Stop Reliving Nightmares And Start Live Your Dreams


“Would you like more time? How about better times? Would you like to be happier and healthier? How would you like to make more money? Would you like that? Would you like to take your time back and spend it with loved ones and on leisure and fun activities?

Then there is one thing you must absolutely do. You must let go of the past. It is done and gone. It is water over the dam. The milk is already spilt. The deal is done. The loved one passed and gone. How many times have you heard, ‘you can’t bring them back’.

‘Don’t cry over spilt make.’ ‘What is done is done and you cannot change it’. For example, someone stole your car. Totaled it. You get paid. Criminal is caught and convicted. Right? It sucked. There is nothing you can do about the past. You cannot change it. Right?

The Way To Get Over The Past – Leave It Behind You

Imagine the event happened. The car stolen and totaled. The criminal is not caught and you are not paid. It didn’t change anything did it. The car being stolen is the same event. With the first one you probably feel a little better than the second  but what is different?

The only difference is what you think about it. How you feel. Different outcomes but the event is the same. You feel differently because you think something should or shouldn’t happen. Your thoughts, beliefs and expectations, your rules determine it.

Right? Am I right? The car is gone and you can’t change that. Gone forever. The convict sentenced or not and you are paid or not. You can’t change that, although maybe. You might not think the payment or the sentence fair. So what makes the events different?

You Can’t Start The Next Chapter If You Keep Re-reading The Last

Your thoughts. Bottom line what or how you think about the situation determines whether you feel it is just or unjust. Whether you get over it more easily or not. YOU determine YOUR present and future by WHAT YOU THINK about the PAST! Get it? I hope.

The pain you feel is caused by your own thinking. You may say, no it is caused but the result. You don’t like the result. Okay. Then what are you doing with the result? Are you thinking about it? How do you feel? It is your reaction to the result that determines it all. Doesn’t it?

Alright, in this post I will not tell you how to make more money BUT I will tell you that if you get your time back you have the opportunity to be happier, healthier and wealthier. Hope you are okay with this. Plenty of opportunity to discuss making money again later.

Grudges Are A Waste Of Perfect Happiness – Get Over It

People waste an enormous amount of time complaining about things they can’t change. The whine and blame and feel hurt and bad about things they can do nothing about. Still they can’t go back and change history. They’d be better off using their time in better fashion.

Don’t you think? Turn from the history you don’t like and promise to make your present and future better. Stop whining and crying over milk spilled  and learn to carry the milk better. Do whatever it takes so you are happier and healthier and wealthier than in the past.

Grieve when grieving is appropriate for as long as necessary. Mourn the loss. Celebrate a life. Eventually, move on. Two lives needn’t end because one transitioned.  The same is true regarding your major upsets and upheavals and disappointment and horrendous events.

Realize Your Past Is Just A Story – Begin To Tell A New Story

Get past them. You cannot change the historical moment but YOU can change how you think and feel about them. Yes, you may have to learn to do that, if you don’t know how, but you can learn anything, just as you learned to crawl, walk, speak, read and write if you have.

You can change your response to disappointment. Consider this. Some are very hot about these recent election results. It is true others have been hot in the past about other election results. Whatever was on election night and come what may, is what is.

How can you best spend your time? Is it feeling angry, hateful, vengeful? Is it reading one more article that the election was stolen or rigged or whatever? Some people do what to feel indignation I get that. They want to point out all that is wrong and crooked.

The Choice Is Always Yours And Yours Alone – No One Else’s

Still, it changes next to nothing if it changes anything at all. I am not saying don’t fight for change. Don’t try to do better next time. Do work to improve. Yes. Make a difference. I am not saying that. I am saying there are ways to use your time more constructively too.

Stop whining and blaming and start feeling hopeful and optimistic. Learn from the event and determine what positive things to do that may make a difference in the future. Do you understand what I am saying? You can proactively seek to make it better now and later?

Or you stay stuck in reacting to defeat and disappointment. Which gets you further along. I believe it is moving forward positively. It feels better and accomplishes more. Some only feel good when they feel bad. That is true too. Some want to suffer horrendously.

Breathe Out – Breathe In – Move – Repeat – Step By Step 

I don’t and if you don’t then learn to nip it. Decide if this is a positive use of your time. Think, Does this help me evolve positively? Does this help me be happier and healthier and wealthier? OR does it take me down into a spiral of despair? Which do you want? DECIDE!

Get it. every second is a moment you can decide. You are deciding by default if you aren’t consciously deciding. You are doing what you habitually do. You don’t get new results doing things the old way that didn’t work previously. Still some thing they will. They won’t.

How do you want to spend you time? Creating wealth or complaining about being broke? Getting healthier or complaining about your infirmities? Getting happier or focusing on negativity and what is wrong with you and the world? Well, which do you prefer?

If You Wait Until You Are Ready You’ll Wait The Rest Of Your Life

It is pretty cut and dry. You are either building a house or you are not. Get it? You are either building something positive or you aren’t. If you aren’t and you prefer to be then decide to do it and stick with your decision. Stop spending time doing what you don’t want.

Stop reacting to the woes of the world helplessly and start living positively. Stop wasting your time on things you cannot change. Stop wasting time feeling bad when you could be feeling good. Perhaps, this is why many people only live okay lives and aren’t fulfilled.

The spend more time crying over the milk spilt than drinking fresh new milk. Stop, do anything else than feel bad about things you can’t change. Take charge, take control and decide to spend your time wisely feeling wonderful, doing wonderful things and celebrate! Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Have a wonderful day!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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