Characteristics Of The Success or Failure: Which Fits You?

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“Can you be successful in your career? Is it in the cards for you? Will you make your dreams come true? Are you be the kind of person who makes it happen?

Are you not sure? Do you doubt that you might make it?  Are you failing? Is there a lot of conflict? Do you know why? What are the differences between the successful and the not so successful?

The Successful Person has a definite chief purpose well defined. She knows precisely what she wants. She made plans to accomplish her goals and believes firmly in her abilities to make them happen.

She works her plans. She spends a significant portion of time each day toward achieving these.  She maintains a positive mental attitude. She has an optimistic outlook.

She looks for solutions instead of problems. She enjoys her life and makes the best of all situations. She looks for the best in others and praises instead of criticizes. She uplifts. She is great to be around.

She knows others help you to succeed and are important so she learns how to communicate and influence them positively. She creates bonds of friendship and takes an interest in them.

She respects people, is friendly and co-operative. She celebrates their successes and does not envy them when they advance. She is a valued member of the team and she values the others as well.

She is thoughtful and does not criticize. Careful with her words, she thinks before speaking. She only expresses opinions about things she actually has bothered to look into, inform herself of and learn about.

She keeps current with what is going on in the world, as well as immediately around her. She is able to intelligently and calmly discuss current affairs.

She keeps her mind open and is tolerant of others and their opinions and practices. She includes rather than excludes others. She is inviting. She is a person who unites rather than divides.

She assists others and adds value to them first. She goes the ‘extra mile’ or renders more service in her work than she is paid for. She under promises and over delivers.

She adds service knowing that she makes herself highly valued to those around her and who have hired her. Because of her attitude and her behaviors she is indispensable. She succeeds!

The Not So Successful Person doesn’t know what she wants. She drifts and floats from plan to plan, idea to idea. She never spends enough time with any one goal to be successful.

Her success depends on luck, the right events or on others. She does not take responsibility for her thoughts, decisions, or actions. It is not within her control and she doesn’t hold herself accountable.

She is frequently negative or just so-so. The weight of the world is carried on her shoulders. She complains often or blames. She criticizes and finds fault with others and the world at large.

She speaks without thinking. She is not well informed and often misstates events or positions. She repeats gossip and breeds resentment. She hurts feelings and causes strife with her tongue.

She is intolerant of others, their opinions and their practices. She divides and has a closed mind. Her behaviors cut her off from forming bonds, supporting each other and enjoying opportunity.

She looks to benefit a lot by doing very little. She doesn’t pull her weight nor does she offer any added value. Her own needs are her immediate concern.

While the successful person cultivates friendships with all, the not so successful person only cultivates friendships with those whom she thinks she will gain something from. She is in it only for her self.

Both types of individual are where they are in life because of their mental attitude and their actions towards self and others. This list is not exhaustive by any means. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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