End The B S Here And Now!


“Has anyone ever provided you with the wrong or false information? You didn’t realize that it was inaccurate of false so you acted on it as if it were true. Perhaps, it was directions to an address  you followed and ended up at the wrong place. Perhaps, you got the wrong name?

Someone told you something about another person you acted on or believed. Later, you learned it was completely untrue. It was a lie! We all have believed gossip at times, right? People have provided you falsehoods that you believed were reliable but they weren’t.

What did you do when you learned the ‘truth’? Besides being upset or getting even what did you do when you learned the correct information? Once the lie was exposed as a lie did you continue to believe it? Some will, perhaps. Did you? Did you change your mind?

Stupid Is Knowing And Seeing The Truth – Still Believing The Lies

Did you change your thinking about the person? Did you correct and go to the right address? Did you make a shift of some kind? Did you carry the lie around for years once you knew it was a lie or did you drop it? Perhaps, you vowed to never believe the person who lied.

Perhaps, you later learned THAT person also believed the lie and spread it. Believing it to be accurate or true they shared it, they repeated it. Perhaps, later they learned it was a mistake, too. Lies are lies after all. Sometimes difficult to tell. Silly, sometimes to blame.

Why then, do you continue to believe the lies told to you about the world, money, love, and you? My recent blog was about our early conditioning and learning to free ourselves up from the limitations we inadvertently grew up with. We adopted other’s beliefs.

Give Yourself The Chance To Discover Who You Really Are

If you don’t like it when others lie to you STOP lying to yourself. Stop perpetuating negative myths about yourself and the world. Stop it! Stop It ! Stop It! Get really tired of it and DROP IT! Quit. Say, ‘that is enough!’ and start living free of those lies. Stop believing limitations.

We co-opted other’s versions of what IS; of what is true. Much it is unreliable. Much of it is negative, can’t do it thinking. Much of it is how the world or you is broken somehow. Much of it is how conditions suck and are difficult and touch. There isn’t enough!

We are running out. Money is hard to earn. Only the greedy get rich. You must postpone happiness. It is better to do without than to live well.  Love is difficult to find. You aren’t good enough. The myriad of B.S. that surrounds us and fills us IS endless. (redundancy intact)

Life’s Challenges Are There To Help You Discover Yourself

Yet, we believe it. Some never realize they have been lied to. Albeit not always intentionally were we lied to but the result is the same. We grew up adopting the limited mindset of others. Others propagated the untruths purposefully or unintentionally.

Some won’t wake up or refuse to wake up to this. That is okay, let them sleep. Others realize they have been lied to and get angry but do nothing about it. Others rage against the world and the lie tellers and never get over the hurt. Others notice it, wake up and let it go.

Some tell themselves more positive, useful, lies that help them live the life they want. The bottom line is every statement of thought or belief is incomplete. The ultimate is unknown. You can’t know what you don’t know, yet. Forget ultimate truth and live from useful lies.

You Can Affirm The Positive Or The Negative – It Is Your Choice

Affirm those positive thoughts that move you further ahead in life and help bring you the people, activities and things you want. Believe those things that help you and help you help others. Believe those lies that free you up, make you nicer, kinder, and more loving.

Stop affirming the negative lies you believed for so long in the past. Start believing the world is a wonderful place and you are a wonderful person. Believe you can do anything when you learn how. You can learn anything because in your life you already have.

You learned to roll over, sit up, balance, crawl, walk, feed yourself, bathroom habits, walk, read and write, work with numbers, play games, tell lies, tell ‘truths’ communicate with others, work, love, hate, feel good, feel bad, you have learned so very much.

The Privilege Of A Lifetime Is To Become Who Your Truly Are

You are wired to learn. SO learn something new. Learn something useful. Learn how to make you life grand. Learn to think positive, feel wonderful, live joyously, succeed elegantly and do whatever good things you want. You can learn to do it. Give yourself permission.

If you must give yourself permission to do it. DO so! Allow yourself to succeed and make money. Allow yourself to be happy and rich. Allow yourself to have incredible family relationships, sexual relationships and friendships. Live to the fullest. You deserve to!

AND YOU CAN! You absolutely can learn how. You can learnt o stop the lies! Stop listening to the ones you have been telling yourself. Quit accepting those. Put them to rest. Drop the negativity, the excuses, the blaming, the winning, the ‘I can’t’ the ‘It’s too hard’ stuff.

Stop Believing Other’s Lies About You And About The World

End the ‘economy sucks’ thinking. Get with the program. Most of the really rich didn’t inherit it. They made it. You can too. Most of the happy people have lived through incredible hardship and pain. Life is whatever it is. Accept it. Determine to make your life what you want.

Stop buying into B.S. and start living your own truth. Affirm thoughts that make you powerful, positive, confident, loving, kind, cooperative, generous, supportive, committed, dedicated, playful, fun, honest, loyal, dynamic, charismatic, attractive, and more.

Live the good life because you can. For no other reason than that. Live large and enjoy life. Stop being petty and limiting yourself.Stop being stingy with life and good feelings. You deserve all the good things there are in existence. Tap into it. Free yourself up.

Life Isn’t About Finding Yourself – Life Is About Creating Yourself

Live in appreciation. Live with gratitude. Open the doors to blessings. Challenges only make you stronger if you realize everything is a blessing. Be thankful! Stop being a wimp. Start being a champion. Live, love, laugh and celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

How many ways can you find  to fill your day with gratitude!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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