Expert Reveals: You Must Develop Singular Focus Now!


“A few decades ago a large part of my personal development programs was to help people to multitask. People needed to be able to do more than one thing simultaneously. Today, people need to be able to concentrate and learn to do just one thing at a time.

Ideally, people can be successful at both, using either ability at the appropriate times. However, in this millennial age of distraction people seem unable to focus.  Many, especially children, but even adults, wear official labels stating they can’t concentrate.

They can, if not all, most can, focus and do quite well given the opportunity. Today, I’d like to focus on learning how to better concentrate and simplify life. Much benefit can be experienced when you let go, slow down and live simply.  Let’s explore, okay?

The Thing About Meditation Is You Become More And More You

Meditation has been available for eons. Some practice it. There are various types and even various descriptions about what meditation is or what it is not. I’ll use the loosest definition right now for our purposes. Concentration; reflection; contemplation; observation.

It is described as a training of the mind for benefit. I agree. I am only going to share one aspect of it today that is vital to learn and not discuss all the potential benefits and aspects. Concentration or focus is what people need to learn to do more of. To be single-minded.

Today, people eat and talk and are on their phones or media all day. Music, sounds or images are played in the background almost everywhere we go. Few people enjoy just being alone with themselves while eating, traveling or walking or whatever!

I Meditate So My Mind Cannot Complicate My Life

They must always be engaged or distracted by social media or some electronic toy or by other people.  This does not promote health or well-being. It is important to shut it off and relax. It is important mentally, physically and spiritually to let it all go for awhile.

Get yourself a candle or battery operated tea lamp flame and place it before you. Sit comfortably and relax. Breath and simply look at the flame. Focus you attention on the flame. Do nothing else. Breath. Whenever you notice yourself thinking something else stop.

Gently, return your attention to the flame. This may occur many times and that it is okay. The purpose IS to learn to return your attention to the flame without judgement or exasperation. Simply gaze at the flame. Allow your mind to quiet. It will eventually.

In Meditation You Develop Powerful Muscles Of Calm And Insight

Yes, you have to train it. It is used to NOT doing this. It will jump around all over the place. This is what it has always been doing unless you trained it. It will require some time and patience. It is not exciting, it may be boring. That is okay. Great benefit can come!

Take your time. Slow down. Spend at least 5 minutes. Go for 10 or 20. Do it when you won’t be distracted or interrupted. Turn off your cell phone. Make it a pleasant, comfortable, sacred time. This is time for you to do something wonderful for yourself. This is for you!

Soften the lights, turn them down. Quiet your environment. If you use a lit candle make sure it is safe and won’t catch anything on fire if you left it unattended. You shouldn’t and won’t of course. Just be smart about it. Enjoy this time. Let go, relax, de-stress and be. Enjoy.

Starve Your Distractions Feed Your Focus – Know Thyself

Do it each day. Once a day is fine. Twice is good, too. Unwind, let go and concentrate. Focus your attention. At other times of the day shut off your phone. Just sit with nature. Observe and listen to what is occurring. Be with it. Let it fill your awareness. Be present.

Enjoy being here and now. Live in the moment every once and awhile. Eat your food and simply eat. No media. No books. No conversation. Be silent. Just enjoy. Savor your food and the experience. Live here and now. Attend to right NOW.

Go for a walk and just notice how it feels. The temperature, the movement, your feet on the earth. Feel it rather than think about it. Listen to the sounds. See what you see. Simply notice. The tendency will be to name and label what you notice. Okay, just let it go. Just be.

To A Mind That Is Still The Whole Universe Surrenders

Simply walk and enjoy the walk. Let go of everything and just BE the experience you are having as you are having it. Let go of thoughts as they occur. Watch those come and go to instead of entertaining them. Stay present, when your mind goes elsewhere return it gently.

Whenever, you find yourself visiting the past or the future return your attention to here and now. When washing dishes just wash the dishes. Focus on what you are doing. Train and control your mind. Take time to focus. Take time to relax. Live differently for awhile.

Find moments in each day to escape into the present. Find moments to unwind and appreciate the moment you are living. Be aware, be peaceful, be what is right now. Listen and observe without judging. Yes, it is not easy at first but in time it can become easier and easier.

Meditate Because Some Questions Can’t Be Answered  By Google

Many people today train their bodies. They go to the gym to get fit. True, many still do not. Those who train realize at some level, for some benefit, it is important to do. They wouldn’t do it without benefits, right. Others, don’t see the benefit so they don’t.

Training your mind to serve you, instead of you serving it, is important, even more important. Take the time to learn to control your thought processes. Eventually, you will realize you are not your thoughts. Thoughts are something YOU have not what you are.

Most thoughts are not even yours. They stem from the conditioning we grew up with. Most of ‘our’ thoughts are actually those we learned to have from other people. Wouldn’t you like to learn to think for yourself rather than from prior, old, chronic conditioning?

The Quieter You Become The More You Can Hear

You can. You can learn to control your thoughts and you can learn to let go and go beyond your thoughts. For now, start simply. Focus. Concentrate on the flame. There are other forms of meditation I will share from time to time. For now practice this. Do it repeatedly.

Build the habit and the benefits will please you. Stop and enjoy life as it unfolds. Live more in the present. Become aware. Live more simply and enjoyable. Be grateful for right now. Be appreciative for what you have in this moment too. Live with awareness and delight. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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