You Gotta Move A Lot Of Dirt To Get To The Gold!

“When you dig for gold you have to move tons of dirt. You’re not looking for the dirt. You’re looking for the gold. Still, you move all this dirt to find just a few ounces. The same is true when you seek to change and evolve yourself. You move the dirt to uncover the gold.

Sadly, some people focus on the dirt. They get caught up in the dirt. They revel in the dirt, talk about dirt, complain about dirt. Dirt, dirt, dirt. That is all they know. They don’t want the dirt but they perpetuate it. Instead of getting rid of dirt, they bag it and carry it.

When you begin to change and evolve you will encounter things about yourself you may not appreciate. You will find beliefs that don’t serve you. Memories of past hurts. You may be disappointed in a variety of ways, yet, this is all part of transformation and change.

The Future Can Be Better Than The Past And I Can Make It So

Remove the dirt that keeps your true self hidden. In order to discover who you are, eliminate what holds you back. Let it go. Drop it. Don’t wallow in it. Sift it for nuggets. Examine it and drop it. Don’t hang on to the dirt. Hang on to the treasures you find.

Since, you know you will encounter less than glorious thoughts and feelings, be prepared. Recognize these for what they are: opportunities to discover your true self hidden within them. Your obstacles, challenges, bad feelings, everything, are opportunities.

Remember, you get what you focus on! What you focus on expands. You get back more of what you put out.  They are not just opportunities but blessings! You are blessed. Go within. Appreciate yourself. Appreciate the journey. Appreciation always adds value!

Within In You Is The Light Of A Thousand Suns

Appreciate the dirt for it has kept you, the real you, hidden safe within it. It served its purpose. Now, let it go. Celebrate it! Learn from it. Learn from everything. Appreciate everything. Celebrate yourself. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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