How Your Struggles Can Help You Succeed

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“Times might be tough. Perhaps, you feel like you aren’t making the progress you had hoped. Maybe, you just want to throw in the towel. Have you ever felt this way? Many do. They let their struggles stop them. When hardship continues they want to bail. Do you?

It is normal because that is what most of us learned to do growing up. It’s our habitual, chronic thinking. We lose sight of what we want when it is hard. We had hoped it would be easier. We can’t see the forest through the trees because we become fixated on problems.

We forget that it always works out for the best in the end. We don’t realize that if it hasn’t worked out yet, then it isn’t the end. We aren’t at the finish line just because we have problems. We may think we are but we have no idea where the actual end is.

We humans are silly creatures.

We decide we want something and then we try to figure out how to make it happen. You can’t know the how until after you succeed at what you want to do. You can experiment and try many different things but you don’t know the path until after you walk it.

Our Thoughts Determine Our Outcomes

As Edison did, the Wright Brothers did and many others.  All brilliant minds and inventors attempt many different things. Still, they can only determine what worked after it worked. Do you get this? It is an important principle. You never know how first. So relax.

You what something and don’t know how to make it happen. You learn what worked once you succeed. When you decide on a goal to pursue, that something you really want, you have to trust you will get it, even though you don’t know how it will happen.

You not only trust, but you believe you will get it. You know you will get it. Why? Because you determine to get it! You decide you won’t quit until you do. That is how you make things happen. You don’t wait for it you take action and get it done. YOU, YOU, YOU!

We Learn By Trail And Error

Even if you don’t know what to do you can take tiny steps in the direction of what you want. You don’t have to know how in order to act. You can do anything at all that moves you forward. You can study, research, connect with others and examine the possibilities.

You can go as far as you can see and when you get there you can see further. You learn as you go. Things work and  they don’t work. You learn by trial and error. There may be detours and obstacles along the route but you persist until you arrive at your destination.

After you get there you can describe how you did it for others. This is a concept that is very useful to understand and embrace. You will figure out the how but you don’t have to know the how how to begin. So begin. Don’t wait. Take positive constructive actions.

Mistakes Are Valuable – Learn From Mistakes

Concentrate on what you want and all the positive reasons why you want it and the how will take care of itself. Be clear and be motivated. Stay the course, act and continue to follow through. Never give up and you will eventually reach your goal.

The next major principle to understand is: Everything always works out for the best in the end. It actually does. Many people look back on trying circumstances, even the worst of their life, and at some point note, it ultimately was a positive defining moment.

The very worst becomes the thing most needed once they can look back and examine the events in their life and connect the dots. You can’t connect the dots until you look back. Hindsight is 20/20. That means you could have had  faith going through it in the first place.

Perception Is Everything

Yes, it is a big ordeal but ultimately it will all work out. Some day you will look back and laugh or appreciate every hardship you went through. So why wait. Begin now to appreciate everything. You are learning and growing through trials. The kite rises against the wind.

It always works out for the best in the end. If you are still struggling then realize you aren’t at the end, yet. This is useful concept to get and embrace. It isn’t over yet. Everything will work out. Trust it! Everything WILL work out. Have faith. It will be good in the end.

What is better to believe? It is terrible and all is lost or you always somehow manage to land on your feet? Choose the beliefs that support you because their are only two kinds. Those that support and those that don’t. Neither may be true, so pick what helps you.

You Go Where Your Thoughts Take You

Silly humans always want guarantees first. How would you ever get one? Who can guarantee anything for you? Will it be hard or easy? Who knows until you attempt it? You can’t know first. You can only do whatever it takes to see it through to a successful conclusion.

How do you know when something is over? Life is a process. That is why you can only look back and connect the dots and you can’t do it looking ahead. You can plan and try and yet most people learn that the plan they start with is never the one they finish with. Get it?

Things change. Keep going. If you are struggling it isn’t over yet. You are in the process of bringing about positive change for yourself. You are in the midst of fighting the good fight. You will prevail if you keep going. Keep your eye on the prize and continue with faith.

Skill Comes Of Doing

There are plenty of people who quit before they would have succeeded because they didn’t realize where they were in the process. They throw in the towel. Napoleon Hill pointed out all defeat is temporary with seeds of learning and opportunity.

The only failure is when you stop trying. He recounted the story about the man who stopped digging three feet from a very rich gold vein. In a nutshell, man buys gold mine, digs, hits gold, vein runs dry. He keeps digging and digging nothing. He stops and sells mine.

The individual who bought it consults with experts and strikes a major vein only three feet form where the first owner stopped. Three feet further! That was the difference between rich and poor. The original owner quit thinking it was over. He lost everything.

Learn New Positive Habits That Support You

Because he quit IT was over. For the new owner it was just the beginning of new riches. That could have been the end of the story except the first owner learned from his defeat. He could have done something stupid. Instead he learned from his defeat.

He could have thrown in the towel to never win at anything or try anything again. Instead, he learned a valuable lesson and determined to make it gain, by selling insurance. He vowed never to accept ‘no’ as an answer. He made millions in the insurance business.

He persevered and never gave up. He learned from his first major loss in the gold business. He built an empire because he learned to stay committed. He stated loosing the gold was the best thing that ever happened to him. That is the winner’s attitude!

The More We Do The More We Are Able To Do

You may be tempted to quit because times are tough. If you realize when times are tough that it isn’t over yet, you can keep going if you want to. You can know inside it will all work out in the end. It always does in some way. Have faith, look for the good and the silver linings.

Look for the good and you will find it. Look for problems you will find those too. Condition your mind. Your willingness to abandon your hope and dreams is your old conditioning, your old thought habits. Develop new habits of thought and action that serve you.

Nothing is gospel. Nothing is true. Nothing is written in stone. It is either useful or not. It is either supportive or not. It is either about increase or decrease. It is either positive or negative. YOU are the deciding factor for what YOU determine it to be.

What You Say Is What You Get

Expect things to work out. If you are struggling right now it isn’t over yet. Keep at it. Commit to seeing it through. Obstacles will give way if you trust, believe yourself and take action. If you give up that will who knows what might be? You will look back to know someday.

Persist and you will land on your feet eventually. Regardless. If you throw in the towel you can learn from it you too. You  might do well like the gentleman in Three Feet From Gold. Realize it is YOU who determines your present and you the future.

It is all in your hands. Since you can’t know the outcome in advance you might as well enjoy the the journey. Keep your eye on the prize. Take action and move forward. Keep the faith. Stay positive. Do no harm to self or others.

If You Think You Can Or Think You Can’t You Are Right

Make it a point to enjoy it no matter how difficult. Condition yourself for success. Learn along the way. Look for the good and celebrate everything! Appreciate your trials and your easy times. That is how you prepare yourself to win! Celebrate EVERYTHING!” Rex Sikes

Smile more today just because you can!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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