If Your Want To Succeed And Be Happy You Must Learn How To Direct Your Mind


“If you haven’t yet mastered the art of affirmations this post is important for you to read. Some people can’t make them work because they just can’t seem to find an affirmation they are willing to believe and use. Remember, finding the sweet spot is critical.

To get good or great results with affirmations you need to emotionalize them and believe them. Remember, you want to make declarative statements you believe are possible and that you can and will make happen. If you feel bad or don’t believe it takes longer.

The sweet spot is affirming some goal or desired outcome that is big enough to provide a stretch but not so big you don’t believe it possible. You can always work up to the big, big, one, one step at the time. Anything is possible if you believe it is. It all works. it does!

If You Think You Can Or You Think Your Can’t You Are Right

You just have to know how to make it work and work it. Some people never figure it out and give up. Your big goal is at the top of the ladder. You don’t believe it is possible currently. So you make minor goals, like rungs on a ladder, that help you get there step by step.

If you still can’t figure that out the there are alternatives.  MyDirected Questions™ is powerful and fabulous whether or not you use affirmations. Questions direct what the brain pays attention to. You use wonder, curiosity of fascination to affirm what you want.

You begin to wonder how soon, at some point, you will find yourself delighted, to make 100 million dollars, and how incredible it will feel to make awesome discoveries along the way. You inch your way to it by getting really curious. You ask open ended questions.

Whatever You Can Conceive And Believe You Can Achieve

You don’t draw a line in the sand and say ‘I am this’ instead you consider how quickly and easily you can begin to find yourself delighting in doing those things that get you closer to making 100 million. You ask how soon you can find yourself feeling this?

‘How incredible can I feel as I begin the process of finding new ways to bring more money into my life.’ You don’t know the answer to that. You didn’t ask ‘will you’ or ‘won’t you’ or affirm you are or aren’t. You asked how good can you feel as something occurs.

You don’t know the answer to that question. Your brain has to look for an answer or multiple answers. It won’t stop with one answer, because it works by finding many. That is just what it does. So in using Directed Questions™ you work with how the brain works.

Imagine With You Mind – Believe With Your Heart …

You don’t ask, ‘will I make’ or ‘can I make’ 100 million dollars (although you could answer yes to this) you ask, ‘how delighted will I be to discover myself on the path to making 100 million dollars?’ or ‘what are the first steps I will amaze myself in doing that help me…’

You entertain the idea while asking questions around the idea. You don’t go at it directly but you direct your mind to look for answers and solutions and open yourself up to them along the way. You utilize what is called ‘Transderivational Search’. Search – get it?

TS means your brain continues to look for and find answers even after you stop asking. It seeks outside your awareness. Just as your Reticular Activating System (RAS) finds matches and associations for examples or memories you elicit your brain seeks answers.

… Achieve With Your Might – You Can Do Make It Happen

If you ask, what is the capitol of Arizona? Your brain doesn’t need to progress further than the answer. If you ask, ‘in how many different ways can I feel delighted while working on making 100 million’? your brain doesn’t know so it doesn’t know to stop. It keeps looking.

That is what you want it to do. Generate as many positive ways you can feel delighted while going after your goal. The result you want is two fold; the positive feelings and the numerous possibilities you generate. Now your brain works for you and there is no resistance.

You haven’t drawn a line in the sand. You have asked an engaging question that entertains and hooks the brain or mind to search for you. If you ask ‘why am I so stupid’ you will get numerous examples. If you ask ‘why am I so brilliant’ you will get numerous examples.

The Wise Person Doesn’t Give The Right Answers …

We already are using questions to direct our mind but most people don’t have the good taste to ask ones that make them feel better and accomplish more things easily. We have been conditioned to ask ‘what is wrong’ or ‘why I am I such a putz’ type questions.

At first, you may find it easier to get back one type of answer than the other, or you may find you get a negative answer more quickly, because you have asked these kind of questions from habit. Those neural pathways are well traveled. Well, they are, aren’t they?

Ask better, different positive ones and it may seem a little sluggish. The reason for this is your habits have been negative. It will still work in powerful and incredible ways but you need to develop the habit of asking powerful, positive, directed questions. Get it?

... The Wise Person Asks The Right Questions – Direct Your Mind

‘I don’t know how soon it will be before I make 100 million dollars but how much fun can I discover exploring the many different positive opportunities all along the way that help me to feel excited and filled with joy? How quickly and easily can I feel wonderful?’

Get it. Don’t be stuck. Start moving forward easily and effortlessly. ‘How delighted will I be to discover the many different ways I will make my dream come true all along the way? How much fun and enthusiasm can I feel each day as I consider this?

‘How much delight and enthusiasm can I begin to more fully feel as I take actions steps toward getting what I want? Even though I am not sure how to do it how quickly in how many different wonderful ways could I begin to find myself feeling amazed and delighted?’

Knowledge Is Having An Answer …

‘In how many different ways can I discover myself asking questions and making positive changes that bring me more of what I want? Remember, direct your mind to get what it is you want while describing how you want to get there is the key. Have fun!

Edison didn’t know how to make a working light bulb until after he made a working light bulb. The Wright brothers didn’t know how to fly an airplane until they flew one. Once they did it they knew how to do it and repeat it. Until they they were experimenting.

You will be experimenting too until you get your goal. Once you claim it you will be able to look back and see how you did it. SO stay open. Be available to everything. Stay positive and never lose faith and never give up. Keep pursuing and maintaining a positive frame.

… Intelligence Is Asking The Right Questions – Direct Your Mind

Keep your mind positive and aimed at making it happen and you can accomplish great things. AS you move forward you will become aware of other things you can think and do. You will adjust and adapt along the way. Just as a baby begins with baby steps, so can you.

Believe you can! If you don’t, yet, that may be the first area you want to work on. Get it? Of course you do and if not yet, you will. Direct your mind in positive ways. No one will do it for you. You have to do it if you want to enjoy the results. So do it. Have fun. Be grateful!

Feel positive and enthused. Feel wonder, enjoyment and curiosity as you ask your questions. Become like little child. Get really curious! Become fascinated. Explore and you will discover how easy it is. As you do enjoy, delight and celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

In how many different ways might you delight in today?

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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