Mindset Matters: How Not To Turn Mole Hills Into Mountains


“How we view things often determines how we go through things. If you perceive something as a problem it certainly is. If you can perceive it as an opportunity it can be. Our mindset is powerful. Some would argue problems are problems and nothing changes.

Oh, but it does. You’ve heard the expression, ‘don’t make mountains out of mole hills’. That expression encourages us not to make big things from little things. Sometimes, that is just what we do. We exaggerate our difficulties and make them larger than they are.

The ideal mindset is, ‘I am bigger than any obstacle or challenge’. You are. You certainly are if you believe you are. Our mind is a wonderful resource, that has been conditioned to oppose us, since birth. We need to claim it back and make it work for us, how we want it to.

Perception Right Or Wrong Influences Everything You Do

It works perfectly, doing what it learned to do. It is on channel 7 and we need to change it to channel 2. We simply are watching the wrong programs. We don’t believe we are enough. We think our problems insurmountable. We worry about money. On and on!

Most of the way we learn to think we inherited from others while we were to young to know any better. We didn’t choose our thoughts. NOW, we can. Now we must if we want to be free from chronic old conditioning that limits us and causes us pain.

Anything can be viewed from multiple angles. Our point of view is only one of many. There are differing opinions on everything possible to discuss. Yet, typically, we think our version of reality is the one true version of reality. It isn’t. AND in some ways it is.

Positive Mind – Positive Vibes – Positive Life – It’s A Reflection

If we are locked into it then, yes, it is the only choice we know and act from. It is not the only choice there is. Waking up to other choices means we can begin to think, feel, speak and act differently. We can begin to get different results when we think differently.

When we choose differently we get different outcomes. It is more desirable to be flexible than inflexible. A tall strong reed bends with the wind while those too rigid snap. It is in our best interests to learn to adopt mindsets that serve us and allow us to evolve flexibly.

If you could begin to view all difficulties as opportunities your life would radically improve. If you chose to look at all opportunities as blessings that you chose to help you grow your life would improve beyond belief. Why don’t you do that? Because of prior conditioning.

Facts Matter Not At All – Perception Is Everything – It’s Certainty

You have your reasons and excuses. I have mine. We all do. The fact of the matter is none of them are real. We only think they are. Our points of view, our beliefs are interchangeable only most of don’t think that they are. We don’t think differently is the issue. We can.

We can think differently. However, now it is a choice. We aren’t being unconsciously programmed as we once were. We’re no longer growing up assimilating beliefs, values, reasons, excuses and blames. Now we consciously choose and consciously implement.

It is different now that it is a choice. It is simple but not always easy. We are choosing the program instead of being programmed. Once we do we learn we have amazing strengths we didn’t know we had. There is a huge upside to choosing what to think, today.

Your Life Is What Your Thoughts Make It – Attitude Is Everything

I hope you will. Put on the point of view that everything you experience is your choice and you choose to think of it as a blessing and opportunity. If you have been following my blog for awhile you know that I don’t care whether it is ‘true’ or not. We act as if it is.

It is your mindset, your mental filter. It is your adopted point of view or new belief. You choose it to guide you in thinking and being. You stop viewing problems as obstacles and problems and view them as lessons, blessings and opportunities you choose for your own good.

Pretend you have a higher wisdom that knows better than you what you actually need. Your life is designed to bring you great joy when you evolve to higher, more aware, levels. Each opportunity, whether tough or easy is designed for that purpose. To help you evolve more.

Mindset Is Everything – What You Think You Become 

It is there to serve you, make you a better person and help you to have a better life because of it. If the opportunity were not there you would be missing out on many important things. All of it is to serve you. You deserve the best. Yet, I know some will object.

I am suggesting consciously choosing to imagine how things might be, how they can be. I am suggesting you utilize a different filter to think about problems and issues. The choice to do is yours completely. However, if you always do what you always did…

You will always get what you always got. Nothing will change unless and until you change it. Find the frames that serve you best. Find the mindset that makes you invincible and unstoppable. Find the thoughts that make you feel wonderful and the most joy, most often.

If You Think You Can Or Your Think You Can’t – You Are Right

Choose to make your life what it can be. Don’t settle for less than the best for yourself. Learn to be and stay positive. Become powerful and don’t quit. Make your dreams come true. Transform difficulty into opportunity and become richer in mind, heart and deed. Find gratitude for all events and circumstances. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Become delighted.

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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