Stop Believing Lies


“Why do you believe lies? Why do any of us? Isn’t that fascinating? We are frequently misled? Why is that? Would it surprise you to hear me say I don’t care. Would it surprise you to hear me say I haven’t a clue. Why, in this case may be a pointless question.

Here is WHY. Hahahah! Everything is a lie. Anything we tell ourselves is most likely a lie. Why? Because much of it we adopted from others growing up. We believed what we were told. There is nothing stating emphatically that what they told us was accurate.

We have no actual way of knowing. Everything is really a matter of perception. We can’t know everything. We don’t know what we don’t know. We only have a fragment of what is occurring and that sliver we are aware of is just that, a sliver, not all of it.

What You Say Is What You Get – What You Focus On You Get

Bottom line. We believed what others have said. We believe conclusions we have drawn. All of which could be subject to many different points of view or interpretations which we NEVER consider.  We fail to think from varying different perspectives.

Normally, we think habitually.  The same as we always have. So most of what we tell ourselves good or bad is not accurate. Why believe any of it? Heck, I don’t know. What I do think we need to do is  develop some taste in choosing what to accept and reject.

I say reject foregone conclusions of failure. Stop limiting yourself by believing you can’t. Put an end to unsupportive thinking. Start believing, because you choose to, that success is a possibility. Believe you are worthy and can learn to do anything you commit to.

Affirmations Are Ongoing – Only Affirm What You Actually Want

Believe you can make things happen. Think that and work at that. Heck, why not? You choose what you want to believe. Henry Ford said, ‘whether you think you can or you think you can’t you are right.’ Choose to believe and accept that which serves you and helps you.

Choose those beliefs that move you forward and help you get what you want. No, I am not saying, ‘Believe you can fly by flapping your arms’. However, we do travel by air because people thought air travel was possible. They went to great lengths to make it happen.

They didn’t know how to fly until after they did it successfully. Once they flew they improved on it. All trial and error. They faced great opposition from those who thought they were crazy. Even their own family. Today, we fly because they believed they could and would!

Stop Creating More Problems – Stop Focusing On Problems

Recently, why flying over mountains I had this thought ‘Thank you Orville and Wilbur. I’m up here because you didn’t give up.’ It was an odd thought. Still, I felt quite grateful. I have flown lots for decades. Still, recently, I felt gratitude to two bicycle makers. Thank you!

Stop believing BS that doesn’t serve you. Stop believing thoughts that make you feel bad about yourself. If you did something wrong, feeling guilty or shame or remorse may be appropriate. Pledging to not ever do it again may be the right thing to do. Be accountable.

Take responsibility. It is the right thing to do. I’m not discussing at this level. I’m talking about feeling positive and optimistic that, if you commit to learning to make something happen, that you can do it, given enough time, materials, proper thinking and  attitude.

Create Solutions By Focusing On Solutions Create What You Want

You can learn to do it! You can enlist people or resources to help you. Don’t give up on yourself because of negative thoughts. Stop the negative thinking. Manage your thoughts. Control them. Choose to think positive and  discover the power to control your destiny.

Napoleon Hill said, ‘if you can conceive it and believe it you can achieve it.’ The point of the book can be summed up in the title, ‘THINK and grow rich’. How we use our thinking apparatus, how we think and what we think, is within our control. Discover this!

Most people don’t believe it. Therefore, they never learn to control it. They miss out on all the good that comes from running your own brain. Stop believing you can’t and start believing you can! Your beliefs either support you or they don’t. Choose ones that support.

Affirm What You Want – Stop Affirming What You Don’t Want

That is Hill’s premise. You can choose your thoughts and you can make great things happen when you think you can. Perception is everything. The glass has water in it. You decide whether it is half empty or half full. Decide the same about your abilities and your life. Either you can or you can’t. YOU Decide. It is up to you! Celebrate everything.” Rex Sikes

Imagine good coming to you today! I mean, why not?

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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