What You Do Most Of The Time Determines Your Success

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“Balance is important in much of what we do and how we live our lives. If we want to get ahead, be happier, healthier and more successful in career and life then we have to tip the scales in favor of those. We must do positive productive things repeatedly more often.

What we think and feel and do most of the time runs the show. We can’t be 50/50 and expect to be a champion. We need to give it our all to be a winner. We need to spend most of our time practicing the principles that bring us what we want in life. That’s just the way it is.

80/20 Is A Good Point To Keep In Mind

A coaching client said to me recently, ‘I try to be positive all the time. Life is so much better when I am not negative. It seems hard, however, and I have to know do positive people ever have negative thoughts?’ I answered, ‘I suppose. That depends on the individual.’

Certainly, I can’t answer for all. However, it is a good bet that they do. Given how most of us are raised, even with the best of intentions by the best parents, we have picked up limited thinking from others around us. That is just the way it is. No point complaining or blaming.

There is no use getting upset about the way of the world. That just adds fuel to the fire. The reality is anything and everything is possible. Some people have more and others have less advantages. So what, the opportunity is to make the best with what you have.

The More You Do The More You Can Do

To complain, resent or worry about it doesn’t change it. However, getting upset may be the catalyst for our own personal changes. Sometimes, we end up feeling ‘okay enough of this’ and we resolve to be different. We move forward once we have had enough.

The most positive people I know, who have been my mentors, have had negative thoughts from time to time. By their own admission they did so. They just do not let the negative thoughts run away on them. They do not let negative thoughts rule their lives. Nope, no way!

Once they notice them and recognize them for what they are move on. The steer back to the positive thoughts. They use the negative thoughts or feelings as a signal to make some changes in what they are thinking or doing. They really do understand them as signals.

Today You Are Where Your Thoughts Brought You

They use the ‘less than glorious’ a signal that they have gotten off course. They recognize that an opportunity has presented itself. How soon this occurs for each of them, or each of us, depends on how good we have gotten noticing and shifting back. It is up to us.

Changing our thinking takes awareness and skill. The most positive people I know are positive because they deliberately take charge of their mental processes. What is natural or haphazard for most people they  have learned to make deliberate.

They are in control of. They are in charge. All of us can get down. Time is the great healer. At some point we get over things. Then we feel better again until something else happens and we don’t again. We live like a cork bobbing on the water influenced by outside forces.

Tomorrow You Will Be Where Your Thoughts Take You

The positive people I know don’t allow the outside forces to have much control over their internal state. Sure, from time to time it may. Sometimes, people get dealt a really difficult blow. In general though, the positive people control their thinking and responses.

They have learned by trial and error to develop positive habits that support them. I know no one who claims it happened over night. For every single person  it is a process. It took dedication and deliberate work to make it reliable and automatic. Yes, it can and does!

So when they do have negative thoughts or feelings the positive person is not a victim of them. The positive person examines them only long enough to determine whether there is useful feedback and then moves on. Anyone of us can learn to change our thinking.

You Can’t Escape Your Thoughts

Anyone of us can learn to control our thinking and feelings in positive and powerful ways. The questions is will we? No one has to if they don’t want to but if life is not everything you want it to be or have hoped for there is a way to make it better. Anyone can.

Life can become much more glorious. When you become positive MOST of the time there is a wonderful quality to it that we otherwise seem to miss. The opportunity before each of us is in learning how to make it mostly positive and to live powerfully.

I think learning to take control of our thinking is one of the most profound, glorious and exciting things we can discover and do. I am in awe most every day! When negative thoughts or feelings do arise, and they do, we run they show, our thoughts don’t. You’re in charge!

You Can Control Your Thoughts

For most all of us that is a pretty BIG deal. I don’t even know how to describe it. It is wonderful. As I have been known to say, do it! Do it. And do it step by step. What you discover will amaze you. Drop by drop fills the tub. You will have what you want when you persist.

There does comes a time when automatic positive habits rule the day and less effort is required. You naturally are more positive most of the time. Things get easy and require less attention. I didn’t say no attention but far less. When negativity arises you change it back.

As you make the changes you want life will become more and more incredible. There is no way to put words to it. When each day becomes a celebration and each moment an opportunity to enjoy it more life is good! Live it! Live, love, laugh and enjoy!” Rex Sikes

Make today incredible!

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Horizon photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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