Just Because You Can’t See The Miracles Doesn’t Mean They Aren’t Happening

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“Do you want to succeed in your career? Do you need more money?Want to lead a better life? Maybe, you are looking to fall in love? You tried the Law Of Attraction but it doesn’t seem to work. Right?

Has this happened to you? You read the Secret, saw The Secret but you just don’t seem to get the results promised. Hang in there it does work, but not as you probably think it does.

It isn’t magic. It doesn’t happen over night. It is a conditioning process, a lifestyle. It isn’t a light switch you flip and voila’. It is a process! It requires you learn it and use it to master it.

If You Always Say What You Have

You get results from regular consistent exercise. You get results from intentional thinking and deliberate creation when you are consistent and persistent. It absolutely works if you do.

If you have identified what you want to create and focused your thoughts and feelings on making it happen then it is happening. Believe it even if it doesn’t seem like anything is happening yet.

Circumstances around you may be dire, they may not be what you want. Do not give up. Do not succumb to doubt, worry or fear. Do not undo what is going on by what you think and say.

You Will Always Have What You Say

If you put your energy and focus onto the circumstances you don’t like or want, and think on those and talk about those THAT is what you will create more of! STOP! Don’t! That is what most people do.

That is how you undo the good you have coming your way. You must be consistent. You must be mostly positive, mostly feeling wonderful, mostly focused on the invisible MOST OF THE TIME!

Get it? Declare good things are coming. You are not, yet, able to see the goodness on its way. Seeds grow in darkness. The roots grow underground. There is no evidence anything is happening BUT it is!

What You Say Is What You Get

It is happening! Stay with it. Believe it. Trust. Have faith. Act as if that good you desire IS already yours. Be grateful, celebrate and keep showing up. Maintain a positive attitude. Affirm it! Say it!

You have no idea how or when the miracles will break through. If you maintain your attitude and keep moving forward the day will come. What you want now will be yours one day. Affirm it!

The day will come sooner the more you eagerly anticipate the new day coming. In spite of circumstances around you not confirming it. Goodness is coming your way if you planted and nourish the seeds.

What You Think And Believe Determines What You Find And See

Our brain looks for an outer match with what we have going on inside. If you don’t like the outer reality you need to make the inner nicer. We don’t see all there is but what your brain filters for you.

What we see is NOT the reality. It is OUR perception of reality. Our real reality comes from within. We make the circumstances. Keep your mind on what you want. Declare it! Believe it! Stay with it!

Keep your mind off what you don’t want. Believe in what you can’t yet see. Just because you can’t see something doesn’t mean it isn’t happening. It is happening! Accept that it IS happening.

Whatever Follows I Am or I Have Is Your Declaration

Only after the miracles manifest will you be able to look back and see how the dots connect. Hindsight is 20/20. Keep your attitude up and feel good about the new day coming. This is HOW it works!

You don’t need to know how it will happen. That isn’t up to you. You only need to know what you want. Describe it and define it and focus on it and exclude all else. Imagine it has already happened.

Be grateful. Celebrate and live in delight. Expect the best and know good is around the corner. Keep the faith. Maintain a positive attitude and enjoy all things. Know that life is good and it will be.

Only Declare What You Positively Want

It works this way. From within to without. It begins as an idea then it becomes the outer reality. You make it happen. You create it. You attract it. You do it. Thoughts become things. Keep at it! Keep at it!

What you think about you bring about. You can absolutely be, do and have anything you want when you apply the principles consistently. You must stick with it UNTIL you have it. Get it?

THIS IS HOW IT WORKS! You stick with it until you get it! You pay the price. It doesn’t come for free. You will have it if you really must have it. Your desire will make it so. Your desire should increase.

Positive Or Negative You Make It So

When you go to the store you pay the cashier before you take the item home. You plant the seed before you harvest. You MUST pay for it before you get it. The payment is your desire and faith.

You should increase your desire over time. The time it takes is for you to grow your desire to make it happen. Most people decrease desire, give up and try something else SO THEY NEVER KNOW!

This is why you want to keep your thoughts focused on what you want. Control your mind. Stay focused and do not give up. Let nothing distract and your day will arrive. Celebrate that day NOW!” Rex Sikes

Make your day an wonderful!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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