The Problem Is Lies Lies Lies Then More Lies And Excuses


“What is wrong in the world today? What is wrong in families? What is wrong in business? It seems everyone wants to pass the buck. No one wants to take responsibility. Politicians lie and blame each other. So do families, corporations and we blame each other on Facebook.

There is so much lost, wasted time focused on what is wrong, who is wrong, why they are wrong,  and what they did that screwed it up. It is never ‘my fault’ it is always someone else’s fault. Seems ‘the buck never stops here, at ‘me’. We need to rethink what is occurring.

We need to own up. ‘Man’ up. We need to use those balls for good reason. We need to be accountable. Be responsible. We need to act with integrity and steel will. Enough with the reasons, the excuses, the pointing fingers. Time to say, ‘what happens is always up to me.’

Do What Is Right – Not  What Is Easy – Act With Integrity

I wrote about keeping your word. Your word should be enough. People should know you are a person of integrity and that you always follow through on what you say you will do. Why did I write about that? Because it is an important topic especially at this time.

Politicians make promises but it appears we have become so jaded we don’t expect them to actually carry the promises out. In fact, we say, ‘all politicians lie and can’t be trusted’. WOW that is a sad state of affairs. Why do we even tolerate that for a second? But we do.

I believe all politicians should be held accountable for the representations they make, on or off camera, in ads and elsewhere. There should be consequences for misleading. We should have zero tolerance for lying. The same applies to our fellow man and woman.

Integrity Is Measured By Conduct Not By Promises – Talk Is Cheap

We should be held to our word. No excuses. No complaints. No cop-outs, blames or whines allowed. We should all be accountable and responsible. We should hold ourselves to a higher standard not a lessor one. We should walk the high road, less traveled. Few do.

We should keep our verbal contracts. We should operate with integrity. We should be honest and forthright. We should go the extra mile. Do what few others do! That would sets us apart in this day and age. You want to be valued and deemed worthy?

Then make yourself valuable and worthy. Stay positive. Be optimistic. Be responsible and be accountable. Be true to who you are and be true to the word you give. Don’t play politics. Let go of blaming others and the world. End the excuses and complaints.

Integrity Is When What You Say And What You Do Are Aligned

Start owning up. Start taking action. Start making good things happen for you and others. Develop the reputation for honesty, integrity, loyalty and great service. Help others. Be generous. Give of yourself. Help make the world better. If you do, you too will get back.

What goes around comes around. You will find yourself attracting a higher caliber of people. The right people will flock to you. What you sow you will reap. You will begin attracting better people, events and circumstances. Your life will improve when you improve on you.

It works that way. Be glad. Be happy. Become filled with gratitude. You will delight more and discover more. When your word is law you will find the Red Sea parting for you. Not because of luck but because of your will and your attitude. You become unstoppable!

People Of Good Character Keep Their Promises – Keep Your Word

When you have backbone and will and followthrough. When you take action. When you believe in yourself enough to keep your commitments you become invincible. Your word becomes THE law. You begin to change things. You rock your world! Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Make each moment magical!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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2 thoughts on “The Problem Is Lies Lies Lies Then More Lies And Excuses”

  1. Parting the seas is my favorite thing, magic all around but invisible to most, may your grandest dreams appear! Thanks, Rex, you are a jewel brilliantly shining guiding with an unstoppable light.

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