Do You Have The Winner’s Mind? It’s A Mind Of Certainty


“Being what we want; winners winning. Doing what we want; career of our choice or how we spend our leisure time. Having what we want; riches, home, family and friends; the results stem from the  thoughts and feelings and behaviors we initiate and commit to.

Because we start the process and follow through we reap the rewards. This IS how we sow and reap. We plant the thought seeds nurture them to fruition through positive emotions and actions. We tell positive stories in support and soon enough we harvest.

We powerfully use affirmations and Directed Questions™ to focus our mind on what we want to get our subconscious working on our behalf. We feel strong emotions and desire and imagine having it already in our possession. We live our future right now. We act!

You Can Pretend Anything And Master It

We imagine or visualize what we look like and act like, and what it looks like to have what we want to have, this instant. We ‘Act as If’ it is already ours. We think about it and are grateful for it being present before we actually receive it. We pretend to great effect.

By acting as if we have it with positive emotions and enthusiastic passion, feeling grateful that we got it, we signal our brain that YES this is what we want and will have. We act in a reality which has yet to manifest in present day reality. We rehearse for how it will be.

Then we work to make it happen. We stay open to attract who and what else we might need. We stay open to attract what we want or something even better. Always allow for something better beyond which you imagined to occur. Don’t limit yourself. Dream big.

What You See Is What You Get – What You Say Is What You Get

Napoleon Hill wrote, ‘Whatever the mind of man can conceive, and bring itself to believe, it can achieve.’ This is an important concept. If we can imagine it and then believe we will have it we can get it. We must believe it is not only possible for us but that we WILL have it.

We must believe we are worthy and deserving and entitled to get it. We must believe it is desirable and worth having in order to make it ours. Hill says that a burning desire, a white hot obsession, combined with faith is what makes it all work. Want and know you will have it.

From early ancient writings to present day, leaders in the science of the mind, the law of attraction or manifestation all say the same thing. We would do well to listen and follow their advice. Thought leader Ernest Holmes stated the following and it certainly applies.

We Believe It Has Happened Already – Thoughts Become Things

‘When we treat we do not wish, we know. We do not dream, we state. We do not hope, we accept. we do not pray, we announce. We do not expect something is going to happen, we believe that it has happened already.’ Holmes says, we believe it already has happened.

That IS the state of mind we want to get to. When we get there doors open up in ways we can’t imagine before hand. How do we develop this faith and this ‘knowing’? Hill says through repetition of suggestion, or affirming it with great emotion. Enthusiasm!

He suggests we clarify what we want and write it down. Keep it short and simple. Keep it where we can see it. Read it aloud before bed and first thing in the morning with tremendous energy and enthusiasm. Do it everyday until you firmly believe you will have it.

Repetition Is The Mother Of Skill And Of Habits

Through repetition we inform our non-conscious mind, our subconscious that this IS the case. We already are this; we already do this; we already have this. By constant exposure to the powerful emotions, words and images we give our mind we make it happen.

Our brain is a storehouse of experiences and resources. It is a hot bed of imagination and knowledge, beyond what we know we know. By turing it over to our subconscious through suggesting it to ourselves, Hill calls it autosuggestion, we enlist it’s aid.

Our subconscious is our servant. It is true it operates from habits it learned while we were young. Many which do not support our current desires. So we replace them with these new habits. Then it does those. We rehearse and repeat and finally it gets it. It learns.

Skill Comes Of Doing – The More We Do The More We Can Do

The subconscious or non-conscious aspects of us are really servants to our conscious mind. In going through this procedure we instruct the subconscious what we want. It reliably works to bring it to be. It would be good to learn to trust ourself and our intuitions.

Again, I’ll continue to share more on how this works. When you begin and follow through there will come a time when YOU WILL KNOW it is working. You will know from the inside out. It is an inner process and as things begin to gel, you feel it. It is truly amazing.

You develop that sense of knowing for certain it is happening. Just as you know when your birthday is coming. You know a particular day IS your birthday. That sense of certainty precedes getting what you want. Everything lines up. You feel congruent with it. You are it!

If You Think You Can Or You Think You Can’t You Are Right

One of the best ways to practice acting as if is to express gratitude for what you want, before you have it, as if you already DO have it. Be thankful and excited you got it. Feel truly appreciative for it right now. Delight in it. Enjoy it. Gratitude is the attitude. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Believe in yourself and your abilities today!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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