How To Manifest And Get It All From The Universe


“Do you want to live the good life? Do you want more money? Would you like more passion and romance? How about more family connection? How would you like the career of your dreams? Want more leisure time? Want to know how to attract good things?

If you want it you can have it. Thought leaders from the dawn of time have been explicitly and implicitly telling us how we can. There has been lots of misunderstanding, even attempts to obfuscate the methods. It is all here in the pages of my blog. I share with you how.

Within these pages, if you study these, you’ll learn to create and attract what you want. I recommend reading and re-reading my posts. Do more than that because reading is not enough. You MUST take action. If you don’t do what you are told you wont’ benefit.

If You Can See It In You Mind – You Can Hold It In Your Hand

Knowing is not enough. Reading one more blog or book won’t help.  I have been sharing a series of posts recently each with action steps. You create and attract by taking action. You don’t expect your bed to be made or your food to spontaneous appear do you? I bet you don’t.

You make your bed or your food. You make your dreams come true as well. You attract people to you by the kind of person you are. If you are nice, kind, appealing , friendly you attract others and/or are attracted to others for various reasons. This is important to get.

You don’t get anything for nothing. You must have some skin in the game. You transfer money to the grocer to purchase goods. There is a medium of exchange. You hand over cash, check or credit which is money or energy and take the groceries. Exchange. You exchange.

Take Charge Of Your Life – Make What You Want Happen

One form of energy for another is exchanged. I say energy because everything is energy, after all. If you don’t pay you don’t get. If you rob you pay in a different fashion with time, if you are caught. Or perhaps in other ‘karmic’ ways. Bottom line there is action exchange.

To manifest and attract you must follow the formula as laid out. Know what you want. Clarify and focus. Concentrate and become passionate about it. Desire it positively and strongly. Take action to get it and don’t give up. Put your energies into making it happen.

You affirm, visualize, act as if to organize your mental, emotional and physical, even spiritual resources, to align yourself so you are aimed at making it happen. You are congruent inside and out. You are of one accord. You are driven by purpose. You are a ‘go-getter’.

Energy Flows Where Your Attention Goes – Attitude Is Everything

YOU make it happen. It doesn’t happen for you by magic. You transform yourself into someone who gets their goals AS IF by magic. It can seem magical and to an extent it actually is. Still, you aren’t locked in a cave waving a wand and goods appear. Get it?

When you are congruently aligned and dedicated to making your purpose happen you vibrate differently. Your energies are alive and enthused. Because of this you also attract. You attract people and events and circumstances. People more than events. Here is why.

You become attuned to opportunities. Your RAS finds you positive opportunity because you have tuned it to look for these. You find circumstances and events you might have otherwise missed because your personal radar is sensitized to discover these. It seems magical.

Right Now – This Moment – How You Feel Is Creating Your Future

It is magical in that your entire being is seeking positive experiences. You raise your positivity energy, your attitude and outlook are positive and others of like mind and energy are attracted to you as moths are to a flame. You evolve yourself into an attracting energy.

You manifest by creating and attracting. You engage in both. Now the last step. YOU step aside. You get out of the way. You allow it to happen. You open up to receive it all. Many people screw up getting because they never finish pursuing. They keep pushing. Pushing!

You pay the grocer and then you receive the goods. You don’t force your money on the grocer. You give it. You put an order in at a restaurant and then you expectantly wait for your food to come. You don’t worry or micro-manage. You wait and allow them to bring it.

Who You Become Is The Person You Decide To Be – It Is Up To You

The attitude is one of expectancy. You attract and then you make room for it to happen. You do and then you allow the results. You work or play during the day and you sleep at night. You let go and rest. You eat and allow your body to process it. It will do it.

You aren’t giving up. You aren’t quitting. You are expecting. You know it is coming. You aren’t worried or fearful or anxious. You don’t fret. You are confident. You know and are certain and you allow it. Some people give and give and give and give. Have you noticed?

Some of them aren’t very good at allowing you to give to them. They are not good receivers. In order to get from the universe you make it happen and you let it happen. You are both a good giver and receiver. You allow the energies to exchange. It is a two way street.

Life Never Asked You To Struggle It Is Responding To Your  Mood

Some readers may be poor givers. They don’t start or go after their dreams. They wait and wish. Others may push and push but don’t relax into trusting and allowing it. You must do both. Attitude is everything. Trusting and being certain. Action and Rest. Both!

There are rhythms and cycles. Day into night. Tides come and go. Seasons change. We sow and reap at different times. Learning to go with the flow means you do or don’t do depending on what cycle you are in. You go with it. You trust it. You allow it. Because you made it.

You did the work now you reap the results. Trust. Attitude is everything! Allow. If you did the work allow the results. If you didn’t do the work then you need to do it to get the rewards. Once you have done it let it happen. You are not quitting you are adjusting.

We Receive What We Expect To Receive – Trust And Allow

Accept the results and if they aren’t to your liking adjust. Also, be open that the results may blow you away and be beyond anything you imagined. You can be delightfully surprised. Allow for it. Don’t be a tight ass about manifesting. Create some space for surprises.

Gratitude is marvelous. If you did nothing but were genuinely happy and thankful, feeling blessed about everything your life you’d amaze yourself. It would be magnificent. Even if it weren’t you wouldn’t care because you are too filled with bliss feeling glad about it. Right?

Gratitude Is The Open Doorway To Overflowing Abundance 

True, genuine, heart-felt appreciation for your challenges and struggles and for whatever you have and for whomever is in your life, difficult or easy, changes everything into potential, positive benefit. Your life would be exquisitely filled with all manner of good things. You’d be in heaven on earth. Try it on. Do it. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Allow yourself a lot of delight today!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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