No One Else But You Can Do This!

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“Sometimes others can help us. Finding the right coaches and mentors is invaluable. Learning and training is important. We benefit from support and assistance, but there is one thing only YOU can do.

Living up to your potential is completely up to you. It is in your hands alone. Only you can make the decision to do it. If you haven’t decided to live up to your best yet, you can bet you aren’t. True dat!

The Best Thing You Can Do –  Is Be The Best At Being You

Decide to be the best you possible. Commit to yourself.  There is only one you. Why not live it to the fullest? You deserve to.  Determine what your life and your future will be like. Then do it!

Never underestimate yourself. Never underestimate what you are capable of and what you can accomplish. If you can conceive it and believe it you can achieve it. You can! Always remember this!

You May Have To Go Through The Worst  – To Get To The Best

Doing great is a choice. Most people, sadly, live ho-hum, mediocre lives. You don’t have to. You can live the kind of life you want to live if you determine to do it. Never ever settle for less than your best.

Be the best you and make your dreams come true. Never count yourself out, but rather, count yourself in. Focus on the positive about yourself and nurture it. Learn, excel succeed and enjoy!

Are You Being The Best Or The Worst That Has Happened To You

Be grateful. ALL of life is a blessing, the good times and the bad. You may not yet realize that, but it is true! Find the good in everything and in everyone, including yourself. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Have fun, delight, discover and enjoy!

*** We are planning some new things! Soon  A Teleseminar with Rex  What are your questions, what do you want to know, what would you like help with? Use the comment section to let me know. I’ll let you know when, meanwhile, please let me know what you’d like. ***

Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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