Why You Keep Creating The Same Mess And How To Change It!

“Our outer world is determined by our inner filters. We respond from subconscious filters we adopted and developed, unconsciously, growing from infant into early childhood. These filters form the basis of our habitual thought and feeling habits. We think they are us.

Expanding thoughts from my last post on perception. They are not us but these filters determine what we notice, see and act on. They determine what we don’t notice, do not see and do not act on. Filters determine what we think is possible or not; what is ‘good or bad’.

These form the basis of our rules, evidence procedures, feelings, and actions. These become beliefs and values. Each moment our brains cycle through beliefs, values, memories, experiences,  associations and these filter are our connection with the outer world.

You Can Be Anything You Want If You Give Up The Belief You Can’t

So what is a filter? Think coffee filter. It lets certain things pass, water, while trapping the grounds. It works the same inside us. We notice or don’t based on our filters. That is why you can miss seeing your keys when they are right in front of you or even in your hand.

We are conditioned and habituated to these. We follow the same or similar ways of thinking, feeling and behaving every day. It’s as if we are our habits. We aren’t but we go to work the same way. We come home and do the same thing each day. We are routine.

We are routine in our relationships, our work, our passions, our hobbies, and our leisure. We are conditioned. Can we ever change our filters or our habits? Absolutely! It begins with awareness and dedication. We can begin to experience other ways to be. We can!

You Can Do Anything You Want If You Give Up That You Can’t

We can begin to examine our beliefs and whether they support us or not. If not, we can choose to begin to believe something more positive, productive and supportive. Don’t think right or wrong. Don’t think true or false. Think supportive or not supportive.

Does what you think, feel and do move you closer to who you want to be, what you want to do and have? OR Does it keep you where you are or move you further away? This is a useful way to begin to examine and become aware of what your filters are. Examine!

It is useful in discovering what may be holding you back. Habits are changed by deciding not to engage in the old ones. When you notice you are acting from habit, stop, breathe, and do something else that promotes what you want to promote. Replace the old with the new.

You Can Have  Anything You Want If You Give Up That You Can’t

Become aware when you think, feel and behave in less than glorious ways. From the moment you become aware, you have a choice point. You can make a new decision. That decision will determine whether or not you change what you are doing and change your life.

If you always do what you always have done you will always get what you always got. You will remain the same. To be different requires you change some things. No one else can do it for you. Only you can. AND YOU CAN! So it is up to. Add novelty to your life.

DO different things. Eat different foods. Go to new places. Learn new things.. Expand your horizons. Change things up. Every time you feel less than glorious or think negatively you encountered a belief or value, some filter that is old conditioning. Notice the feelings.

Whether You Think You Can Or Think You Can’t – You’re Right

Examine your beliefs. Do they serve you? If they don’t then doubt them. You don’t have to continue to believe them. Many people doubt they can do something they want to do. I say doubt that you can’t and then go ahead and do it. Be smart. Doubt limitations.

Be willing to not believe them, even though you have for so long. Let them go. Drop them. Be willing to try on a new and different belief. The old, chronic, negative, habitual conditioning  rises up automatically whenever you do new things to keep you the same.

Your beliefs and filters work to keep you the same. They keep you within a certain comfort zone even if that comfort zone is a painful one. It is what you are and do. It is your conditioning. The point is drop the old conditioning and choose new conditioning.

Whatever You Whisper To Yourself Has The Most Power

Gratitude and appreciation may be a new habit for you. Positive thinking and optimism may be new to you. Persistence and follow through may be new to you. Discover YOU are NOT your conditioning and habits. You only think you are. You are not!

When you discover you are not, you are free. Your conditioning masks who you really are. Trade it in for better conditioning. You aren’t your hand. You use your hand. The same is true of your habitual thoughts, feelings and behaviors.

When you trade your old conditioning for new conditioning everything can work better. Why? Because this time YOU choose it. YOU DECIDE IT! You are in charge. You choose what to believe and when. You create what you want. You are in charge. That makes the difference. Celebrate everything!”

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  1. Loved your message. Especially this: Don’t think right or wrong. Don’t think true or false. Think supportive or not supportive. Thank you for sharing. Warmly & Magically, Bill Young, M.I. Mandrini

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