Can You Visualize And Make Things Happen?

“I learned a lesson about manifesting by manifesting a parking space. Something so small many people would call it a coincidence. Perhaps. Still, see what you can derive and learn from this example from my experience. You may come away with a lot of insight.

I stayed at an apartment, in an area, that did not require a nighttime parking permit. Across the street to the south and a block a way a permit was required. This is where I would park if I couldn’t find a space on my street. My street was packed and spaces were rare.

They were much rarer if you parked there after 5pm. During the previous week no spots were available after 5 or 5:30 pm. I was going to be traveling the next day. I’d been at a meeting which was delayed. I left at 7:30 pm. I knew I’d have to park a block away.

What You Hold In Your Head You Can Hold In Your Hand

I decided at that moment to create a spot for myself right in front of the gate to the apartment. I saw it clearly in my mind. I affirmed that this was what I wanted. Heck, I’d even take a nearby one around the corner too. That was still close enough. I threw in the 2nd request.

Why? I imagined two spots because frankly, the likelihood of getting a spot in front of my apartment was nearly zero. I didn’t want to be disappointed in not getting one. I doubted there would be one. It was actually difficult for me to muster up enough energy to do it.

My thinking was don’t do this. There won’t be a spot and it will just weaken your convictions. Doubt, is a great de-motivator. I didn’t want to try something and have it not work. If I don’t know it won’t work I am willing, but I was certain this wouldn’t work. I knew it.

What You See Is What You Get

So I determined the first spot right out front and then a back up spot just in case. Neither were even remotely likely. I drove up the street and lo and behold the back up spot was available. I thought better take it now while it is here. I was tempted to drive around the corner.

I wanted there to be a spot in front of the apartment but if I didn’t take this one and there wasn’t I might miss out on this one too. I nabbed it. I parked. I felt good enough. I walked around the corner and there in front was the available space just as I imagined.

Both spots were there. I took the first one  got to, to be safe. This was unreal. Both spots in the exact places I visualized at a time when every day that week, and prior to that, there would be none. I felt fantastic, and a little bit disappointed I didn’t turn the corner first.

What You Focus On Expands – You Get What You Think About

I learned a lot from this experience which I will share soon. What might you have learned from my experience? This is important to explore? What might you have gleaned that you can use to manifest and create what you want in life? Please answer this for yourself.

What are your beliefs? Your convictions? Your doubts? What can you do to assist yourself in beginning to manifest with greater ease?  Take some time. I’ll share more soon. Meanwhile, enjoy! Delight and keep making great things happen. Practice gratitude and celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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