Do You Have Any Clue What You Get To Do?


“I got to make someone very happy today. I’d like to share it with you and something wonderful I learned. It will be quite short but I think important. I got to watch someone light up and have a dream come true. I got to be part of that and it is marvelous. Herein is the secret.

I helped a loved one buy her first new car. A 2017. A car she wanted. She came to me and asked if I’d help or co-sign if needed. I told her I’d go and listen but not to expect me to do anything. I’d pay attention but if the deal wasn’t a good one we would walk.

I went and I listened. I was prepared to say no. The deal, everything was fine. Still, my mind was set. No car. Then it occurred to me that in this I was saying, ‘no car’. I was focused on what I would not do. I was focused on not letting it happen. This isn’t how I live my life.

Let Go Of Negativity – Allow And Accept Positivity – Say Yes

Yet, that is what I was doing. It felt heavy. I then thought, I am here for a reason. I get to help someone fulfill her dream. I get to help her buy a car. I get to be here at that moment and witness her thrill and happiness. I get to…  and this moment was magical for me too.

Instead, of focusing on what I didn’t want or wasn’t going to do I switched my thinking to how fortunate I am that I get to do something. I get to assist. I made her down payment because I get to do that. I get do make things happen today. I get to celebrate all of it.

In an instant everything felt right. It felt wonderful. Incredible is a better word. It felt congruent. It aligned with my purpose. I get to participate in life. I get to make things happen. I get to be happy too. I get to solve problems. I am blessed and fortunate. I get to…

Let Go Of Who You Thought You Were And Become Who You Are

So often I think we feel burdened. We walk through life just okay. Heck, I get to walk through life. I get to wake up each morning. I get to live. I get to love. I get to enjoy. Even when there are problems that seem insurmountable I get to work through them. I am blessed.

I share this because I think this is an important mindset. We are fortunate. We are lucky. Not in a roll the dice way because I think as a creator we make our own luck and good fortune. We shape our destiny. We purposefully manufacture and also accept and attract.

We allow and permit or fight and resist. I get to do all of it. Whether I do one or the other I feel blissful or suffer. Still, I get to. Do you get it? We are fortunate wherever we are if we consider ourselves so. If we consider ourselves shit out of luck, then we are that as well.

Let Go Of Thoughts That Hold You Back And That Rob Your Power

Our mindset, our attitude, our thoughts and beliefs determine how we experience life. Our habitual thinking determines how we feel and whether life is incredible, so so or a crap storm. Whatever we decide and declare is what we experience. Really, think about that!

I have said no to life plenty of times. There are plenty of times when no may be the right answer. There are also those times we need to say yes. Let go and enjoy.  I got to have that awareness and those moments today. They continue. I am blessed and wanted to share. I get to! You do too! Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Delight in this day!

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Photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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