To Enjoy The Boat Ride You Must Take Your Feet Off The Dock


“I say it again and again. I remind people. I am an actor. Why do I do this? Because acting is pretending. I know some will dispute that definition, but my point is, we are all actors. We can pretend anything and master it. I have said this before. It is true AND…

It is important! We can act as if things are a certain way and they can be that way. Our brain works in this fashion. What we believe to be true is what we perceive from. WE THINK it is the other way around but scientific evidence proves otherwise. We operate from frames.

We operate from our frames of mind. If we have a negative frame of mind we experience much more negativity in our life. If we adopt a positive frame of mind we experience more positivity. Whatever we believe to be the case IS the case. There is no escaping this point.

The Only Way To Succeed In Anything Is To Give Everything

As Henry Ford said, ‘whether we think we can or we think we can’t we are right’. Our beliefs (thoughts we repeatedly think over and over again) determine our reality and how we behave in that reality. Having said that, in order to change, we adopt different beliefs.

We use different frames. This is what an actor does. We try on different points of view and different perceptions. We live as if we were the character with certain goals and aspirations, certain flaws and backstory. We act as if we are that person to make it believable.

It is still, after all, pretend, but we utilize a frame. Some of us do, at least, depending on our training. Still, all of us can benefit from the practice of acting as if we already have that which we want to have. We rehearse in advance what it is like to have it. This shapes us.

How You Do Anything Is How You Do Everything – Play 100%

It shapes our perceptions and our beliefs of what is possible. It is an immensely valuable exercise. We can use it with any frame. The frame needn’t be true for us to benefit from it. We act as if it is true. This is where great value comes from. We adopt a frame of mind.

We live from that frame. Here is one particularly valuable to try on. When I say ‘try on’ I mean try it on for a while. Act as if it really IS the case. Pretend it is. Try it for a month. Believe it for at least that long. Repeat it over and over. Wrap it around you. Embrace it. Live it!

If after 30 days there is NO benefit exchange it for a more useful one. But at least give it a complete, full, dedicated trial. Don’t dabble but dive right in. Only when you are willing to play full on will you get the benefit you deserve and that is there for you. Halfway sucks!

Be Fearless In Pursuit Of What Sets Your Soul On Fire

Adopt this mindset: Everything you need, (I need) comes at the perfect time. The universe knows the best timing and things will always work out for the best in the end. You may not know how or why or when but they work out in the right time. ALL IS PERFECT.

You will have what you need when you need it. NOT according to you but according to a greater, infinite wisdom. Ask for what you want, tell the universe and then allow it to happen as it will. Do not put constraints on anything. Don’t try to force or manipulate.

Trust, allow and let go. Live from this mind set. Is it true? How do I know and who cares? I am suggesting you adopt a frame of mind that can transform the quality of YOUR life. I am not asking you to change religions I am suggesting you try on trusting for a time being.

If You Want To Win Be Willing To Feel Stupid And Be Embarrassed

Act as if this IS the reality. Be willing to dive into it. Be willing to play, to pretend, to believe, for at least a time being. BUT do it 110%. Halfway won’t benefit you. You can’t have one foot on the dock and the other on the boat and expect to get anywhere. Dive in. Trust.

Allow things to be. Celebrate them as they are. This may seem difficult because it means EVERYTHING is as it is supposed to be. Good and bad, problems and benefits are all according to a greater wisdom and mind than yours. Is there actually a greater mind?

WHO CARES? Act as if there is one. THEN you may actually find out. It is not for me to provide you with an answer. It is for you to discover your own answers. It is for you to live your own truth. People want someone to tell them in advance what is. Nope. No.

If You Want To Win Be Willing To Do Things That Might Not Work

That isn’t how things work. In order to get answers we actually have to put in the leg work. Information won’t change you but experience can. It is all up to you what you get from this or any practice. How well you do and benefit depends on how deep you dive in. Up to you!

No one else can do it or answer it for you. Only you can. Live trusting that everything comes to you when needed. This doesn’t mean you don’t act or work in your own benefit. Do and trust that however it works out there is good in it for you even if you can’t see it yet.

Expect ultimate good and expect miracles and you may find ultimate good and miracles. Perception is everything and you are more likely to discover these if you expect to than if you don’t believe it is possible. Get it? It is all up to you. MAGIC awaits you. Trust! TRUST!

Play Full Out – Be Fearless – Risk – Stay Open – Allow – Trust – Claim

What you get back from this practice is absolutely, completely up to you. Have fun. Dive in. Be grateful. Your world can become magical and miraculous. You can transform beyond your wildest wonderful dreams! Allow it. Expect the best and celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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