A Secret I Learned To Keep From Spiraling Down And Out During Tough Times

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“What do you do when things go awry? What do you do when the fan is hit hard? Times can get tough. There are obstacles and challenges. We all go through them. What can you do? How do you apply these principles to make a difference?

I can tell you what I do. I have been challenged recently in some big ways. Years ago it might have meant screeching to a halt or hitting the skids. Today, it is much, much different. It doesn’t mean challenges are less severe it means, sometimes, I handle them better.

I Take Control Of What I Imagine And What I Say To Myself

When I become aware that I am feeling down and out, or thinking negatively or beginning to wonder ‘why in the world am I going through this’ in that instant I realize I have a choice. I can continue to spiral down or to apply what I know works. I’m at a decision point.

When I am wise enough I apply what works. I give up. I accept that I have no clue what is going on. I let go as much as able and I remind myself ‘things always work out for the best for me.’ I know, it sounds trite but it is actually true. Things do work out for the best.

In the long run, that place far away that we can’t see yet, everything does seem to work out well.  I have written before that many times people look back at the ‘worst time’ in their life and state emphatically had it not been for that time they would not have and enjoy where they are right now.

What We Focus On Is What We Get

I know sometimes we have to really search to find the good or the lesson but it is hidden there as a seed. We just have to find it! When times are tough my mantra becomes ‘things always work out for the best’. I think ‘how come I am so lucky, so blessed and fortunate!’

I turn my attention to what I am grateful for and celebrate as much and as enthusiastically as I can. I make it a point to have faith that everything will resolve in a positive way even if I can’t see it or understand it. Somewhere, somehow, good will come of this.

Whether you believe it or not, whether it is accurate or not, really isn’t the point. It allows me to move through it faster and stay more resourceful. It helps me focus on  being productive and consider what I want and not spend time dwelling on what I don’t want.

Times can be very tough for any one of us. This is one of the best ways I know how to get through tough times. I know that every time times are tough I somehow manage better because between those times and during those times I apply these principles I am sharing as best I am able. Whew, did you get that?

Your Mind Is Obedient Once You Learn To Control It

This is one of the reasons I write so much about building positive habits because they will carry you  once established. There is strength in a strong foundation. It is also why I write about loving and praising yourself through difficult times or when mistakes are made. Criticism and self loathing doesn’t help any.

You know what? I don’t know why shit hits the fan. I don’t know why it rains on the rich and the poor or the good and the bad. I don’t! I know what I might believe about it. I know many different philosophic and scientific answers for why but I don’t know that any are true. I don’t think it really matters to know why.

I prefer to think somehow it is to wake us up. Whether by design or intelligence OR NOT, bad things happen and are opportunities to confront our programs and patterns and wake up to them. These events and circumstances challenge us to become aware and go beyond how we routinely react. So we can move into new ways of being.

The World And Her People Hold Mirrors Up For Us To See

While I may not immediately recognize them as such, I reframe the tough times as gifts. Blessings to help me examine myself and become better. The challenge for me is to look inward and not outward for the solution or the cause. I want to learn to respond with awareness not blame or accuse others or events.

Gifts to become more aware. Gifts to become free. Seems sad sometimes that we wake up through loss and tragedy but perhaps there is no other way to get our own attention. If nothing shakes us up we just go on doing what we have been conditioned to. So I think of less than glorious circumstances as a necessary evil.

I may resist them. Fight them. BUT when I surrender to them I always learn something and grow more. It hurts to grow sometimes. There are growing pangs. AND I certainly haven’t all the answers. Actually, I have very few. What I can have is faith in myself.

Turn Resistance Into Assistance

I can have faith that everything always does work out for the best, somehow in the long run. Then I begin to look for the blessing s and opportunities hidden inside these situations. Whether right or wrong I get more done. I don’t feel so bad and I stay on track. It is helpful for me to consider it this way. Attitude is everything.

Life is a series of adjusting to stay on course. Just as when you drive your car down a straight lane. You are always adjusting left and right to stay within the lines. So why should it be any different in anything else. If I get negative I adjust back toward the positive. I feel better. The more I make the adjustments the easier the next adjustment becomes. This is how habits are formed through positive repetition.

So, celebration, gratitude, looking for blessings and finding them in the midst of trouble is a skill we can develop. This too can become a habit. As said before, habits may be difficult to initiate but once formed they are difficult to break and they will carry you. It is good to have positive habits. “everything always works out for the best!'”Rex Sikes

I hope your day today is amazing!

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Horizon photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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2 thoughts on “A Secret I Learned To Keep From Spiraling Down And Out During Tough Times”

  1. I’m a person who has leaned to do just that what you described. I have had many obstacles in my life from early childhood on. I just finished breast cancer treatments and the believe in myself has helped me to get through the treatment’s without complications. Thank you. I would love to get inspirational writings .


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