How To Quickly And Easily Feel Inspired And Motivated Any Time!


“You want to feel inspired? Would you like to feel more motivated? What can you do to get your dreams easier and more quickly? How can you unleash your own power to go after the career, the love, the life that you want? What is something you can do right now?

The answer is easy and simple. Inspire someone else. Use your words, your feelings and you actions to inspire someone who needs it. Use your words, feelings and actions to motivate someone who feels unmotivated. Put your power and presence into action.

Don’t wait for the right time. Begin sharing what you know today. Begin sharing what you feel from your heart. Help someone else get ahead. It is one of the quickest ways to learn what you need to know. It is one of the fastest ways to move yourself forward, too.

Help Others Achieve Their Dreams And You Will Achieve Yours

When you give of yourself, to help another person in need, you use your personal resources, your knowledge and your experience, your thoughts, words, feelings and actions to come to their aid. You use everything you know and everything you are learning.

You apply all of this to assisting a person in need. You share lovingly, you instruct, you question, you understand and you lead them gently. You might use some tough love and some loving kindness. Everything you use for another you could benefit from yourself.

Because you are helping another it is easier to ‘get’ what you need to do. Your helping them will help you. You will learn much from sharing with them. You will become aware of so many things. You may hear reasons or excuses, complaints or blames and answer those.

We Rise By Lifting Others – Be The Reason Someone Smiles Today

Many may be the same you have in other circumstances. After all, as people we are far more similar, most of the time, than we are actually different. Teaching is one of the best ways to learn what you need to learn. Don’t ‘act like a teacher’ simply share what you know.

Sharing is wonderful. There is no stress or burden if you ask, ‘mind if I share with you something I have recently learned?’ If they answer ‘yes’ they have given your permission to share. Don’t abuse their permission, share, let them decide to do with what you offer.

If they reject it, that is what they do. You still shared. You still had the experience. Whether they understand today or tomorrow isn’t your concern, your part is sharing. You plant a seed then the universe decides if it grows. Allow them latitude to agree or disagree. Let go.

Power Is The Ability To Do Good Things For Others

Simply share. Let them accept or reject. JUST share. When done, you are done. The value for you is in what you did. The value for you is you helped another. You sought to use what you knew to inspire and motivate. You attempted to help another person feel better.

How else might it benefit you. You did something kind for someone. They may reciprocate in the future when you need some uplifting. They may reciprocate in other ways as well. Let them decide whether they respond in this way or not. You didn’t do it for reward.

You did it because you wanted to help another person. You did it because you know by sharing and helping it helps you to learn the lessons you need to know better. It really does. You can be your own best teacher by helping many others one by one. It truly works!

By Learning You Will Teach – By Teaching You Will Learn

Delight in sharing. Have fun. Allow yourself to be great at it or to suck at it. It doesn’t matter when your heart is in the right place. Allow yourself to appreciate the difficulty the other person may have. Appreciate their difficulty in possibly accepting your help.

Appreciate every aspect of this process. Don’t judge. Do not label. Let go of all assumptions and be open to discovering many knew learnings. Be gentle and lead from the heart. It is about connection and trust. It is about well-being and compassion.

It IS about relationship. It is about nurturing and encouraging. Everything about this process can be a blessing. Enjoy it. Delight in it. Let go, allow, and accept. Be free to give and to receive. Stay open and Be sure to celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Thrill yourself today in positive ways.

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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  1. I’m new here and I just to drop a comment to say I like this post a lot and it is very well written and interesting. Thank you.


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