How To Feel Energized And Alive When You Don’t But You Need To!


“What do you do when you are feeling exhausted and need to rest? You have so much you need to do and you can’t take a break. Can you manage your energy to get it done? Yes, there are many things you can do and I will share a few. First, rest if you can.

Even a short nap can be refreshing and renewing. Better to catch a few z’s than struggle to keep the lids open. Close your eyes, focus on your breath, allow yourself to drift off. If you are on a deadline, set a timer so you get back up. Catch a few when possible during the day.

A minute or two. Five is better, 20 might be heavenly. Get some rest if you can. If you can’t then learn to manage your physical body. Energy begets energy. How you sit, stand, and move matters. Sit as if you have 5 times more energy. Stand, move as if you had 5x more.

If You Think You Can Or You Think You Can’t You Are Right

It is always useful to practice in advance of needing things. That is why athletes and sports teams practice and rehearse ahead of matches, bouts, games and meets. Rehearsal helps wire in what you need. So move you body as if you had lots and lots of energy!

Walk, put the look on your face, move your hands and feet as if you had 2x, 5x, 10x even 20x more energy. Jump, shout, dance, sing, laugh. Use you physiology to wake you up. Research has born out YET AGAIN that even adopting a standing power stance works.

I have been teaching this for 40 years. Yoga and other disciplines for centuries. How you stand, sit, and move either energizes or relaxes you. How you breath, how you think does the same. Asanas or postures can energize or relax. Stand with power and confidence.

The More You Do The More You Can Do – Energy Begets Energy

You know what that looks like. Chin up, head back. Chest out. Hands on hips as Superman stands or out stretched. Hold it for a minute or two. Your body responds. It is electro-chemical. It is biological. It is neurologically wired. Learn to use it. It works. It really does. Try it.

Eat food that helps you become alert. A lot of bread and pasta and processed foods, put you into zzzzzz zone. Sugar will get your revved up but then you crash. Soda’s the same. Energy drinks aren’t wise choices. Drink water and eat some protein. Be smart about food.

Drink plenty of water. Stay hydrated. Most of us are dehydrated much of the time. By the time we are thirsty it is too late. Better to drink or sip water every 15 minutes or half an hour. Water keeps our brain and body operating better. After all, we are mostly water.

The More Relaxed The Muscles The More Energy Can Flow

Breath! Get some fresh air. Cooler is more refreshing and wakes us up more than hot. Cool fresh air if possible. Fresh air if nothing else. And breath. Learn some breathing techniques designed to relax and learn those designed to energize. You can learn this.

Just a few deep breaths can work wonders. Talk a walk. Change you location. Look around. Enjoy your surroundings. Take a break. Bend and stretch. Stretch left, right, and back. Gently. Arms over head. Stretch. Get a massage. Massage your feet. Change your shoes.

Little things can make a big difference. Smile more. Laugh. Juggle, dance, skip. Look far off into the horizon, scan it for awhile. Changing your focus and where you are looking works wonders. Sometimes we only look as far away as the computer screen on the desk.

By Thinking Positive Thoughts And Images You Raise Your Energy

Have some tea. Some suggest coffee. Organic coffee and tea and pure water is a better choice than chemically laden commercial brands. If you aren’t allergic bee pollen or honey may give you a boost. Organic raw honey is preferable. It is low glycemic.

Just make certain anything you do doesn’t cause more issues. Take it easy. Check with your medical practitioner to be sure you can engage in some process, exercise or food group. Be safe, smart and be wise. Most important, manage your thinking. This really matters.

If your self talk is all a downer, and about how tired and exhausted you are you will be. What you say is what you get. If your self talk is upbeat and positive you are more apt to be so. Put on some up beat or inspiring music if you need assistance. Attitude is everything.

Feel Alive – Feel Yourself Vibrating – Feel Your Cells Singing

Visualize yourself filled with light, white energizing light. See yourself feeling wonderful and energized going through your day. Notice how you look, sound and move. Bask in the energy. Feel it. Do a chakra energy meditation. Use whatever works for you.

It’s all energy management. Be thankful and filled with gratitude. Express enthusiasm and joy and appreciation for everything. Drop within and feel connected and alive. Notice how good it is to be alive and above ground. Be grateful.  Celebrate everything!’ Rex Sikes

Delight yourself today?

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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