What To Do When Challenges And Obstacles Arise

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“As you pursue you dreams and goals obstacles may arise. Things, people generally perceive as ‘bad’ or unwanted, may come up. Your path could be fraught with difficulty. If so celebrate and continue on.

Of course, you exclaim, ‘celebrate, Rex are you out of your mind?’ The answer is, ‘of course, yes!’ Let me explain to you what I mean. Trust. It is all about trust.

It can be trust in an outer god if you like, but I prefer to put that trust in myself.  So when I mention trust, I refer to trust in you. Still it can be can be trust god or in the universe. Whatever works for you.

Learn To Trust Yourself

Many people don’t trust themselves, heck they don’t even know themselves.  They aren’t yet aware of their resourcefulness, talents and abilities because most of their lives they focus on limitations and negative outer circumstances.

They blamed themselves, others and events. The time has come to stop that. The time has come to take responsibility for everything, whether or not you actually are.

ACT AS IF you are responsible for whatever happens. When you embrace this attitude it gives you great power and control. TRUST! When you are in charge you are responsible. Be in charge. Claim your power by accepting responsibility and end making excuses.

There are opposites, hot, cold, up, down, good, bad. There is day and night, winter and summer. The tide comes in and the tide goes out. There is happiness and sorrow. We need to accept these and work with these instead of resisting them.

You Actually Already Have All The Resources You Need

When you encounter difficulties along the way, a useful mind set to adopt is that it is a test of your strengths and abilities. You protest, ‘but that isn’t real!’ In all probability it isn’t, but it is a useful mindset to adopt.

From neuroscience we know that everything is a matter of our perspective. We don’t actually know what is real or even interact with it. We act on limited information. We are constrained by our own neurological filters BUT we believe things to be as we perceive.

In other words we believe whatever our version of reality it is. But we don’t ever have the whole, complete picture. We have a fraction. So our version is never THE correct version. It is simply A version. It is not necessarily even accurate and definitely not true. It just is.

Consider this, I have discussed it before. Many horrible events that people think they will never make it through, some time later are looked back on and viewed as the most important, significant, life changing event in their life. They see it completely differently years later.

With other events, we are able to look back and laugh. This tells us it isn’t so much the event that is important, although we think it is. It is our reaction to it, our perception of it and the meaning we place on the event. We decide whether the event is good or bad.

So what is the ‘truth’ about the same event viewed differently? There isn’t any set truth. There is only the truth we give it. From our perspective, in one moment in time, it is bad. From a different perspective in another different moment in time it is good.

You Have All The Resources You Just Don’t Know It Yet

So what is it really? The actual event is neither.  The only meaning the event has is what we give it. We judge, we label it. We call it as we believe it to be. Then after a while, we think about it differently. It takes on new significance and new meaning. It is all in your mind.

So consider adopting the mindset that you are being tested. Whether you are testing yourself, or god or the universe is, or it is a random pop quiz, you are being tested. This can help you get through it. The test is to find your strengths and abilities. Cool.

There is another useful and wonderful mindset to adopt.

You are being challenged and it is a game. The stakes of the game go up. Your obstacles are worthy opponents. You want good opponents. A game really isn’t much fun unless there is a challenge to it.

Most great gamers seek the best, most talented, difficult opponents to play with, they don’t want it easy. They want significant challenge THAT is worthwhile and meaningful. Play the game with gusto.

Believing Is Seeing – That Is How It Really Works

TRUST as you move forward on your desires, take action, follow you plans, that as long as you continue, no matter what comes your way, no matter what obstacles and challenges arise that they will eventually go away. Nothing lasts forever. It will again be easier.

The tumultuous path will settle and smooth out. Night will again give way to day. TRUST that these obstacles were important for you to experience. They provide lessons you can discover when you look.

You can learn from  these if you remain open and available to their messages. Welcome the obstacles and challenges and troubles for what you can learn about yourself, others and life.

The Kite Rises Against The Wind

They are their for you to become aware of and discover wonderful things about yourself and your transformation. Your challenges are actually blessings, opportunities, lessons.

Is any of this true. Yes and no. It is whatever you believe it to be. I can’t definitely say there is anyone pulling strings, that isn’t my purpose here. I think all is good. All is divine.

We struggle with moments large and small, but it is all part of one thing. LIFE! It is only the human who judges whether something is good or bad, valuable or not. You can learn to  reframe problems.

Inside Every Adversity Is The Seed Of Equivalent Opportunity

Prior to human consciousness on the planet things just were. Huge tectonic upheavals, earthquakes, volcanos, ice storms and ice ages, violent weather and sunny wonderful days. There was no one to complain or to admire the beauty.

Enter the human. Now there are good days and bad days. There are better days of the week and less desirable days. Humans judge. That is part of our suffering. We make judgements that cause us pain.

TRUST you will get through it. It is easy when you are in a state of let go, acceptance and celebration. Embrace it and if you don’t move through it faster at least it won’t be as miserable.

Learn From Obstacles And Challenges

Resist it and it persists. Fighting it only makes it worse. Stop fighting. If you want to make you dreams come true accept whatever you find on the pathway, learn from it and keep going.

If there is a divine being testing you then that being surely must think you are worth it. You need to decide you are worth it and that within you you have every ability to meet every challenge.

THIS is why learning to control your thinking and thinking predominantly positive IS SO POWERFUL and important! When you take charge of your thoughts you take charge of the results.

When you understand everything has opposites and that IS okay you will have learned a great lesson. When you develop the attitude of a winner, a champion, a victor, and continue undaunted towards what is important to you you will have benefit  greatly!

What You Resist Persists

Evolve yourself into one who is not stopped by limitations but who is able to go on in spite of them. Discover delight in ways you can’t presently imagine. There are more possibilities than you might imagine. Don’t miss out on them because of limited vision.

People who climb everest don’t do it because it is easy. Everything you encounter on your journey IS part of your adventure. Receive it, learn from it, evolve with it, celebrate it and keep moving. If you consider it to all be good it will be. You’ll discover the hidden good.

When you celebrate where you are and what you have you open yourself up for having more of the the same. If you appreciate what you have inside you, and outside in your life you can have more because you create the room for more by your gratitude.

Energy Flows Where Your Attention Goes

What you resist persists. If you always do what you always did you will always get what you always got. If you do the same thing over and over again expecting different results you are a little crazy.

So if you want your life to change you must change some things in your life. You can change and control your thinking, your attitudes, beliefs and opinions. You can control your feelings and feel better more of the time. Wouldn’t you want that for yourself?

When you think better and feel better you behave and act better and are more able and apt to make your dreams come true. With the correct attitude you can be, do and have anything you want in life. YOU can make it happen.  Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Today is another day just for you!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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3 thoughts on “What To Do When Challenges And Obstacles Arise”

  1. Positive thoughts , affirmation ,direct questions are all done at the conscious level. But isn’t it true that we that we are controlled by our subconscious mind ?
    How do we change our subconscious ?
    It is said that 90% of us is controlled by it .


  2. Great question! Thanks for asking. This blog site is designed to answer that question. AND you might think of it this way. Our subconscious mind is the automobile our conscious mind the driver. How do you drive. Consciously and unconsciously.

    You determine where you want to go and you use your unconscious to get you there. You subconscious is a system of processes, neural networks that create and automate habits. You learned your original programming and habits you replace these consciously. By changing at the conscious level your subconscious learns new habits.

    You train a horse or your subconscious the same way. Corrective actions and repetition applied until it does what you want. You condition the subconscious the same way. You re-train it the same way it was originally conditioned. Repeated exposure. Hope this helps. All the best!


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