Why You Should Never Ever Quit


“All things we learn are at first difficult to do. As infants we learned many difficult things prior to learning how to comment on how we were doing. We just did and did and did without quitting. We were learning machines. We didn’t know not to do things until told.

We learned to roll over, crawl, sit up, balance, walk, talk, feed ourselves, use a toilet, read and write, hobbies, sports and passions We learned many useful thing and many not so useful things. Plus, we learned to limit ourselves, to give up our goals and dreams.

We learned to talk ourselves out of trying harder. We learned to give up. We learned the good and the not so good. We learned so many things. We learned supportive habits and non-supportive habits. We were the ultimate winners who learned how to become losers.

Whether You Think You Can Or You Think You Can’t You Are Right

We went from never giving up to criticizing, blaming and exucsing ourselves and others. We went from never quitting to thinking and talking crap. Instead of remaining great learners we learned if we don’t succeed in three tries we should quit. We learned to give up.

We can change this! We can learn to control our thoughts and feelings. We can reverse the damage, Learning this is similar to learning anything else we have. We repeat the thoughts we want to think over and over again. It takes application and commitment.

We think the supportive thoughts we want to think instead of the non-supportive ones. We focus on our mission and goals positively. Eventually, we learn. Then these positive thoughts become our new habitual  thoughts. We replace negative ones for the positive.

Application Is The Proper Fruit Of Knowledge – Apply It – Do It

It isn’t always easy but it is simple. It is not impossible! This is absolutely doable! Stick with it and you will get better and better. Stay with it and you will eventually master your thinking. Become the master of your own mind! When you do new doors open up.

This is why Napoleon Hill said you can Think And Grow Rich. ‘If you can conceive it and believe it you can achieve it.’ As Earl Nightengale pointed out it is The Strangest Secret. ‘You become what you think about’.  YOU learn you can make things happen. AND you do!

When you take control of your mind back you can ask for and receive almost anything! It is all up to you. You make things happen because you are able to align your thinking, feeling and actions in one direction. You develop laser focus. You become unstoppable.

You stop being a victim and become a victor. You become a champion. You create and amazing future. You discover the incredible positive power you have to accomplish your goals and achieve your dreams. You learned everything else. Now, learn this too! Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Learn to have a more beautiful day.

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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