Transformation Is A Process! Do You Know What Kind?

“Do you get that it IS a training process? Transformation IS a process of conditioning. Just as one learns to swim, ride a bike, play basketball or the piano one learns to be happy, create success, live life on one’s own terms, manage money and become who you want.

It IS a training. Change IS possible through practice. You get better the more you correctly repeat things over time, for a long enough period of time. Mastery IS a life long process. Skill acquisition comes from applying your knowledge. It is real time learning acquisition.

You learn to manage your thoughts and feelings. You learn to motivate and inspire yourself, even when you don’t feel like it. You learn to commit, and to keep your word. You learn to persevere and pursue your goals. You learn to manifest what you want.

Successful People Are Those With Successful Habits

You practice AND you get better. Actors rehearse. Sports players train and condition. People practice skill-sets. The reason you feel down and worried, focused on lack and scarcity, depressed and annoyed, lonely and afraid is because you practiced it over and over.

You didn’t realize you were doing that but that IS what you were doing. To change your life you have to practice NEW and different, useful, productive, positive, supportive skills so that the new ones become new habits. Then the news skills are reliable and automatic.

You SWAP one old skill set for a brand new skill set. How? Through correct practice and enough repetition until your brain gets that you choose the new skills over the old. It takes as much time as it takes. So, practice patience while you are at it. Practice gratitude, too.

Habits Are Difficult To Break So Be Sure And Develop Good Ones

Gratitude seems to speed everything up. Practice being happy now for no reason at all. Act as if you are on top of the world. Practice being the successful you from the future, right now. Feel it, see it, hear it, taste that success right now. Practice it. Live it. Act as if.

Be thankful. Celebrate. Be joyous, peaceful, kind, loving, generous, patient and dedicated. The more you do, the more you can do. Live it. Feel it. Have fun with it. Take it lightly. Make it a game. Let go. Don’t try to win. Just have fun playing. Delight in all. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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