If You Are So Smart Why Don’t You Create Some Good Things In Your Life?


“We are co-creators in everything.  Some people create Jaguars other people create junk cars .  We create either opulence or poverty. Together, we create the moment. I know some people will have difficulty with this blog, others will feel right at home.

I had an argument. Afterwards, I felt some remorse. I forgave myself accepted  myself, and what IS (was). I forgave the other person. During the argument I even said to the other person. ‘I’m sorry I was out of line here. I apologize.’ We argued. Afterwards, I realized.

I realized we created the argument together.  WE created the argument. It takes two to argue. I couldn’t argued alone. It doesn’t matter who or how it started. Both of us argued. Not only argued we kept arguing. Isn’t this a lot like it is for you and others, too?

Our Thoughts Create Our Reality

What I realized was, I didn’t want to be arguing but I did it anyway. Most likely the other party didn’t want to either. SO then why did we? Habit. Yes, conditioning. That is what we often do. Act from habit. Our fights were habits. My fighting is habit. Old, old habits.

The question or questions I might’ve asked as the argument was going on would have been this:  Is THIS what  we want our moment to be? Is this what we want to create right now? Do we want to be arguing or solving something? What are WE creating?

It’s useful to remember there is positive and negative. There is up and down. There is hot and cold, good and bad. There are opposites and contrast. Which do you want to focus on? What do you want to create? What do you want the moment to be?

Where We Put Our Attention Is The Direction We Go

What you want to broadcast and receive? What are you putting out there? What are you taking in? Think creation. What are you creating? Think attraction. What are you attracting? It is important to consider each moment.

What do we want our present, here and now, to be? Are we even in the present, here and now could be in the present here and now, or suffering the past and the future? Are we rehashing old wounds and making new ones to try to change the future?

Do we  really want to suffer from  the past or be anxious or fear the future or would we prefer to be here now and create something nicer? Each moment we have an opportunity to be present and create something incredible if we keep aware.

Change How You Look At Things The Things You Look At Change

If we remember who we are. I imagine we are great spirit. We are god playing the game hide and seek with ourselves and each other. God argues with God. If I think about it this person I’m arguing with as god attempting to help me be a better person it helps me.

Yes, they are challenging me and confronting me.  What are my choices? I can react with anger, fear, sadness, worry, revenge, attempt to get one up. I can fight harder or run and retreat. I can give in and regret and resent.

OR I can remember that this other is there to help me be a better me. To be free of previous past conditioning. I can realize we both are divine and that this is a divine play. A divine unfolding.  I am god playing with god.  The other is god playing with god.

Every Thought We Think Is Creating Our Future Remember

It’s as if two piece from a broken mirror, the fragments, are arguing. Each blames the other. Each doesn’t realize they are both a mirror. They only think they are fragments. The fragments are arguing. BUT the fragments are the same thing only they don’t realize it!

Silly isn’t it. Even though we are fragments there is no separation. We are both the same. We are the same source energy. We are one thinking we are separate. The fragments have ego and wants and borders and boundaries and rules and games.

So as god pretending to be fragments we challenge each other to help each other remember who we actually are. Every circumstance, every obstacle, every argue argument, every frustration are designed to help you remember. We play the game so well, don’t we?

Energy Flows Where Attention Goes – Create What You Want

Remember, ‘I am a fragment of a mirror’. I am divine. The other is divine. What is IS. All of it, none of it. It just is. Yet, most of the time as fragments we spend our thoughts and feelings in the past and future, anywhere but here and now. We don’t realize much, do we?

We are all made of the same stardust. We were born eons ago. Our essences exists in timelessness. We ought to remember we are creating every instant, each and every moment.  We are all god. We are all universe. We are all life energy. But we forgot.

We are one pretending to be many. We are pretending so we have forgotten how powerful we are. We can create and attract anything. Some create Jaguars others Junk Cars. Don’t you think it is time we remember? It is time we woke up to who we truly are? I think so!

Reality Is Merely An Illusion Albeit A Very Persistent One

When you realize your power you won’t be preoccupied by the petty, will you? Why not create incredible good fortune? Determine what you want to create and then begin to create it. Aim high. It is your one go around, this life. After this, who knows what?

Is any of this true? I don’t know. I don’t worry about it. I utilize whatever frame is useful to encourage myself to explore and become more aware. I don’t worry about whether I am really god or not. Others will worry about that for me, I am sure.

I concern myself with conscious evolution. I concern myself with being present as frequently as possible. I determine to live here and now and celebrate the gaps between each moment. I choose to live from a higher perspective than what I was conditioned to.

By Changing Your Mind –  You Change Everything

I think recognizing that we can control our thoughts and manage our emotions is a great thing. We can put great creative, imaginative power to positive good use to create whatever we want in this life. We can become more aware, love more, live more and be more free.

So I choose to enjoy and delight. I invite you to as well. Create peace and harmony. Love. Be kind and find kindness. Delight in wealth, health and happiness. Enjoy your creation. Decide the life you are going to live and begin to live it. No excuses. No blames. Just go do it. Then have some fun. Be thankful and celebrate everything!”  Rex Sikes

Make each moment more enjoyable!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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