Gratitude Is More Than Enough Power For You: Don’t Miss Out!


“I had my topic in mind for today’s blog. Then I thought, I have written about it quite frequently, what else might I want to discuss? As I pondered, I got a message on my Facebook wall, that reinforced my original selection. I was very happy and grateful to receive it.

Here is the comment: ‘It’s always inspiring to see people who are constant living demonstrations of a certain ideal or principle – and you are such a consistent living example of gratitude. I tip my hat to you, sir!’ I appreciate the gentleman for sharing this with me!

Whether or not that is accurate I do attempt to live in gratitude throughout each moment of the day. I do this because I have found tremendous value and power in being grateful. Yes, overall, I am happier and healthier. So, today my topic is, again, gratitude!

It Is Not Happy People Who Are Thankful …

Here is why I was going to write about it today. I posted on my Facebook wall ‘dang, my life has just taken a fabulous turn for the incredible!’ I suppose naturally people were curious. They asked why. I had written it, just because, it is true. I felt wonderful.

Nothing out of the ordinary occurred, There was no new good news. By all accounts it’s just another day but each day IS incredible. As I am always learning if you want miracles expect miracles. If you want blessings, expect blessings! Make happen what you want to happen.

I answered the Facebook comments with, ‘Every day is a blessing.  What you say is what you get. What you focus on expands. Say what you want. Expect miracles and get miracles.’  It  works! Be grateful and you open a door for more of what you are grateful about.

… It Is Thankful People Who Are Happy

Feel wonderful about what  you already have. No matter how little or how much. I have learned to become thrilled over finding a penny! I do stop and celebrate it! Yes, it seems crazy to most people. It is a penny. To the subconscious mind it is money! I just found money!

The brain doesn’t know or care if it is a million or a penny. It only knows how I feel. I feel ecstatic when I find money or any good thing. Then my brain is primed and prompted to look for more. More what? More of whatever I got thrilled about! I get more good as a result.

You get what you focus on! I focus on being excited by little things. I focus on being excited by big things. I focus on feeling glad for moments and declaring them special. Declaring them sacred. I savor the simple, the tiny as well as the big, good news. Every moment!

Gratitude Is The Open Door To Abundance – Be Thankful

Each moment is an opportunity to be thrilled or not. Positive or not. Happy or not. I prefer to live with as much delight as possible. In order to get more good things I have to give more. I feel gratitude and so I discover more to feel grateful about. It fills up my life.

So today, I write again about gratitude. I can’t express enough about it. Do I forget? Sure. Do I get caught up? Sure. Do I lose it at times? Sure. The key is in the return to gratitude. The return to positive thinking. The return muscles is the one I exercise. I build that up.

Find anything and everything you can be thankful for. List it. Enjoy it. Remember why you are grateful. Experience the feelings. Live in these feelings as long and as often as you are able and your life will transform beyond anything you can presently imagine! It will!

Gratitude Is One Of The Most Medicinal Emotions We Can Feel

Find moments! Find memories! Find the time to do it. My first stint with gratitude came during meditation when I was 25 years old and I realized my feet had carried me through life for 25 years. It had never occurred to me, prior to then, to be thankful. It blew me away!

I started thanking my feet and then everything I could about me. It became an immensely incredible and rewarding practice. I would forget, get caught up, and return to many times. I taught it in seminars and shared it around the world. It is a profound experience.

What isn’t profound is the concept. What is profound is when the gratitude grabs hold of you and your entire being swells in appreciation and gladness. When every atom, cell and neuron feels alive and blessed. It is bliss! It is incredible! Live it and declare it!

The More We Do The More We Can Do – Begin Today – Continue

What you say IS what you get! So declare what you want. Make it yours by feeling grateful about it. Find a penny. Celebrate! Shout ‘I am blessed! I always find money! It feels so good! I love finding money! Thank you, Thank You!’ Or something similar. Be happy!

Make it a big deal. Speak more good things into being. Declare it good and it will be good! You attract back what you put out. What you focus expands. Feel grateful. Be grateful. Live in gratitude. More good will come your way. Delight and enjoy!  Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Smile and delight yourself and a loved one.

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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