The Secret Few Know. You Can Actually Pave The Way For Good To Come Your Way

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“Would you agree we are limited by what we don’t know, yet? We are also limited by what we think we do know. We are constrained by both, knowing and not knowing. Still, we often act as if we know how the dire circumstances of our life will work out. We expect difficulties to get worse. Guess what, when we do, they do.

In my post previous post I mentioned being grateful for challenges that come your way. Obstacles and speed bumps present learning opportunities especially if you choose to look at them this way. They aren’t really good or bad, they are what we believe about them.

That which we believe is that which we will see. Believing is Seeing. AND what you see is what you get. The circumstances are and will be whatever you declare them to be. SO why not declare them to be blessings and operate from that mindset. It frees your thinking up!

I wrote about TRUST. A great mindset, or attitude, to develop about your circumstances is, ‘Everything IS okay! Everything will be okay. It will work out for the best. It always does. I always land on my feet. Some unexpected good is coming my way, I don’t know how or when or what it is but good is coming my way’. AND celebrate.

Face it. We see through neurological filters. We see through our previous, past, chronic conditioning and limitations. If you want to see and discover new wonderful opportunities you have to change your mindset so that you are ABLE to see and recognize them.

When you open up to the fact that things aren’t as they appear, you can be open to the possibility that good things are coming. When you recognize that you provide the meaning of all circumstances, you can assign the meaning that best serves you. You can literally pave the way for more good to come your way.

After all , if you are going to look back on a tough time and laugh, or consider it a blessing, or consider it an important life changing moment that was disguised back then, why wait?  Why not do it right now? Transform all your present moments.

You have the potential to make all your days much more marvelous by what you think and believe. What you think about you bring about. Your thoughts create your reality and give meaning to your circumstances. When YOU are in charge, as you should be, then you can assign whatever meaning you want there to be.

Dictate how you will think, feel and go through your circumstances. Decide whether it is a blessing or not. Consider it a blessing and trust that everything will work out for the best? After all, it usually does. In the long run everything tends to work out for the best anyway,

Truly, it usually does, BUT even if it didn’t, by adopting a more resourceful and resilient mindset you create for yourself more benefit than a narrow, negative limiting one. You open yourself up to your own resources and can discover possibilities you otherwise would likely miss. You benefit by staying open to positive possibility.

Remember, like attracts like. Birds of a feather flock together. You create and attract your circumstances by you thoughts. Thoughts are things. Very powerful things. What you believe is what you get. What you focus on expands. You become what you think about. What you think about you bring about. Attitude determines altitude.

The choice is yours. Suffer and burn or celebrate everything. Know deep inside you, everything always works out. You can handle it no matter what. Good things are coming your way even if you can’t yet see how. Have faith and enjoy the process. TRUST! Unexpected good is coming! All of life gets better when you delight, enjoy and celebrate everything” Rex Sikes

Live each moment!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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One thought on “The Secret Few Know. You Can Actually Pave The Way For Good To Come Your Way”

  1. I think the key message in Rex’s posts is that WE get to choose. We have the power to focus, frame and guide our lives, rather than being at the whim of some all-powerful deity, or victims of random fate. That’s so empowering!

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