How Do You Avoid Failure?

“What if you screw up? How do you avoid failure? What about the mistakes you make? How does one ever succeed if you can’t stop failing?  Do you let this stop you from reaching your goals and your dreams? What do you need to know in order to keep moving ahead?

Failure is personal and happens to nearly everybody in some regard at some time. It is unlikely that no one, no matter how lucky, or born with ‘good genes’, hasn’t encountered difficult times at some point. It is part of living. It is part of the process. What to do about it?

Get over it. Yes, a little tough love. Embrace it. Whoa! Embrace it? You are out of your frigging mind! I can almost hear people say that. Yes, embrace it. Get over it. It happens. Mistakes are made. Screw ups happen. Tough times occur.  That doesn’t mean one fails.

There Is No Such Thing As Failure Only Feedback

One only fails when one stops trying. When you quit is when you fail to continue to try. If you quit anytime before the finish line it means you won’t ever cross it. However, if you fall down and get back up, even if you are the last to cross it, you succeeded in getting there.

Napoleon Hill modeled and interviewed 520 of the most successful people of his day and he reported that none, got to be where they got to, without tremendous opposition and disappointment. The reason they succeeded is because they didn’t quit. They didn’t quit.

Inside every disappointment, Hill says, is the equivalent seed of opportunity. If we know how and where to look, and we keep on going, adjusting as necessary, eventually we will break through. Faith in oneself and the process will keep you moving forward.

Failure Is Simply Feedback That Something Is Blocking The Path

Mistakes are learning opportunities. Feedback is a necessary component that allows us to recognize when off course, or about to go off course, and make adjustments to maximize opportunity and lessen loss or hardship. There is no failure there is only feedback.

The more we know and learn and apply the learning, the more likely success we can make happen. Success is based on successfully getting and applying feedback so one can learn to eliminate old mistakes and make new mistakes, which can lead to success.

It is a loop. Learn and do. Mess-up and correct. Learn from and apply. Continue to do. Continue to make mistakes. Continue to correct and continue.  This seems to be the nature of things. Opposition supplies much in the way of developing our character and our success.

Good Feedback Is The Key To Improvement – Apply It And Learn

I share with you a couple of articles. The first one, fairly recent, although I am not sure how recent. The other, is one I wrote in the 90’s.

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Click Here To Read Article By Rex Sikes

I hope you enjoyed reading the blog and these articles. Keep moving forward. Never let anything stop you. Find positive ways to succeed that uplift you and others. Look for the blessing in each disappointment. Take the feedback. Be grateful and celebrate everything.” Rex Sikes

PS I hope you took advantage of, enjoyed, and learned lots from the Prosperity Summit. Some really good speakers and topics were available. More cool things to come!

Enjoy your day!

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