How To End Clutter And Feel Fantastic!


“What surrounds you? Does environment affect you? What message are you sending to others AND to the universe with your home, car, office space? Are you aware of how your space can affect you? How’d you like to make some profound personal changes?

My desk, my car and much of my house, historically, looked like Einstein’s desk. I lived with clutter, in clutter and was comfortable. I pile things around me, and while I might search for things, I know they are right there in that pile. I was comfortable. Truly, felt good.

Having or keeping things simple and clean had always been difficult. My mother’s desk and back office space was worse than Einstein’s. Of course, the office the public saw was quite different. I did learn that public and private could be two very different things.

Control Your Clutter Or Clutter Will Control You

BUT are they? Is there leakage? There is an adage which seems to be true, relevant and profound  ‘How you do anything is how you do everything’. Think about that for a second. Reflect on how you show up for tasks. Any task. How you do one thing is how you do all things.

I could see that there was clutter to my thinking, as well. From my thinking to my performing I was, often, random and haphazard. When it came to goal setting and future planning I couldn’t see past the messy present. My dreams obscured by the ‘now’ circumstances.

It occurred to me that I sacrificed a lot all of my life in exchange for being comfortable. SoI began to change things. I decided I needed to begin to manage my thoughts. I wanted to get control over my thinking process. I didn’t want to be smarter I wanted more power.

Being Organized Is Being In Control – Take Charge Of Your Life

I wanted to affect my circumstance in positive ways. I want to live a fulfilled, incredible life not simply tolerating situations and being ‘okay’ with being comfortable. I wanted to make my dreams come true while evolving myself. I want to feel wonderful much more.

As I began to improve my thinking and future planning I began to become less comfortable with clutter. I still didn’t want to straighten up or clean or make things better, especially, if it was all up to me. I was still more comfortable with clutter than changing it. At first!

Gradually, however, I became and continue to become less accepting of it. As the within changes I notice I want the outside to change as well. I want it nice, neat, simple, clean, elegant and sleek. More and more I find myself desiring simplicity and organization.

The Secret To Getting Organized Is You – You Make The Difference

I learned to begin with baby steps. Clean or organize a small area first. That resulted in feeling good. I accomplished something. Then gradually I’d add more or clean other areas. I made it a point to feel good, congratulate myself, when I put things back in their place.

I found, if I went crazy on it, I burnt out. I later have learned I can do more than I think I can. I have also learned that it isn’t as bad as I think it is IF I ONLY BEGIN. Mostly, I would talk myself out of it opting to feel comfortable instead. I feel far better taking action.

I feel better getting things done and congratulating myself, than procrastinating and feeling bad about me and my space when I  do nothing. Want your life to change then you must change some things you’re doing. Take action, bit by bit. Drop by drop the tub fills.

You Are Either Growing And Evolving Or Withering And Fading

I was never dirty, but I was messy. I still have things to change about this but I am in the process. This is an important point. We are all in the process of something. We are either in the process of making our dreams come true or our nightmares. Which do you do most?

I am not suggesting YOU have to be a neat freak. In fact, being too anal about things isn’t desirable either. For me, the principle is balance. As my internal awareness changes I find I want my outer world to reflect that positivity as well. Other things matter too.

It depends on the size and nature of your dreams and goals. The bigger they are the more minor changes may be necessary. I think it is all cool. It is wonderful. It is evolution, adjust and adapt. I think it also works a little bit in reverse. It is a mirror. As within so without.

If You Can Conceive It And Believe It You Can Achieve It 

As without so within. I do think, the latter, is far more limited than the former notion. Our thoughts create our world. However, Bucky Fuller did say, ‘environment is more powerful than willpower’. Who and what we surround ourselves with exerts force over us.

I choose to think and believe that while true, I am the author of my life and circumstances. I agree with this. Habit of thought is a powerful force. If we are around people or in environments that are less than glorious, most of the time, it will affect us. It does.

Still, I think and believe that I am the master of my fate and I will determine my future. Interestingly enough, as my thoughts changed, so did my relationship to the environment and whom I choose to be around or whom I want around me. It all does matter.

You Must Train Yourself To Be Organized – It Is A Habit You Make

I think how we think about it matters. I don’t think, I want less clutter. That emphasizes the clutter. I want more organization. I want more elegance. I don’t want to eliminate negative friends I want more positive friends. I want healthy, happy, wealthy ones.

I want people who aim high, who think big and make things happen to be my primary influencers. I want people who inspire and motivate me to surround me and affect my thinking and feeling. So I began to move toward what I DO want. What is it I want to include?

I look for what I want to invite into my life. For me, it makes an incredible difference. It has, it does and it will continue to. I feel so wonderful and I love my life. Is everything perfect? No. I don’t want it to be perfect. Are their challenges and lessons?  You bet!

Manage Your Thoughts Happiness Health Wealth And Your Space

I love it! Bring it! I learn and evolve and grow and adjust. I encounter my own rules and boundaries and get to flex them or learn that I need to. It is all good. Life is grand! Some things gradually evolve into new, different positive things while others transform instantly.

It has been and is an incredible adventure. I have learned to accept what is and to adjust and make changes. Some things are great as they are. Other things are ‘mo better’ when altered. Mostly, I have learned to appreciate myself and my life. I love myself and my life.

I have learned that gratitude is incredible and to celebrate everything. I have learned that even when I don’t do any of this, and I rag or nag on myself, that I can celebrate that too. I did what I did at the time. That is what IS or what WAS. Everything is ripe for learning and growing, so truly, we can celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

If you were to look today, what wonderful things can you discover?

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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  1. Yes the environment does influence me. I am a very organised and neat person. I cannot have clutter around. I am always clearing up doing away with the old to make room for the new. But in between it’s all well organised. Thank you for this article 🙂

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