Drop The Old Behold The New

“What stops us from leaping ahead and getting everything we want? Many people think it is what they do not know. That is incorrect. It isn’t what you don’t know that holds you back. It is what you do know that prevents you. Your mindset can be the limitation.

Science makes great strides and progresses by making a thesis and then trying to disprove it. If it can’t be disproved they accept it as a theory, until a better theory comes along to replace it. That is the nature of science, from theory to better theory. Progress is made.

Still, often times, the very people who explore the unknown, get wedded to what they already know, and forget their own scientific method. They state that something is impossible and can never be the case because of what they already know. Mindset traps us.

Going Into The Unknown Is How You Expand The Known

Even the best of us get caught in that mental trap. Scientists, on the forefront of progress can maintain something is impossible because they are relying on the science and studies of yesterday. Instead, of resisting they’d be better served by proposing a new theory.

The experts at doing things are often the very ones who tell us something can’t be done. It isn’t because of what we don’t know, because what we don’t know, we do not know. It is because of what we think we do know and we don’t. We can’t know everything.

Limitations exist mostly in our thinking. Those who make great breakthroughs aren’t limited by the known or the unknown. They remain open and positive. They can find or create a way. Often they are ridiculed and ostracized. Those who persist find the way.

Trust And Embrace The Unknown – Expect A Miracle

The same is true with each of us. We look to our history, our past, our prior results or lack of them, our outdated mental conditioning we adopted from others while growing up, and based on these less than useful assumptions decide we can’t do something.

We feel we don’t have what t takes or aren’t good enough. We blame ourselves or the world. We lose out. We miss opportunity because our focus isn’t on opportunity and what can be done, but on what isn’t working, why it isn’t working and what is wrong with us.

In order to do better we must go beyond what we know. We must forget and let go of limitations in our thinking. We must drop the conditioning that holds us back. Create new, positive, powerful thought habits and take inspired action to move ahead.

There Is No Failure There Is Only Feedback To Learn From

The past doesn’t equal the future. Learn from mistakes. Learn that you have abilities and resources within you that you have never, ever even begun to tap into, because your limited attention was on what was wrong and didn’t work. That is because of old conditioning!

Time to stop and decide a new unseen, unknowable way is possible. Time to put faith in you and jump light years ahead of where you are because you let go of everything that has held you back. Time to explore the unknown and discover how incredible you truly are.

If you don’t yet believe it RIGHTE THERE is an example of the limited thinking and conditioning you need to change. Stop believing the lies that say you can’t. Start believing you can. Then right now start doing something in a big, flamboyant, wonderful way.

You Can Always Find Or Create A Way – Become Invincible

Get jazzed. Feel thrilled. Get excited, enthused and joyful. Put a smile on your face. Sing, skip, dance! Move and shake things up. Put your energy into positive motion. Create what you want by discovering joy and passion and happiness that is right now.

Be grateful. Be thankful. Be positive. Be inspiring and motivating. Be alive for goodness sake. Raise the bar on your personal energy. You are more attractive and attract more when you do. Let go and let god as they say. Trust good things will happen. Make good things happen.

From your joy and passion create what you want. Stop focusing on the crap and the lack and the I can’t, the whining and complaining and blaming and excusing and take 100% responsibility for making good things happen. Make one good thing happen today.

Find Your Love Joy And Acceptance Of Yourself – And All Else 

Big or small. Do it. Do something positive that puts a smile on your face, someone else’s face and makes you both feel uplifted, Compliment someone, praise, give them a tiny gift. Enjoy everything around you. Find the good and the new. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

What can you find to be thrilled about today?

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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One thought on “Drop The Old Behold The New”

  1. Thank you Rex. You nailed my problem. My “grand knowledge” is holding me back. My “point of view”. I really appreciate your help through this blog.

    I feel sure because of the signing of the four contracts with billionaires last year. I should be a millionaire from income generation that requires none of my time energy or thought for the rest of my life in 2018.

    If by some slim chance my careful designing doesn’t do the job I expect, I will jump on the bandwagon with new perceptions and actions in another endeavor to make the millions flow to me.

    At any rate thank you so much for your consistent dedication to helping others and me. You inspire me. Warmly & Magically, Bill Young, Mandrini Grand Master of Real Magic


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