don’t think about it. Do the behavior. I say, ‘just do it’ too, but it is your thinking that determines whether or not you will. It precedes your feelings. The first things to get control over, THAT you CAN get control over are  your thoughts.

Manage you mental images and your self talk. Keep it up-lifting. Manage it. As you do your feelings follow. You feel good when you think positive and you think more positive as you feel good. When you feel good you feel more like do what you need to do. Get it?

Begin, by determining what you want, and affirming it. Repeat it out-loud enthusiastically,  with great emotion. Mean what you say.  Do it whenever you can, out-loud and silently. If you hear yourself say things out-loud or silently to yourself that don’t support you, stop it.

Believe In Yourself – You Can Achieve It If You Believe You Can 

Stop and phrase it differently, stating what you do want, instead. Begin today! Apply it to your goals. Apply it to your major purpose and plans for your life. Don’t delay. Do it! The longer you wait to start, the longer you will have waited.  That is all waiting does.

Think and say; ‘I know my goal. I know what I want. Today, I am going for it! I realize that all I have to do is do it! All I have to do is go for it. I take action. I go for it! I am putting all my energy and attention into making it work. I am able. I can get my goals. I am un-stoppable!’

Put it into your own words. Power yourself up, control your thinking, aim your mind, feelings and behaviors into thinking, feeling AND doing those things, large or small, that move you forward. Tiny things are better than none. Positivity is better than negativity.

Believe It – Feel It – Take Action – Make It A Habit – Brings Success

Think; ‘I can do this. I can learn to enjoy it. This is fun. I like getting what I want. I do what it takes to get my goal. I can learn to do it and enjoy it. I am confident and capable. I a positive and powerful. I like making things happen for me and others! I direct my thoughts!’

Take charge. Be invincible and determined. Make it happen. A little bit gets great results, when done correctly, consistently, repeatedly over a long enough time. It is simple and it is basic. Master the simple and master the basics and your entire life can transform. It will!

The people who are most happy and successful are not engaged in elaborate , complicated processes. They are just like you and I, except that they have mastered basic success habits that they do everyday. You can too! Do it! AND celebrate everything!”

This day, today, is your day!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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3 thoughts on “You’ll Be Much Better Off Doing This Daily”

  1. Great post. Very inspiring. It’s the power of positive affirmations.
    Great thoughts. I will definitely change the way I look at life to make it one to remember and to constantly improve myself.
    I have written some self improvement articles on , and if you could check them out
    it would help me out tremendously and I would appreciate it greatly. Thanks!


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