Today I Found 35 cents! Celebrate! Hooray!


“Your brain doesn’t know positive from negative. You do, a part of you does,  but a large portion of you doesn’t. It doesn’t know good from bad or a million dollars from a penny. You subconscious knows threats to your safety, and habits. It operates the same continuously.

It doesn’t know the difference between a perceived threat or a real one. It only knows threats. It could be likened to a machine or a shark. It does what it does and is ongoing. It has some basic instinctual programming, keep the human alive. Its conditioning

Evolution or or a creator or both built in a survival mechanism, which causes, fear, flight, freeze or fight. This topic we will save for another time. I have mentioned it in previous posts. It works brilliantly. It did from the dawn of human time through to today.

What You Think You Become – You Get What You Focus On

Today, however, few of us, at fewer times, encounter the real life physical threat of danger. Some of us do for certain, but we live in a modern world. Our brain doesn’t know that yet. So it doesn’t recognize the difference between a perceived threat and a real one.

It just doesn’t. It evolved or was designed to act quick. Now days, our threats tend to be emotional and/or perceived threats to our safety. Still out brain responds as it did years ago. We may be scared of meeting someone so we freeze or we flee. We feel afraid WHAM!

The brain kicks in. Your spouse argues with you. You feel threatened and you fight! Instantly, the body responds for fighting. Adrenaline pumps, we turn red, get hot etc., etc., etc. Our brain works to keep us alive by squirting chemicals to make us act in certain ways quickly!

You Attract What You Feel – What You Imagine You Create

Positive and negative are the domain of the conscious mind. Your developed the habit of smoking, biting your nails, drinking, over eating, being afraid of meeting new people and you decide you want to change it, your brain feels threatened. The status quo is changing.

It does everything it can to keep you the same. That is the job it has. It doesn’t care if you smoke or what you smoke. If it is a habit it will endeavor to keep you doing it. That is why to change behaviors you must learn new habits. You re-condition yourself to new behavior.

Your brain doesn’t know the difference between an imagined image and a real image. So when you visualize your brain and body respond squirting chemicals. You are afraid to talk in front of others and make internal images of being embarrassed. Your brain reacts.

You Can’t Have A Better Tomorrow Thinking About Yesterday

It pumps chemicals in you. You freeze or want to flee. Over time you become habituated to not talking and the feelings of fear when you think about it. To change you need to re-condition yourself to new habits. You need to learn new ways of behaving as you would like.

Your brain doesn’t know the difference between one penny and one million dollars. It doesn’t know or care. You do. Your brain will respond to what you care about because when you are filled with emotions your brain takes notice. Especially the fearful ones.

However, it takes notice of really positive, cheerful ones too. Strong emotion signals the brain to pay attention and respond. This is why when we are worried about things, people, events, circumstances, bills, and more we seem to keep perpetuating them.

When You Feel Alive, Vital, Wealthy You Attract More Of These

The brain reinforces and reacts to the strong emotion. The Reticular Activating System that scouts for danger also finds internal and external matches for what you are experiencing. If you feel afraid it provides you with more to fear, in associations or memories.

So, if you say to yourself, ‘I am such a klutz’, your brain finds more times when you behaved that way. If you say,’I am so stupid’, your brain has examples ready for you. If you say, ‘I’ll never get out of debt’ your brain will reenforce difficulty and failure or debt.

It isn’t really working against you it is working FOR you! It thinks that is what you want. It doesn’t know any better it just does what it is conditioned to do. It is a loyal, reliable, consistent servant and it is reacting in the only way it knows how. So if you want to change it…

Be The Energy You Want More Of – Be It And You Will Attract It

Here is what you must do. ‘I found thirty five cents today! Hooray! How incredible. WoW! I love finding money. Fantastic! Yes, Yes YES!!’ And do a happy dance. Celebrate. Make a big positive emotional deal about it. Have fun. Sing, skip, dance! Enjoy! Enjoy!

Make a big deal about what you want more of! Really celebrate. All it knows is you are thrilled with finding money. It isn’t concerned with the amount. It just notes the feelings! Because you are thrilled it gets the signal to find more money. It begins looking for matches.

I did this today! I found 35 cents while looking for something in my car. I celebrate. I celebrate finding a penny. When good things happen make a big deal about them. Delight in everything! Have fun. Even if it never worked you had a happy moment. BUT it does work!

Happiness Is A Conscious Choice – Not An Automatic Response

It is the same process that you already use when you get mad and fearful, but in reverse. We switch from the dark side to the ‘force’ side to create or attract more of what we want. Whatever you want more of in life, focus on it and feel fantastic about it. You will get it.

You get whatever you focus on and feel most strongly about anyway. So make sure you use good taste and aim it toward those things that improve you and your life. Focus on finding more love, joy and happiness. Find more good will and opportunity. Friendship and fun!

Celebrate and make a big deal. That is why gratitude plays such an important role in opening the doorway for more. Your RAS finds matches for what you most strongly pay attention to and feel strongly about. So imagine it, visualize what you want and feel great!

Your Positive Energy Vibrations Is What Attracts Things To You

This is how you begin to easily recondition yourself. Sometimes change is instant. Sometimes it takes awhile. Celebrate all of it. Be grateful and glad for the little changes. Exaggerate and delight in them and you will find yourself having more. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Revel in curiosity today!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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