How To Finally Stop Being A Loser And Become A Winner


“Some people feel they are losers. They don’t seem to win at anything. They are stuck in a job they don’t like. They haven’t won the money game; there is too little money at the end of the month. They haven’t won in romance, or in much of anything.

They feel stuck. The look at others enviously. They don’t think it is possible for them to make changes and have what they want. They believe others can do it but they can’t. The future is bleak. They just can’t seem to get ahead or even begin to imagine it getting better.

If this is you I have some good news for you.  I have some good news and some not as good news for you. The good news is you can absolutely change it. You can play and you can begin to win. You can free yourself from old conditioning and begin to live your dreams.

Everything In Life Teaches A Lesson You – Be Willing To Learn

The not so good news is this area you want to work on may take a little time. You can absolutely break through! You must be patient and stay committed. You don’t want to fall back into the old bad habits. If you commit you will win! Stay patient and you’ll win!

How do you make the changes? You begin right now, from where you are. You begin by taking baby steps. If the problem is you don’t feel or experience being a winner, or worse, you consider yourself an unlucky person or loser, then baby steps is what is needed.

Begin by taking note of the things you have successfully accomplished. ‘Wait’, you scream. ‘I haven’t and that is the difficulty!’ You have. You have learned and accomplished many things. The problem isn’t that you haven’t. The problem is you think you haven’t.

Perception Is Everything – We See Only What We Believe

Some people THINK they have never successfully accomplished anything. This is perception and a belief issue. Consider this: If you walk then you learned to and accomplished it. If you talk then you learned too and accomplished it. You feed yourself? You bathe?

You read and write? You work in a job? You cash checks? You spend money? Whatever you do you have learned to. Again, you cry, ‘Wait!’ I say ‘STOP’ right there! Remember, I said baby steps.’ If you don’t appreciate this about yourself it is time to start. This is critical!

Yes, you also learned to be lazy, afraid, angry and sad too. You have learned certain mindsets that support you and one’s that don’t support you. It is time to re-condition yourself and learn more of the mindsets that support you. This is one of them. Again, this IS critical!

It Is There You Just Haven’t Noticed It – Perception Is Everything

You have learned many useful things. You have learned some other things too. Everything can be useful depending on the context. In some contexts it won’t be. You have learned so much but you don’t validate it. It goes unrecognized by you. It is time to change this.

You’ve learned to argue and to make up. You’ve learned to listen to others and watch tv. You’ve learned to discount your successes. You’ve learned to think it is possible for others but not for yourself. You’ve learned to feel a victim of your thoughts and feelings.

Back up and take inventory of everything you have learned, because, truthfully, most of the things you think, feel, say and do in life you have learned. Very little is hard wired in by comparison. You need to review and validate those things you have learned to do.

Any Limitation Can Be A Blessing And A Skill You Determine If It Is

You and I, and all people, are learning machines. We’ve learned bad habits and supportive ones. It is time to begin to acknowledge this. Become aware of what you can do and accept it. Begin counting the tiniest things you do as wins. Take baby steps they pay off long term!

The baby steps you took as an infant lead to you walking as much as you have. Those early attempts and failures are what allows you to travel by foot today. Had you given up you might never have learned to be mobile. You learned by doing, not by reading how. You did it.

You did it all by trial and error. Because you persisted you developed the skill. You made it a habit so you don’t even ever have to think about it, as long as everything functions normally. If you can’t or never learned to walk there are other abilities you did learn.

Everything Is An Opportunity If You See It As Such – Believe

Take these baby steps. Re-frame, review, reflect on everything you do, supportive and unsupportive as a learned skill. They truly are! Recognize this fact and realize you learned to do everything you do. If you could learn these you can still learn anything. Apply yourself!

If you determine to do this and you do it CONGRATULATE yourself! Feel good about doing something for yourself. Act in your own best interests for you. Appreciate yourself. Feel good. Take inventory and feel great about it. You have succeeded in learning a great deal.

Our next baby steps will come next post. Meanwhile, celebrate yourself. Think about what you have accomplished in life and realize it is a great deal. Don’t compare yourself to others leave that alone for now. Just look at what YOU HAVE learned and accomplished.

Perception Is Everything – We Get What We Focus On

STOP, don’t look at things that didn’t work out. Look at things that did. Learn to have good taste. Learn to manage your thinking. Learn to develop concentration and focus. Learn to fixate your mind on the positive. You already spent enough time wallowing in the negative.

HEY YOU! You learned to wallow in the negative too! Get it? You have learned to be stuck. You have learned to feel certain less than glorious ways. You CAN absolutely change this! You CAN have the life of your dreams. You CAN learn to!  You can if you will! Do it!

The way you get back on track is once you become aware you are traveling in the wrong direction, that you have gotten off course, you STOP. You stop traveling in the wrong direction! Then begin to head in the correct direction. You turn, navigate, and get back on course.

We Become What We Think About Most – Believing Is Seeing

You must stop the old negative habits and start doing the new. You must repeat the new thoughts and behaviors enough until they become the new reliable, automatic habits. You develop new thought, feeling, speaking and behavior habits that support you.

This entire blog site is dedicated to this, My goal is to assist people to make the breakthroughs they want  in life. That means you, too! If you want it better it can and will be. Apply yourself. Take baby steps and you will inch at first, then crawl, then walk into success.

Become aware! Recognize and turn. Change direction. Recognize and validate your learning. Realize you did and can learn anything. Accept it. Decide now to learn supportive habits and commit to the process. Affirm it. Daily, affirm and apply yourself. Be patient. Do it.

Change May Not Always Be Easy – But It Is Always Possible

Soon you will notice the shifts occurring. You will notice the changes happening. Some tiny, some huge. The old habits will resist at first too. At times it will seem a struggle, get easy, then struggle again. Eventually, you will develop the new habit. It will have been worth it!

So accept, affirm and apply. Apply the new learning to yourself. The sequence is become aware of that you are a learning machine. Accept this about yourself. Validate it. Affirm it. Think: ‘I can learn to do anything I put my mind too’.  Apply yourself to changing,

Appreciate everything about your past and now. You have learned and you will learn. Appreciate the ease and the struggles. All of it helps you evolve to a higher, more positive productive level. You become comfortable being your higher self. All of you is perfect!

Focus Your Energy On Building The New Not Fighting The Old

Enjoy, delight. Have fun. Stay determined. Never quit. Challenges will come and go. Realize this. In your toughest challenge become aware and accept it. Affirm and apply yourself through it. Appreciate yourself and your challenge while encountering it and beyond. You will truly evolve beyond your wildest dreams when you celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Determine the kind of day you want to have and make it happen!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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