Can We Correct What Is Wrong In The World?


“My real world is filled with joy and peace and all good things. Blessing and love. I’m determined to create what I want by focusing on what is good and right; by correcting the wrong peacefully and positively. I believe in adding value to others and going further.

I think it important to go the extra mile and deliver more than you promise. I believe it best to help others when you can instead of judging others. We are humans and in many ways we have been conditioned to hate, to divide, to be intolerant and negative.

We can rise above our intolerance and our hate. We can stop tearing down and disenfranchising others who are not like us. We can learn to accept and to invite. We can welcome and include. We can help and assist. Why? Because I am for life not against it.

Go The Extra Mile – It Is Never Crowded – Make A Difference

I am for wealth not against it. I am for all people not against them. I am for love and creativity. I am for imagination and going beyond what is wrong. I am for god’s way, or the universe’s way above and beyond the human’s way. I am all for higher purpose and kindness.

We can do great things when we unite and work as a team. We can positively change the world for the better or we can fight and worry and fear and hate and kill each other. I opt for peace, love and positivity. I think we do more good when we create and include.

When we spend our time tearing down, resisting, fighting or opposing what we don’t want we are too focused on what we don’t want and not focused enough on what we would rather have. It is important to be clear about what we want. This is critical. We must!

You Can Start Right From Where You Are At

To build something better we need a blueprint. We need to know what we are going to build not just what we don’t want. However, knowing what we don’t like can help us get more specific about what we do want. Then we need to focus on that. I mean, really focus on it.

We all need to grow up a bit and stop complaining and whining about how things are. We need to realize when things are not to our liking we have an opportunity to create something different. We should think as creators and artists and enjoy the process.

We can make things better. How incredible is that? Instead of it being a burden it could be our joy. Let’s take responsibility for creating the world we want to inhabit instead of yelling at all the wrongdoers and wrong ideas. Let’s create with joy and delight.

No Act Of Kindness No Matter How Small Is Ever Wasted

Let’s find a way to be grateful for the ‘wrongs’ in the world because they help us know what we want. They allow us to focus and plan to make something better. They allow us to become creative and work together to improve the world. I say celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Have a beautiful day.

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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