Your Suffering Is All In Your Head But You Can Change It


“Buddha said  all suffering is due to thought. All suffering stems from not being present. The mind is conditioned to go backwards and forwards, to go anywhere but right here and now in the present. We have been conditioned from birth to not be present.

To be here now is to be totally present in the moment. Drop into the moment and be fulfilled in ways the mind can never know. It is beyond the mind. If you must think it is best to think the positive and focus on what you want to create and build. Stop negativity.

You can learn to gain control over your thoughts and feelings. You can be in charge. In learning control you can will learn how to still the mind. You learn how to focus, to concentrate, on what you want and to let go of what you do not want. Drop what you don’t want.

What You Resist Persists – What You Befriend You Transcend

People are concerned about what will be.  They fear or negatively anticipate, they worry, about the future.  They feel regret, shame, anger and guilt about the past. The past and the future keep us from the present moment. The worry or the shame locks us up negatively.

Try this on.  Go for a walk and noticed how your feet contact the earth. Put all your awareness and attention on your feet.  Feel the contact. Notice it. Notice the rate of your movement. Feel your legs moving, your arm swinging,  your body moving through space.

Feel the wind or lack of it. Feel the elements. Do nothing but feel. Attempt to be still. Quiet the voice, the sound track in your head. Whenever you notice you are not feeling, gently return your attention to your walking and continue to notice. Become  aware.

Do Not Identify With Your Thoughts – Stop Being Possessed 

On another walk focus on your feelings. Add observation. Observe your surrounding. See what you see. Notice.  Look at the space between the trees and the plants and the grass. Notice everything. Objects and the empty space between them. Simply look.

Focus on noticing and looking during a walk. On another walk  listen to the emptiness, the silence, the gaps in the sound. The gaps between thoughts. Notice sounds simultaneously occur. Listen for the silences between the sounds. Concentrate on hearing nothing.

During another walk simply walk. Feel, observe and listen. Be as present as possible. None of these walks, these exercises, need be rushed. Take your time. Indulge yourself. Go slowly. Be present. Go slowly. Do a little each day. Make it a ritual practice. A sacred art.

You Are Not Your Thoughts – You Are The Thinker Of Thoughts

In the present moment notice everything that is. Draw your attention to being in the moment. Notice when your mind goes elsewhere and gently bring it back to the present walk. The ancients called  it the monkey mind centuries ago because it jumps around.

You can’t suppress the monkey mind. It is a conditioned part of you but you can transcend it. You can go beyond it and simply watch it. You gain control by returning each time you stray. You learn to focus and shift your attention and keep it in one place. Be the watcher.

Learn to control your thoughts so your thinking can be more positive than negative. Learn to control your thinking so you can be more present, in the here and now. When you can control your thoughts, and you can be positive more than negative great things can begin.

Negative Thoughts Stick Around Because We Believe Them – Stop

Stay positive. You will think and feel better. During your practice stay aware. Notice when you are positive and when you aren’t. When your thoughts stray from positive gently return them. Don’t resist. Don’t push. Don’t  fight. Be patient, positive and gentle.

To do so requires awareness. Another exercise to do. Bring your attention to the moment. Let go of your past and future. Let go of the thoughts and simply watch them as if they were leaves on stream going by. Notice which are positive and which are negative.

We are so much more than our thoughts. People think they are their thoughts. They are controlled by their thoughts. Their thoughts torment them. YOU are the thinker. YOU should be in charge. We aren’t our thoughts. Discover who you are. Realize who you are.

Awareness Is The First Step In Positive Permanent Change

Learn to be present. Allow distractions to move on by. Stay in the present.  Learn to sit without thinking. Just sit and observe and listen and feel without thinking, without judging, without the describing. Be here now for there is nowhere else to be. Go with the flow.

Watch the white clouds as they drift in the sky. Listen to the gaps between words, between musical notes. Simply be. When you are here and now you are positive. When you are here and now you can be truly grateful. You can, in this moment, celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Delight in your discoveries today.

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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