United We Stand Divided We Fall. But Wait There Is More!


“United we stand. Divided we fall. Consider the sources and topics and methods utilized to divide us. How about you and I consider not falling for it? It might be difficult to extract oneself from social conditioning that has been going on for decades, eons. but one can.

Perhaps, it is easier than one imagines. Consider attempting to do that. Consider letting go of social conditioning and uniting as a people. Imagine peace, harmony, goodwill and goodness all around. No division. Oneness. Congruent and aligned.

What an amazing world it could be. Not a utopia, but a world where we positively handle events and circumstances that arise.  Imagine a world not devoid of hardship but one where together we work to overcome difficulty more easily. Imagine a wonderful world.

If You Can Dream It You Can Do It – Believe You Can Do It

Instead of being distracted and divided we work together all in one accord. We pursue a greater, higher good that is available and beneficial for all. Wouldn’t this be marvelous? Is it a dream? Yes. Is it only a dream? Perhaps. We won’t ever know unless we attempt it.

Do you want a better life? Would you like more harmony in your relationships? Would you enjoy more free time to be with the people you love. Having more fun would be nice, wouldn’t it? Who wouldn’t like to have more money and be free of debt? Is it possible?

Do you believe it is? That makes THE difference. Henry Ford said, ‘whether you believe you can or you believe you can’t, you are right’. Napoleon Hill stated, ‘if you can conceive it and believe it you can achieve it. Thought leaders for centuries have said it is possible!

Repeat After Me I Can Do This – I Can Make This Happen

Do you believe it? After all, it is up to you. No one can do it for you but you. What we think about we can bring about. All human invention and progress first began as an idea. Whether it originated from need, to solve a problem, and overcome difficulty…

Or it originated as a desire, an innovation, to make things more wonderful, every human thing there is, we first thought up. We made it in our minds and then made it in reality. Creation begins with your thought, deciding it so and believing you can accomplish it.

Could we have a more wonderful society? Could we have an incredible world. Most certainly. Will we? That depends on each of us? Do you think it easy and possible or difficult or insurmountable. Your thinking about it does make the difference.

You Can Do Anything You Set Your Mind To And Persevere

Coaches know an athlete or team must play to win rather than play to lose. That is true for most everything we do. Aim for the prize, the finish line, and make sure you get it or get there. We can do it if we think we can and we work to do it. That is simple. BUT…

It is more than that. Divided we fall isn’t just about groups of people but about individuals. United, congruent, aligned and focused we stand. Conflicted, distracted, divided we fall. We need to have harmony within our own selves. We need to align our thoughts.

We need to discover and live our purpose positively. We need to think, feel and behave positively to get positive results. WE need to know where we are headed and head there. Sure, we may have to take alternate routes along the way,  but we keep heading to it.

You Have The Power To Determine How Your Story Goes And Ends

Our goal is to arrive at our destination safely in one piece. United we stand. Divided we fall begins with you and me. Unify your thoughts and actions and behaviors in order to manufacture the positive good you desire. See it, believe it and go get it. All one purpose.

Drop the accusations of others. Let go of the blaming, complaining, and whining. Let go of the reasons why you can’t, why we can’t. Drop them quickly. Discover the reasons why you can. Find out why we can. Create them, believe them and work at achieving them.

Drop the excuses and reasons why you can’t and start living as though you will. See it happen and make it happen. Put your energy into creating the good you want more of. Withdraw your energy from what you don’t want. Create and attract. Align and unite.

Stop Whining Start Winning – Stop Excusing And Start Living

While going for your dream don’t trample others or prevent them from getting theirs. Support and encourage. Delight and enjoy. Feel grateful. Evolve yourself. This is how we grow and progress. Work on oneself to be the best self one can be. Work on community too.

Whether small or large in scope we still can light one candle at a time. Make sure your light is bright and perhaps others will want to get lit up in positive fashion too. Spread goodwill by getting your own ‘house’ in order. Unite yourself and stand. Become an example.

Support others and allow them to support you. Work together. We can be better off! We can if we bother to! Aim our sights on it. We won’t if we think it too hard or impossible. Forget the reasons why not and think the reasons why you can and why we can. Also, celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

As you decide it will be it will be. Make your day marvelous!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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