This Is Why You Aren’t Getting What You Want!

“You manifest your thoughts by your conviction. You manifest exactly into your life what you are convinced of. If you’re convinced it’ll be tough, that you experience lack, debt and hardship then so be it. You create, you attract, what you fear. You get what you believe.

Your subconscious mind responds to that which it is programmed to do. Whatever you believe will be the case, will be the case. You manifest what you believe to be true because what you believe are the guidelines you have set, albeit unconsciously, for your life.

In order to get different results don’t work on getting different results. Work on developing different positive, powerful beliefs. As you change your beliefs your experiences begin to change. As your beliefs change you begin to get different results. Understand this!

You Get Out Of It What You Put Into It – Thoughts Become Things

The reason you have stayed stuck is you have tried to change the results. You attempted to work harder, or do something different but all the while you continued to operate from the limiting beliefs that cause the difficulty in the first place. You must change beliefs!

Einstein said the solution to the problem doesn’t exist at the same level the problem was created from. Yet, most people attempt to solve the problems in that very manner. They work on the results. Instead, work on the beliefs and the problems can dissolve.

Stuck means doing the same things over and over. You may be really active but you aren’t productive. Similar to spinning your tires when stuck in the mud or snow. A flurry of activity but it’s not productive. You remain stuck. You can change this and you can transform.

Whether You Think You Can Or You Think You Can’t You’re Right

You must first work on mindset. You must change your inner self and the outer will change. You can’t do the same old things again and again and expect your world to be different. You must do different things if you want your life to change. Begin by practicing gratitude.

Begin to look at old things and difficulties in new ways. As you do things will begin to change. It may seem difficult or slow at first but they will change in the same way a seed, when planted, begins to change and grow. See good in all. Consider all a blessing . Be grateful and as your inner self changes your outer world will too. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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