What To Do When You Are Stuck In A Bad Story You Keep Repeating

“What is a fact and what isn’t? I spoke with someone who described a situation and said, ‘that is the way it is.’ They let me know  they weren’t expressing, ‘it is what it is’, but that their version of reality was the only version. They felt circumstances couldn’t be changed.

They (I use they to obscure the individual and gender) felt they knew how everything was and would play out. I reminded them to be careful what story they were telling and repeating to self and others. After all, this is how we interact. We describe our history; our day.

Be sensitive to what you continue to perpetuate and to what you want to create. Put a guard before your thoughts and words. SPEAK ONLY to bless, heal and prosper. SPEAK ONLY the version you want to perpetuate. Speak the truth in advance of it happening. Declare!

Most People Miss The Obvious – Because Of The Obvious

Let the rest go. For example, when you think, ‘I don’t have enough money. I can’t do it. I will never find real love. Business sucks. With this economy I will never succeed. I am so unlucky’ or any other limiting thought variation, ask yourself a question or two.

‘What am I not noticing right now, that I could be seeing, had I another level of awareness? What am I missing that I could soon begin to notice? What else might I pay attention to that I haven’t yet? How might things be otherwise than how I think they are?’

‘What am I not seeing, not noticing or considering, that’d make a difference? Where else can I put my attention that would be more productive? Consider this: you are simply reacting the way you typically react because of your prior, chronic, conditioning. Get it?

Become Alert – Become Aware – There Are Infinite Possibilities

You aren’t noticing what you don’t notice, hence you accept your version as the only version. I am not trying to get you to doubt yourself. I am trying to get you to doubt your limiting version. It is only a mental creation, as is anything else. You can believe it or not.

As Henry Ford stated, ‘whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you are right.’ In other words, you don’t know, what you don’t know. There are many other possible avenues for you to pursue than you realize. It is important to be open to other versions. Get it, yet?

‘In how many different ways might I discover I am truly loved and can find an ideal mate?’ May be a question to consider. ‘How quickly can I discover that I have always had enough money, even when it didn’t seem like it, Things always work out and I land on my feet.’

Recognize When You Are Stuck In Your Own Loop And Change It

‘There are businesses all around me. Some do better, some worse. How soon might I be delighted, to begin, to discover the many different ways I can improve my  business success? ‘In how many different ways have things always worked out positively for me?’

EVEN IF I DIDN’T NOTICE IT YET! Awareness is an ongoing process. We can’t consider everything. We typically consider what we are used to considering. There are many things outside our present awareness we could consider instead. This is important!

More in the next blog. Now ask yourself, what can you feel grateful for? Discover your many blessings you haven’t fully validated, yet. Put your attention on the good. Fill your mind with what you have that IS working. Suspend putting attention on anything less than glorious. Begin now to celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.


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