I Receive Miracles In My Life Because I Expect Miracles!


“My home is Los Angeles. Hollywood. The Beach. I am an actor, producer, director. I spend much time elsewhere raising my kids as a divorced dad. I wanted to be with them as they grew up. My home is L A. This city is where my heart is. It is my power place. I own it.

This is important, WHY? Because when I am here the streets open up and a ride the waves of traffic getting to and from wherever I need to with little hassle. I get premium parking spaces in front of the venues. I meet and greet the right important people for me.

I create what I want. I am energized and I am magic. Everything works out. Everything is wonderful. I share this, WHY? Because so many of my friends here are burned out. They are tired of the grind. They hate the city and the accompanying troubles. Bad attitude!

You Can Be Your Own Best Friend Or Worst Enemy – Decide

My feeling is you get what you focus on. You create what you want. If you affirm it sucks, it absolutely will. If you affirm it is wonderful, it will be that too. Our mind and hearts set the frame for how we go through each day. We determine what we see and what we find.

If you are set to find opportunity, good fortune, wealth, health and happiness you find it more readily than if you hate each moment and whine and complain. Opportunity is always all around you. Can YOU see it? What is your attitude? That determines everything.

When everything IS a blessing in your mind and heart THEN everything IS a blessing in reality too. I don’t care whether you do or don’t believe in any of this. My world is incredible. My town rocks and opens up for me. My world is as I declare it to be!

The Best Way To Predict Your Future Is To Create Your Future

My word is law! I ordered salad for lunch today. I was polite about the order. Shortly, thereafter I got my salad. It was delicious. This same principle applies to making your life and yourself what you want it to be. Order and receive. Be grateful for what you get.

If you didn’t get what you ordered, correct and continue. No big deal. No fuss. Adjust and move forward. Make your life and dreams come true. The secret is YOU! Your attitude. Your mindset. Your thoughts and feelings and what you expect to find and receive.

If you think crap you receive crap. If you expect miracles you get miracles. Everything can be a miracle if you are open about it. Be thankful. Feel blessed. Stop overthinking everything. Do not overthink my words. Place your order and expect it. That’s it!

Create Your Future From Your Future Not From Your Past

Stop, drop the crap, enjoy and celebrate everything. That is when you release your power to create and receive. How do you manifest more miracles in your life? Stop blaming, making excuses and whining. Take responsibility and celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

How many ways can you find  to fill your day with gratitude!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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