Imagine What You Could Do If You Were God: Try This!


“Do you like to pretend? Actors do. Actors pretend for wages or they pretend for fun. I like to pretend, too. Yes, I am an actor, but beyond that I enjoy pretending. I pretend I am great at things I want to master. I pretend there are answers when there may not be.

I don’t care. I pretend. It helps me navigate the world. I pretend I am god. Yup, god. The big one. Now, I don’t mean no disrespect or nuttin’. I ain’t trying to usurp da big guys role. I just mean I act as if I were god. I think, ‘What would I do?’  What would I have done?’

I pretend I am god and every single person I meet during this lifetime I placed in my life to teach me to be a better me. Every last one of them from the briefest encounter to the most lengthy, unending, excruciatingly painful ones. All of them! I chose just for me. I did!

The Only Difference Between You And God … 

They are a blessing. These people are opportunities to help me grow. Whether through bliss or through challenge I – god – put them there for me to encounter and learn from. Sometimes, I have had incredible struggles with these blessed ones. Do you know why?

Because I am a -god – with an incredible sense of humor. I decided to put all these people there for me to learn and grow from. I put them there as opportunities and blessings. AND then, are YOU ready for this? AND THEN I gave myself amnesia for all of it. I Forgot it all!

So this lifetime I get to discover who I am and why I am here; Who these are people are for me, THEY help me evolve, and help me remember who I actually am. They are here to remind me through a myriad of ways that I am a divine presence pretending to be human.

… You Have Forgotten You Are Divine

I am pretending to be a meat sack of bones with everyday life issues that for some reason I take far too seriously. Why? I don’t know. Perhaps, it is because I can’t yet see the bigger scheme of things because I forgot. I forgot it is all a divine game I am playing. I forgot!

It is my game. I invented it. I added the rules and the players. I create situations and events all designed to help me grow by becoming aware of who I am and what a blessing each of these others are. AND that all circumstances, no matter what, are blessings too.

I like to pretend this because it makes each day much more fun, far less stressful and I learn so much more about me and my place in the world. It helps me create or manifest with glee and attract more cool things into my life. I stop judging and let go far more frequently.

Difficult People Are The Greatest Teachers

It is easier to understand when someone else is ‘MAKING MY LIFE UNBEARABLE!!!’ how it is my projections on their behaviors. Life is, after all, what we make it. What we think about we bring about. I much prefer to pretend that all the ‘bad’ is actually good.

It doesn’t have to be that way in reality but these mind frames make life so much more fun and interesting. They allow me so much room to grow, to fall, to get back up and to remember, ‘hey I am divine’. We all are. We are all made of the same stardust. We are all one species.

The toughest person is my biggest blessing because they inspire me to grow the most. The ones who never let up continue to remind me to grow, grow, grow. That is as long as I remember that I am pretending that is why they are in my life. They are here to help me.

Experience The Most Brutal Of Teachers – But My God You Learn

I like pretending. How about you? I like real gratitude. I like to feel the feelings being thankful bring me. I like finding all the blessings there are, and then discovering some new ones and some old ones I may have missed. How about you? I say, celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Become even more delighted.

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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5 thoughts on “Imagine What You Could Do If You Were God: Try This!”

  1. Awesome post! I pretended to be god with amnesia this morning at work and I and a blast, looking at all the costumers wondering how they were there to help me grow or should I create!

    Liked by 1 person

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