How To Become Unstoppable And Invincible


“This is really simple. You want to be unstoppable, right? You’d like to commit and follow through, wouldn’t you? Do you want to make your dreams come true or not?  Well, what is it? Are you all in the game or just dabbling? Did you dive in or dip your toes?

If you want to learn to be a can do person who makes things happens and creates the results you want there is one simple thing you must do. Truly, one thing is enough but you have to play to win if you are going to do it. If you are in you must be all in, get it? Are you ready?

Is this for you? Do you want to make your dreams come true? Okay then, DECIDE to do it! Make the decision that no matter what, come what may, your word is law and you will keep your commitment to yourself. Decide to follow through! There is incredible power in this!

Success Comes To You When You Refuse To Give Up – Never Quit

‘BUT, BUT, BUT,’ you exclaim. If it were that simple I’d have already done it. The truth is IT IS THAT SIMPLE. You haven’t done it because you weren’t conditioned to. You don’t have the habit of keeping your word to yourself OR others, yet. But you can develop it starting now.

Decide that you will accept the challenge. Decide to make it happen. NOW do everything you must in order to ensure that what you want to make happen you make happen. Athletes know if they want the gold there are things they must do now just in order to compete.

It is 95% mindset and 5% action. If you talk yourself out of it you let a thought influence your feelings. Then you didn’t feel like it so you didn’t produce the result you could have. Poor, poor you. YOU let a THOUGHT stop you. A mental packet of energy prevented you.

You Did Not Wake Up Today To Be Mediocre – Live Fully

WOW. You have no excuse and no one to blame except yourself. AND if you spend time blaming yourself but you don’t decide to make it different and correct your mistake you are truly missing out. Own up to it! Take responsibility for not doing what you need to.

Once you are clear about that start acting in your own behalf. Start acting in your own best interests. Start making what you want happen and taking some pride in being able to accomplish what you want to achieve. Stop playing victim and decide to be a victor.

Play to win. Decide to be a champion. Put some skin in the game. Put some money where your mouth is. Commit and follow through. It is always and only up to each of us. That means it is up to you. So what are you going to do about making sure you have the future you want.

Determination Is Power That Makes You Invincible – Be Great

Commit. Accept your role inn creating everything you want and then do it. Do what you need to today. Do what you need to tomorrow. Maintain your attitude. Manage your mindset. Feel fantastic. Practice optimism. Practice gratitude. Celebrate Everything!” Rex Sikes

Feel Fantastic Today!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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One thought on “How To Become Unstoppable And Invincible”

  1. I always love the inspiration word .. It comforts me .. But I found myself stunk in comfort .. I just to tell myself I will do it later .. Not now ! Coz I want to talk to my friend . Read my favor book , just chatting … I waste all my time in mental activity .. But I just keep delay my action ! 😦 😦 …
    I have know myself doing this since I was a teenage .. Now over 40 years later .. I am stuck in procrastination mode ..
    The action and solution are so simple .. Just do it !
    Then why ? Why we are not doing it ?
    What kind anger and resentment and sorry inside me ? What holding me back ? Where are that coming from ?
    Your article is great !
    I realized my lacking of doing it is the wound even deeper !
    It is time to heal that wound ! I believe I am the only struggle with this ! I heard the old saying : she is done ! The hurt is so deep it stop her altogether !
    The sad thing this hurt bear a message, a conclusion , a statement of” I never get what I want!” .. I am superficially it is a fighter .. What I found out when I do try .. I get result .. But I there are this unsure feeling .. When I fighter hard , go deeper .. There are this mental web lock in my head ..( I believe it is one layer of my brain !! ) this mental web made by all those negative talk .. My mom, my self .. Others? Those words: shame of you , you are stupid , you are not good enough, you are so disappointment ! I am so regret to have you ! You are useless , you are a shame, you are a fake one .. You are a lie ..
    I often become a watcher to see myself ? I found be a watcher, a standby audience it is much safer ..
    I watch the show but I got so sad .. Coz I want to be in that show .. Coz I want to be in that stadium to play ! I did in my kindgarden , preteen .. Then I lost the chance to do what I love ! Coz I was not pretty enough, I was not chosen !
    ….. There is a lost desire .. Lost game .. Then I forever damaged by that ? Yes it is a scare .. But never really heal ! Coz only me can heal that ! Only me can recognized that!
    .. Do can only come when the mind it is tell us so !
    .. But when mind it is still in its battle to fight the hurt, the pain from the past .. I believe reincarnation ..I believe my little girl lost dream key me in the past many many life lost !! I didn’t want to go deeper .. Coz it will take too much my time and energy ..
    There were sad sad tragedy before this life time ! I bet I was a worrier .. But a lost one ..
    Often time in church .. When I start to cry , when I start to touch my sad feeling .. I was scare to continual .. I felt the ocean of sadness ! I too familiar with the lost ! With the sadness !
    When I lost my 21 years old son .. I got this book call ” good grief “.. from church by Granger E. Westberg . ..
    It talk about 10 phases of mourn to our major lost !
    After initial deny, shock, express emotion, felt depress and alone , physical symptoms of distress ?
    Guilt and anger stages..
    The seven stages it is call ” resist to return ”
    …. Off course .. When we deal with our lose .. When we have to refine and renew the true and new meaning of ” win ” .. We have to renew and strengthen daily what we want ? …
    See. Be. Do. Have ..
    I truly want to do right thing ! I want to have a happy meaningful life again ! With the knowledge and guild line of what to do! With the capacity and skill to do what I need to do ! With a heart that fill with the passion and love for what I am doing ! With a faith/believe/conviction I still have somethings good to offer and someone still Caring !
    But all in all with a final determination like God.. The will .. The focus .. The courage and strength to start baby step again ! One step a time !
    That doingness it is God driven and God send!
    Let go the past , let Go the lose , let God !
    Create a plan !
    Then just do it !
    Love ..


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