It’s Not What You Know But Who You Know That Matters Most


“I am a  actor and filmmaker.  I am a author, presenter and trainer trainer for personal change, self help, self improvement and professional improvement methodologies.  I travel a lot and get to meet lots of people. I’m fortunate. I love and enjoy both careers.

That said, at the end of the day, or the end of my life, if I am fortunate enough to have time to so ‘so long’, making another movie, or traveling to another location, or presenting another talk will not matter much. The people I have surrounded myself will matter!

Recently, I spent a couple weeks traveling, training, getting more training and learning for me, and meeting film people on potential projects. It was and it is fantastic. While traveling I missed my children. While traveling my mission was to connect with friends.

Cherish All The People In Your Life – They Are There On Purpose

Some of my friends are filmmakers. Some are not. I wanted to reach out, see and sit and talk with all. I got to do some wonderful things. Surfed with one. Dined with many. Got a fabulous tour of a secret hidden talented art space from another. Saw some perform. Talked.

It was and is all amazing. I point this out, not only because I feel blessed but to highlight that it is the people around you who are most important. It isn’r money, the pyramids, the toys we have, the hours spent in career or job, it is the people. Our family, our friends.

Please make sure, to value them and let you know how much you appreciate them. They are truly golden. I think, whether it is true or not, they are all in our lives for a reason. They inspire us, challenge us, motivate us, caution us, love us and we them. We are fortunate.

It May Be Our Last Day – Cherish Family Friends And Strangers

Love, wow, what more can be said. Inspire, motivate, caution, and challenge us whether intentional or not helps us grow. The kite rises against the wind. Sometimes we don’t see eye to eye. Sometimes we may think they don’t have our best interests in their hearts.

Maybe they do, maybe they don’t. Whatever the motives our interactions are moments of blessing that if we are wise can move us all further along in our personal development. There are people I don’t want to be around too. I don’t seek them out.

When in their company I attempt to remember there is something good that can come from this is I remains open and nonjudgmental. That can be difficult but perhaps that IS what it IS all about. If it were all easy we’d already have mastered it. Difficult people are blessings.

Always Make It A Point To Tell Loved Ones You Love Them

They provoke us and we them. We don’t see eye to eye. We might not even like them at all. Still, we can learn, if not directly from them, from the interaction with them, how to be better people ourselves and get along with difficult people. We can learn and evolve.

If we choose to. That is the key. If we decide to see everything and everyone as a blessing and opportunity. If we celebrate being challenged instead of opposing them because we don’t like them and think the worst about them. We are human, we may all tend to.

Still, we have opportunity if and when we become aware. If they are here in our lives for a reason, and I choose to believe they are, whether that is true or not, then there is some mutual benefit to be had. There is some learning and blessing to receive if we are open.

Actions Always Speak Louder Than Words – Talk Can Be Cheap

It is easy to get along with people who are easy to get along with. So the tough ones are truly important to our development. However, this post isn’t only about the tough ones it is about celebrating the people in your life. It is a gentle reminder to appreciate all of them.

When listing things to be grateful for, besides just naming your family and friends, write down why you are grateful. Notate how they are meaningful to you. Write out what you learn and how you are blessed by and from your interactions. How you are richer.

You are richer because of the people who are around you. All of them, the good and not so good. Be thankful. Look deep into each and appreciate and honor their presence in your life. They, nor you, will always be there, at least in this form. Savor and celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Today, thank and give thanks for each person you know.

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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